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Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+, and Prime Video have recently produced some of the most groundbreaking and popular content that can be enjoyed by everyone. At this point, these popular streaming services are making one banger content one after another. Naturally, you could find yourself in intense F.O.M.O if you don’t already have the right streaming service.

Needless to say, the options are overwhelmingly a lot in number. While streaming services offer great flexibility, quality of content, high resolutions, and on-the-go entertainment, it can get a little challenging to decide which service would suit you the best.

Other than how much each streaming service costs, there are so many more additional factors to consider – such as content library, device compatibility, and interface friendliness. To help you narrow down your options and pick the best streaming service for movies, shows, and a lot more, here is a list of things to consider and why they matter.

Evaluating Your Entertainment Needs and Preferences

It can be very easy to find yourself lost in the world of streaming services if you are not quite sure what you need. Before you pick and choose any streaming service, it’s important to evaluate and understand your own entertainment needs. You must explore what your expectations are from the service.

Understanding your preferences will allow you to subscribe to a streaming service that offers content in accordance with your taste. Once you are sorted on what are your entertainment preferences, then you can begin to compare streaming services and what each offers.

You can ask yourself various questions to explore your choice and taste. Some of these questions include:

  • How frequently am I going to stream and watch the content?
  • What kind of content do I prefer—movies, shows, or both?
  • Am I more into watching classic content or the latest content?
  • What genre and category of content am I more interested in, such as sports, sci-fi, reality TV, comedy, or family drama?
  • Do I want to watch international content, such as popular Spanish TV shows?
  • Other than me, who else will be using the streaming service, such as family and kids?

The above-mentioned questions are just a few examples of how you can evaluate your entertainment needs. Finding the answers to these questions will help you grasp a rough overview of not only what you want, but also of what suits you the best.

Assessing the User Friendliness

Your entertainment and streaming experience should be as seamless as possible. To achieve that seamlessness, try looking into how user-friendly the streaming platform is.

  • Explore how easy it is to download and set up the streaming app, and whether the app is even compatible with your choice of device.
  • If you intend to share the service with your family and kids, explore the safety controls and how easy it is to manage them.

As you compare streaming services, you will find out that not every one of the options offers a great user interface. This might filter out some options and narrow down the list of streaming services for you to choose from!

For example, Netflix is one of the most popular and trend-setting streaming platforms. It has a decluttered interface and divides its content into clear and crisp categories that are easy to navigate through. It has separate rows for a variety of content like “Recommended” and “Top 10”. This ensures user-friendliness, allowing you to find the right content for yourself without delay.

Some important features that make any video streaming services user-friendly are:

  • Accessibility features – user-friendly apps should cater to users with physical disabilities. For example, some platforms come with features like closed captions for people with hearing impairment.
  • Smart search capability – a user-friendly streaming service must allow you to search for your desired titles without any hiccups. Search features like various filters and smart categorization can help users spend less time searching and more time streaming.
  • Advanced recommendation algorithm – platforms like Netflix are popular for how quick and smart they are in understanding the user’s preferences. This advanced algorithm allows the platform to provide accurate content recommendations so users don’t have to go through the trouble of content discovery themselves.
  • Navigational buttons – features like “Skip Intro” and “Skip Recap” allow users to fully control their streaming experience. Features that enable easy navigation through the content let users enjoy the content with greater convenience.

Comparing Content Libraries Offered by a Platform

Once you have compared the type of content you like to watch, it's time to see which video streaming service offers the most apt content library for you. The first thing to consider would be the number of titles offered by the service.

Other than the number of titles in the content library, you should also look into what kind of content is available the most. Look into the number of original content available, and whether it meets your taste. Netflix and Prime Video have some of the most popular original content that feels like a breath of fresh air. Meanwhile, YouTube TV has some of the most exclusive content and top-tier entertainment that you might not find elsewhere.

Another thing to consider is the genre and niche offered by the streaming service. Netflix’s content library is rich with psychological-thriller documentaries that would be great for a chilly Saturday night. Meanwhile, Disney is packed with some nostalgic classics that families and children can also enjoy.

Compare streaming services based on what genre of content you like the most and who will be watching more frequently.

Considering Extra Features and Perks

Other than the more obvious factors like variety of content and user-friendliness, most streaming services offer some value-adding features that elevate the whole experience. These features make the monthly cost worth it, while also ensuring that your streaming experience is glitch-free. Here are some important extra features and perks you might find useful:

Parental Controls

If your household consists of children and teenagers, parental cornels offered by a streaming service must be reliable, flexible, and easy to use. These controls will help you ensure age-appropriate content and manage the frequency of streaming.

Offline Streaming

Some streaming platforms allow users to download an episode from their favorite show or a movie while they still have an internet connection. These downloads can alter be accessed from the app without any internet connection, such as when you are in an airplane or a remote area with limited connectivity.

International Content

The best streaming service is all about entertainment from every corner of the world. If you are interested in exploring international content for more variety, make sure the service you are choosing offers that. For example, popular Netflix shows like Money Heist and Narcos fall in the category of International/Spanish content.

Viewer Profiles

Since you are most likely to share the streaming account with someone in your house, make sure that the service you choose lets you create multiple viewer profiles. These profiles can streamline your personal recommendations, help you start watching right where you left off, and make personal lists.

Multiple Subtitles

Check if the video streaming services offer content subtitles in more than one language. This feature will let you choose the language that you are most suited to. For example, if you are viewing any international content, you might need subtitles in English. If you are interested in streaming Spanish content, Spanish subtitles for English content might be a good add-on for you.

Last but Not Least – Price and Subscription Plans!

No matter how good a streaming service is, the one thing that matters the most is the price and subscription plans. You don’t want to be paying a monthly fee for any streaming service that leaves behind a dent in your pocket.

Different video streaming services have different prices and subscription plans to offer. The most important thing to note here is that the larger the variety of subscription plans, the more well-suited will the service be for you.

  • For instance, Netflix offers multiple plans that vary based on the number of simultaneous screens, video quality, and price.
  • On the other hand, Prime Video offers a one-for-all plan that includes 2 simultaneous screens at a time and up to 4K UHD resolution.
  • Meanwhile, Disney+ offers various plans, some of which include ads while others are ad-free. Its subscription plans start from $7.99/month., and you can choose to pay on a month-to-month or a yearly basis.

To compare streaming services thoroughly, other than the basic price, also look for additional features like trial periods. Prime Video offers a 30-day trial period for a first-time user. During this period, you can make up your mind about the subscription, and cancel anytime you want without having to pay any fee.

Here is a quick look at a streaming services price list:

Streaming Service Price Range


$6.99 to $19.99 a month

Prime Video

$8.99 a month


$7.99 to $10.99 a month


$7.99 to $17.99 a month


$5.99 to 11.99 a month

Bottom Line

After all is said and done, it all boils down to what is more important and valuable for you. If you consider all the aforementioned factors as you compare streaming services, rest assured you will land the best streaming service for you and your family. The most important considerations consist of pricing and plans, content variety, additional features like offline viewing, and your personal entertainment preferences.

Once you are all set to enter the world of streaming, make sure you sign up for a reliable internet service provider. Call 855-349-9328 to learn about the best internet deals available in your neighborhood. Take our word, you won’t feel disappointed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How Do I Know Which Streaming Service Is Best for Me?

The best streaming service should be user-friendly, have a large content library with a variety of genres and niches, and fit well within your monthly budget. Additional features like multiple streams and viewer profiles are also great features to look for.

Is Peacock Better than Netflix?

Peacock is a streaming service by NBC, and it includes thousands of on-demand movie titles as well as 50+ live TV channels that are available 24/7. It’s a great streaming service for TV buffs as well as binge-streamers. Meanwhile, Netflix is a strictly on-demand service that offers thousands of original movies and TV shows as well as some great hits from all over the world.

Is Peacock Better than Other Streaming Services?

Well, Peacock is one of the best live TV + on-demand streaming services—thanks to its affordable pricing, offline viewing feature, and flexible billing options. It is a great pick for households where both on-demand and live TV are in demand.

What Is the #1 Best Streaming Service?

Netflix is one of the best streaming services with lots of important features, like multiple subtitles, multiple video quality, and offline viewing. It has been an industry leader in the world of OTT and video-on-demand. However, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and Peacock also bring their A-game and provide quality services.