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It is 2021 and we are done with token roles. Adding one person of color to an otherwise white group of friends may clear the diversity checklist for some production houses, but we are not buying it. The black community has long sought to have their voices heard and their story told, unfiltered, and nothing short of having a dedicated channel can get that done. Seeing dark, melanin-rich tones rocking it on the screen as the main lead has been long in coming but thankfully, it is finally here. Black skin is being embraced and what is more, it is being celebrated as it rightly deserves.

Having representation on TV that children and adults can look up to makes a ton of difference which is why channels like Bounce TV are a must for every African-American household. Featuring a mix of original and acquired programming, they have built quality content that you would not want to miss. And, with Spectrum TV you will not have to.

Spectrum cable service strives to get you a well-balanced channel lineup which would not be complete without Bounce TV. So when you subscribe to their TV plan, rest assured you are getting the best deal. The only inconvenience you might have to face is finding the channel number for Bounce, but that is why we here, right? Read on to find the exact location of your beloved network.

About Bounce TV

Owned by Katz Broadcasting, Bounce TV is a subsidiary of E. W. Scripps Company. It was founded in 2011 by a team comprised of Martin Luther King III, the former mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, and ambassador of the USA to the United Nations, Andrew Young, among others. With such a background it is not surprising that the content they put up is so well thought out.

When Bounce TV, also known as Black Owned Universal National Community Entertainment, was launched it was promoted as the first 24/7 digital network featuring programming for the African American populace. The content shown is primarily aimed at African Americans aged between 29 and 50 years and features themes and topics most relevant to them. Over the years these engaging shows have helped developed a loyal following which you too might understandably be a part of. Finding the channel number for Bounce TV then is sure to be of utmost importance, so let us get to it.

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Bounce TV Channel Number on Spectrum

New users often have a difficult time finding their favorite channels on Spectrum. While the Spectrum channel guide is easy to navigate, it does require some getting used to and what is more, channel numbers vary from area to area so it is understandable why one might feel lost. If you too are having trouble worry not, we have got just the thing for you.

State/City Bounce
Albertville, AL 192
Athens, GA 188/194
Avon, IN 363
Alexandria, KY 220
Allendale, MI 200
Belleville, IL 188
Baton Rouge, LA 186
Baker City, OR 191/193
Charlotte, NC 1255
Cincinnati, OH 992
Cleveland, OH 996
Clarksburg, WV 455
Dallas, TX 1280
Dayton, OH 989
Harvard, MA 189
Hilo, HI 455
Jacksonville, NC 1250
Knoxville, TN 182
Kansas City, KS 1295
Los Angeles, CA 1281
New York City, NY 1280
Winsted, CT 187
Picayune, MS 186
Ridgefield-Park, NJ 1280
Rochester, NY 1255
Saint-Louis, MO 188
Staten-Island, NY 1280
Winsted, CT 187


Bounce TV offers back to back lineup of hit shows which means no matter which series you start, you will be thoroughly entertained. However, if you are looking for the best of the best here are some of their most popular productions that you simply must watch!

Dying to be Famous

Taking up a rather macabre topic, this docuseries investigates the death of Ryan Singleton, a young model hoping to make it big in Hollywood as a film producer. Chasing fame and fortune he had set out with two friends to pursue his dream but the only thing he found was a death in California the Mojave Desert. Found mutilated with his body empty of all vital organs, his horrific death left many perplexed.


The Greenleaf clan may seem the typical church-born family but they have quite a few skeletons in their closest. The love and care they have for each other are plagued with greed and sibling rivalry. Watch as the conflicting values threaten to tear them apart.

Everybody Hates Chris

Set in the 1980s in Brooklyn, this show revolves around Chris, a teen uprooted to a new school during junior high. Given that he is the only black kid in a predominantly white school only makes the situation he is in tougher. With strict parents at home and siblings, he must keep in line, there are many challenges he must overcome.

Law and Order

Who does not love a good crime drama? Well, if you do then Law and Order is one you would not want to miss. Each episode shows you a new case with the first part delving into the investigation and the second covering the prosecution. With unexpected twists and turns, you will be hooked to the screen watching the mystery unfold.


The case of California vs OJ Simpson gained a lot of attention from the media and is perhaps one that everyone has heard of. It is not surprising then that a lengthy 37 episode series was developed about it. Hosted by Roger Cossack, OJ25 revisits the compelling moments that happened inside the courtroom. With brand new interviews and exclusive court footage, it explores the case in minute detail. The 9-month long trial of the century against Simpson for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend makes for an engaging watch.

The Game

Showing you the glamorous life of professional footballers, the series features the fumbles, interceptions, injuries, the winning kicks, and the epic losses they have to face. You also get a closer look into the lives of their wives working off-field to get them the best endorsements, managers, the works.  

Final Words

So, there you go. With this article finding Bounce TV on Spectrum cable should be a piece of cake. Once you have found the channel number you can start watching all the shows you like and if you have some catching up to do you make sure to use the huge on-demand library. It will get you up to date with all you have missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you access Bounce TV on Roku for free?

While a Roku subscription does not give you access to live shows on Bounce TV, you will be happy to learn that you can watch 10 on-demand shows like Family Time, The Newlywed Game, Mann and Wife, My Crazy Roommate among others so if you are a fan be sure to give them a watch.

How do I watch Bounce TV?

If you are subscribed to Spectrum TV you will have no trouble watching Bounce TV. Spectrum channel lineup of Spectrum Select include this sought-after network.

What Channel Number is Bounce TV in New York?

The channel number for TBN on Spectrum in New York City is 1290.

What Channel Number is Bounce in Los Angeles?

The channel number for TBN on Spectrum in Los Angeles is 1281.

Does Spectrum TV Select channel lineup include Bounce?

Yes, Spectrum offers Bounce in all three of its plans so if you are subscribed to Spectrum TV Select you can access TBN programming with ease.