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We have officially entered into the holiday season. With Christmas and New Year's just right around the corner, you can expect to see many exciting deals and discounts. But, the one thing every shopper waits for all year long is the infamous Black Friday deals.

Black Friday deals are not industry-specific, they apply to all types of industries. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are now offering Black Friday TV deals, and internet deals as well. Cable TV providers are more than aware that the holiday season is the one time of the year when families gather to watch holiday specials.

In addition, even streaming service providers know they will experience an increase in the number of subscribers. With 2023 moving faster than previous years, now's the perfect time to get your hands on the best Black Friday TV, internet, and streaming deals.

In this article, we will be sharing Black Friday TV deals from Xfinity TV and Spectrum TV, alongside Black Friday streaming deals.

Let’s get started!

Black Friday TV Deals – Cable Providers

This holiday season, there’s so much you need to consider before choosing the perfect cable TV plan from the many cable TV Black Friday deals 2023. Finding the best TV packages boils down to the one that fits your budget and entertainment needs.

Let’s take a look at the Best Black Friday TV deals.

Xfinity by Comcast

Xfinity is owned by Comcast Corporation, which provides cable TV, internet, phone, and home security services in various states in the U.S. Xfinity is the one provider available in almost every part of the U.S., especially Xfinity TV.

Xfinity TV offers exceptional TV services, with an even more impressive channel lineup. Xfinity also offers both contract and no-contract options for its TV packages. In addition, Xfinity is integrating streaming into its service. Xfinity offers its TV services in three regions; Northeast, Central, and West. In other words, prices may vary in every state.

Is Xfinity TV available in your area?

Here are Xfinity by Comcast Black Friday deals:

Xfinity TV Plan Max. No of Channels Channel Lineup Price

Choice TV


ABC | NBC | FOX | CBS | CW | PBS | C-SPAN | HSN | MeTV | Cozi TV | Court TV | QVC

$20-$25 / mo.

No Term Contract. Price does not include taxes and equipment.

Popular TV


Local broadcast TV channels, plus popular cable networks like― FX, ESPN, Bravo, Nickelodeon

$50 / mo.

No Term Contract. Price does not include taxes and equipment.

Ultimate TV


Local broadcast TV channels, popular cable networks like NFL Network, NBA TV, Nat Geo Wild, Disney Channel

$68.50 / mo.

No Term Contract. Price does not include taxes and equipment.

The great thing about Xfinity TV packages is that there is no term contract with any of the packages. Although the Choice TV and Popular TV packages only have a $20 difference, you get a whole lot more channels with Popular TV.

If you want to have a memorable holiday season, with non-stop entertainment, and watch your favorite cable TV shows on the go with the Xfinity app, Popular TV is the best Comcast Black Friday deal for you!


Spectrum offers its cable TV and internet across 41 states in the U.S. Cable TV, unlike satellite TV, uses coaxial cable to deliver its TV service. In other words, even if there is an internet outage, you will never have to put up with the loss of your cable TV service.

The great thing about Spectrum is that it offers a contract buyout. If you want to switch providers and have a contract with your current ISP, Spectrum offers to buy it for up to $500. In addition, with the Spectrum app, you have access to on-demand shows and enjoy your shows on the go.

Enjoy Spectrum TV on the go!

Here are Spectrum Black Friday deals:

Spectrum TV Plan Max. No of Channels Channel Lineup Price

TV Select Signature


ESPN | Discovery| Lifetime |CNN | NBC | FOX | AMC | Disney Channel

$59.99 / mo.

For 12 months.

TV Select Plus


ABC | Bloomberg| Cartoon Network | ESPN | FOX NEWS | Hallmark Channel

$69.99 / mo.

For 12 months.

Spectrum TV Select Signature has a total of 196 channels and a wide range of channel lineups, that would meet everyone’s TV needs. Spectrum TV Select Plus has a total of 204 channels. There’s a $10 difference and the TV Select Plus has eight more channels and a much better option.

Spectrum also offers a Latino TV package and for this year’s Black Friday TV deals, Spectrum is offering free Peacock Premium for 12 months with its TV packages. This offer is valid until December 7, 2023. Moreover, you can also customize and add premium channels to Spectrum TV channel lineup.

Black Friday TV Deals – Streaming Services

Everyone is cutting the cord nowadays, and if you have been waiting for the right time, Black Friday is the perfect time to switch to streaming services and save a couple of dollars. Finding the perfect streaming service depends on your preference and high-speed internet.

Let’s take a look at the best streaming service deals, with or without a Black Friday discount.


Hulu is an outstanding video streaming service, offering various plans that meet a variety of customers' entertainment needs and budgets. Hulu does not advertise any long-term agreements, nor are there any hidden costs. In addition, subscribers don’t have to worry about any cancellation fees.

If you only want a video streaming service, Hulu is a great option. However, if you want to enjoy live TV alongside streaming services, you can also subscribe to Hulu + Live TV. Also, if you choose to get Xfinity TV, you can access Hulu + Live TV on the Hulu app, through the Xfinity X1 Box.

Hulu & Hulu + Live TV Plans Content CPricing

Hulu (Ads)

Ad-supported streaming library

$7.99 / mo.

Hulu (No ads)

No ads in between shows

$17.99 / mo.

Hulu (Ads) + Live TV

Disney+ (Ads), ESPN+ (Ads)

$76.99 / mo.

Hulu (No ads) + Live TV

Disney+ (No Ads), ESPN+ (Ads)

$89.99 / mo.

If you are a student, and meet Hulu’s eligibility, you can subscribe to Hulu (Ads) plan for just $1.99 per month. In addition, if you want to enjoy this holiday season with the option of streaming, alongside live TV channels, and will not be bothered with ads, Hulu (Ads) + Live TV is the best plan for your household.


Peacock is a video streaming service, owned by NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. Peacock is often considered to be an over-the-top streaming platform but for a good reason. This is the one streaming platform that streams original series like “The Office.” Peacock is also a very affordable streaming platform.

Just like Hulu, Peacock has both ad-supported and ad-free subscription plans. Moreover, both plans offer users all the streaming lineup, but the ad-free plan also includes live access to the NBC station.

Peacock Plans Ads Pricing



$5.99 / mo.

Premium Plus


$11.99 / mo.

Peacocks’ Premium plan is ad-supported, but you can enjoy live sports and events, all Peacock Originals. Whereas the Premium Plus plan is ad-free, certain shows have ads. However, if you want to download shows and movies to watch offline anytime, the Premium Plus is a better option for your needs.

Wrapping Up

Well, there you go!

The majority of the Black Friday TV deals shared above are not just limited to the holiday season, but all year long. However, Black Friday is the one day in a whole year when customers might be offered additional discounts and perks.

If you are looking for the best Black Friday TV deals, look no further than Xfinity and Spectrum. And, if you are looking for the best Black Friday streaming service, Hulu and Peacock have got you covered this holiday season!


Who has the best deals on Black Friday?

Spectrum TV. You get free Peacock Premium for 12 months until December 7, 202 3, in Spectrum Black Friday deals.

Will Amazon have Black Friday deals in 2023?

Amazon Prime is currently offering free Prime memberships for students ONLY for 6 months, and will cost $7.49 per month after the trial. 

Do you save money on Black Friday?

Yes, you do. Black Friday is a shopping heaven for people looking for discounts. Don’t hesitate to ask your ISP if there are any upcoming Black Friday discounts.

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