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Are you planning a movie marathon with your beau this Valentine’s day? Perhaps an amazing home date with candlelit dinner, and a great viewing session over chocolates and red wine. Or you are all set for a Valentine’s day with friends this year, and looking forward to some real fun with a handful of endearing movies worthy of a binge session?

Since it is likely it’d be a stay-at-home Valentine's Day, there is no better way to get into the Valentine spirit but to treat yourself with a great list of rom-coms that make the day memorable for you and your loved ones. This could be the perfect day to kick back and share a few romantic flicks that enrich your heart ‘n soul and fill the environment with love and affection.

But with as vast a genre as romantic comedy, it can be a task to pinpoint the most appropriate and relatable flicks for the day. Who doesn’t know love comes in all sizes and shapes, ranging from self-love and friendship to romance, and anything in between. So while you can enjoy a better-nuanced viewpoint on love even from the cheesiest rom-com nowadays, there is a good deal of movies out there that depict the replacement of formulaic flings in favor of highly nuanced love stories. Odes to friendship, depictions of queer love, and so much more!

The reason why our article today looks at the top 5 picks from everyone’s favorite HBO MAX. As always you’d be hard-pressed to find such an assortment elsewhere. So read on to see which cinematic delights are included in our 2022 listing of Valentine movies on HBO MAX. This is the best catch to cue waterworks, tickle your funny bone, or warm your cold heart.


If you are a fan of Will Smith you would love to watch this classic rom-com from 2005. Hitch is the story of Alex Hitchens (Will Smith), a professional dating consultant in a city as fast-paced as New York, with plenty of lonely guys looking for effective skills that’d help woo a woman. Albeit this was Will Smith’s first-ever rom-com, his depiction of Hitchens is nonetheless charming. The arrogant hero that he plays must be humbled and take his own advice.  

Want to know how? Stream Hitch via HBO Max, and enjoy the witty romantic comedy also starring Kevin James.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Starring Julianne Moore as Emily Weaver, Steve Carrell as Cal Weaver, and Ryan Gosling as Jacob Palmer, this 2011 romantic comedy is a great pick for Valentine’s day. A notch above the mainstream rom-coms this 2011 flick, which also stars Kevin Bacon, is both romantic and funny. The acting performances are excellent, and the chemistry between Carrell and Gosling makes it all the more an engaging watch.

The movie opens with Emily dropping a bombshell on Cal. She wants a divorce. Cal is heartbroken, and after moving into his own place, starts frequenting a ritzy bar where he meets Jacob, a 21st-century suave womanizer, who offers to teach Cal how to pick up women.  

The many strands in the story are smartly knit into all the twists and turns of a clever screenplay, which weaves a heartwarming depiction of how everyone in the family does their bit to clean out the shards of a ruined marriage.

Stream on HBO MAX, and enjoy the plenty of laughs and feels the movie has to offer.

You've Got Mail

This 1998 American romantic comedy directed by Nora Ephron, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, is based on a Hungarian play, which has been twice adapted previously, as The Shop Around the Corner & In the Good Old Summertime.

This movie is love! Seriously. It tells the story of two booksellers in Manhattan, Tom Hanks (Joe Fox) and Meg Ryan (Kathleen Kelly). Joe belongs to the Fox family which runs a chain of mega bookstores, while Kathleen runs an independent “shop around the corner”. They frequent the same Manhattan neighborhoods, and parallel to the business rivalry that runs between the two, they start communicating via email anonymously.

Watch the movie to find out how the two business rivals eventually realize their true identities and also their real feelings for each other. Some may say it is predictable, but nothing can take away from the sweetness of this romantic comedy that feels as relevant as it did over 20 years ago.

The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks always does miracles when it comes to novels. Movies based on his novels win our hearts. The same is the case with this beautiful romantic drama starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. The Notebook is an intelligently adapted tear-jerker, a classic Hollywood romance, that undoubtedly touches your heart and sends you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. 

While it may come across as formulaic and rather predictable for the liking of some critics, others have reviewed it as “a story of true love that makes you cry, the kind you don’t forget”. Its old-fashioned melodrama carries its own intrigue and pushes all the right emotional buttons. And, the chemistry between Gosling and McAdams is truly electric.

If you want to know how the plotline charts the obstacles placed in their path, and if the two young lovers, pulled apart by the social divide, are able to keep the spark alive, tune into this impressive production on HBO MAX!

Crazy Rich Asians

This romantic-comedy drama, starring Constance Wu, Henry Golding, and Michelle Yeoh, is essentially a solid and straightforward story. One that depicts how the Western perception of individuality stands at odds with the Eastern viewpoint on community. The characters are fun and portrayed by a talented cast. Yeoh does more than justice with Eleanor’s character which would have come across as nothing but typical had it not been graced by her compelling performance.

Chu, an New York University professor, and Golding who belongs to one of the richest Asian families travel to Singapore to attend Golding’s best friend’s wedding. Chu is unaware of her boyfriend’s crazy rich background until her college roommate spills the beans. The story is pretty laden with interesting twists, especially so once Eleanor, Golding’s intense and protective mother, enters the picture. Chu is in for a real rude awakening.

Find what happens next and if Chu is able to get into Eleanor’s good books. The cast and the subject are pretty groundbreaking by Hollywood standards, and the plotline is well-grounded by the characters. All in all, it is a hilarious and heartwarming flick that reminds me of the rather flashy and corny Hollywood rom-com.  

To Conclude

Regardless of where your personal love life stands there is a great probability you’ll find the right movie match from among Valentine movies on HBO this year. Or perhaps you would want to just include all 5 in your watch-list for the day. Each of these HBO movies is unique and carries the potential to make your V-day unforgettable.

But before you finalize plans for the day, you must take a look at the logistics. If you don’t already have a subscription to HBO MAX, or if your internet service is not up to par, we’d suggest you check out your options beforehand.

While for cord-cutter homes, a fast and reliable internet service such as Spectrum’s can be an ideal match for your streaming ambitions. If you are a cable watching home, let’s tell you that once you subscribe to the Spectrum TV plan, you may subscribe to any number of add-ons, including HBO MAX, SHOWTIME, and more, in order to add more at a price you like. And, when you subscribe to a Spectrum TV + Internet plan, you not only get access to 125+ channels in your primary lineup but high-speed fiber-powered cable broadband. So you can enjoy your favorite Valentine movies on HBO and any other channel anywhere, anytime!

By all means get ready to grab and snuggle up to your best pals, your beau, or your bonbons, and have an amazing watch with the top 5 Valentine movies on HBO this year. But prior to that, speak to a Spectrum sales support representative at 1-855-423-0918, and find out if Spectrum offerings are available at your address.


Can I watch Valentine's movies on Spectrum On Demand?

With Spectrum TV you can watch thousands of movies and TV series on demand. And Spectrum currently has an impressive lineup of Valentine movies that you can watch in addition to the ones on HBO MAX. Speak to a Spectrum sales support representative at 1-855-423-0918, and find out if Spectrum offerings are available at your address.

Can I watch Valentine's movies on streaming websites?

Yes, a variety of Valentine movies have been added to the content libraries of streaming platforms such as HBO MAX, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, etc. so you can easily get access with a subscription for any, and pair it with a reliable and fast internet connection.

Can I watch The Notebook on Netflix?

Unfortunately, The Notebook is not currently streaming on Netflix in the U.S.. However, you can watch it on HBO MAX, which you may add to your Spectrum TV plan