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What can be more fascinating than the “Valentine time of the year” for love birds? February 14 gives you an opportunity to take a break from the everyday rigmarole, and find ways to rekindle the passion with your loved one. Perhaps you would want to set up a “home date night” this year. Or maybe you would like to celebrate a glorious “Valentine’s Day with friends”. Whichever way you are planning it to be, you cannot celebrate the spirit of the occasion without the best of romantic movies, the ones that make your heart melt in the most uncanny yet familiar way!

And where do you find them? Of course, Netflix! Why would you want to look further when your favorite streaming service has it all? From all-time romantic classics to contemporary love stories, Netflix has a treasure of movies to spice up your Valentine movie binge this year, as always!

And if you want to spend less time searching and more watching, read on. Our today’s article presents a Valentine movie list so you can tune right in without having to check out some 25 odd trailers on Netflix before you pick one.  

1.    Silver Linings

It is a novel-based movie directed by David O. Russell. Starring Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper the movie is a must-watch. It earned significant critical acclaim, for Russell’s direction as well as for how well Cooper and Lawrence depicted their characters. And, it bagged 8 Academy Award nominations.

Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick is the story of two people who find love and comfort in each other amidst the most unlikely circumstance.

Pat Solatano and Tiffany meet following Pat’s return from a mental health facility where he has spent 8 months. He comes back to live with his parents, singularly focused on reconciling with his the ex-wife. But then he meets Tiffany. And there is obviously a bond in the making. There is more to the connection that shapes in the context of their individual struggles against mental health problems. But, as rosy as it could have been, how their mutual dynamics play out with Pat’s father Patrizio Sr. throwing in his 2 cents in the drama, is worth the watch.  

2.    Set it Up (2018)

For those who want to watch a light-hearted charming comedy to celebrate the “Valentine spirit”, but don’t want something they have watched before, this movie is the perfect pick. An American romantic comedy, starring Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch and directed by Claire Scanlon.

The movie tells the tale of two overworked assistants who work in the same building and meet one night when buying dinner for their demanding bosses. Tired of being at the beck and call of their bosses, and not finding the time for their personal ambitions, they plot to set their superiors up on a date. The twosome hopes this would help channel their bosses’ demanding energy in a different direction.    

Want to know if Rick and Kirsten find love in the setup designed by Harper and Charlie? Or is it Harper and Charlie who find love despite their differences? Watch and discover.  

3.    As Good As it Gets (1997)

A classic from 1997. With Jack Nicholson as brilliant as ever playing the homophobic obsessive-compulsive novelist Melvin. And Helen Hunt is no less a delight to watch as she portrays a waitress (Carol) who is a single mother with a chronically ill son. Both Nicholson and Hunt won the Academy Award for Best Actor and Actress for their outstanding performances in the movie.

Melvin’s orderly life encounters one upheaval after another. On one hand, he finds himself caught up in an unwilling friendship with his injured neighbor. And on the other, he begins to sense a budding romance between him and his favorite waitress. You have to watch to know perhaps none other than Nicholson could have played Melvin as well as he has. And also to find out if Melvin and Carol are able to smooth out the explosive dynamics of their unique characters.

It’s a movie worth watching. Even if this’d be a rerun!

4.    About Time (2013)

A British romantic comedy-drama, written and directed by Richard Curtis, starring Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams. The film received positive reviews from critics, with quite an interesting mix of viewpoints. Some said it is a “beautifully filmed and unabashedly sincere” production. While others pointed out plot holes relating to time travel. And some others said it felt like a déjà vu if you have watched The Time Traveler’s Wife, also starring McAdams.

Tim Lake is 21 when he finds out he can time travel, but cannot change history. Yet he attempts to put his newfound skill to good use pretty much as a 21-year old would, and fails. Feeling dismayed in love, he moves to London where he starts working as a lawyer and meets Mary one night. But, he has to be elsewhere that night, somewhere back in time. And when he returns he realizes the encounter with Mary never occurred. He is not going to give up. And eventually finds her at a Kate Moss exhibition.

Tune in to find out how he takes her back from her new boyfriend! It’s sweet and familiar, and just a lovely Valentine movie on Netflix!

5.    Chocolat (2000)

This is a comedy-drama based on a 1999 novel by Joanne Harris. Starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp the film was well-received by critics and praised for its acting performances and screenplay. Not to forget how Rachel Portman scored it! The film won five Academy Award nominations including Best Picture.

It’s a story set in a 1959 quiet little French town. A place so “normal”, no one expected one day Vianne and her six-year-old daughter Anouk would have such an impact on its complacent traditional community. But the mysterious Vianne opens a unique chocolate shop in the village soon after her arrival. She has the unusual ability to recognize what her customers desire, and which of her exclusive chocolates would satisfy precisely that. Lent begins, yet Vianne’s chocolates continue to lure in villagers as they abandon their discipline and succumb to temptation, enraging the traditionalists.

Watch to know if Vianne is able to stand up to the opposition she faces in the village. And if this nomadic chocolatier ultimately finds home and love with Roux (Johnny Depp) in the small French village despite the unpleasantness after all!

Bottom Line

From the plenty of movies on Netflix, we have made a careful pick of 5 that are perfect for a home date or Valentine’s Day with friends. These movies are currently on Netflix in the U.S. So you can go ahead and tune in over the next few weekends or plan the viewing session on the V-Day next month when it is all red!.

Make Valentine's Day loaded with joy and laughter, so you’ve more unforgettable memories to cherish in the years to come!

Before we close, remember you must have a fast and reliable connection to stream Netflix. And there is literally no point in having a great Valentine movie list on you, but a subpar internet service. If you are interested in looking for a better option that helps you stream better, check out the best internet service providers here, or call 1-855-349-9328 for quick live assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I watch Valentine's movies?

You can watch all your favorite Valentine movies on streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu.  

Can I watch Valentine's movies on Spectrum on Demand?

Yes. You can watch movies on-demand with Spectrum TV.  Spectrum On Demand has included a variety of Valentine's movies in the library. If you don’t find a title to suit your mood from among the free choices, you can always rent out one.