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Welcome to the Big Guava! The city that is known for its scenic sunsets, breathtaking sunrises and beautiful landscape, the city that we all call, Tampa. Located in the heart of Florida, Tampa is considered one of the ultimate tourist spots in the U.S. Beautiful beaches together with friendly people make Tampa a place that is sure to steal your heart!

Tampa has received many nicknames from its admirers. Some like to call it The Big Guava, while others like calling it the Cigar City. But, no matter how many nicknames this city gets, one thing remains unchanged and that is, Tampanians and the hoards of tourists in the city need to remain connected with the World Wide Web.

This is the one reason why Tampa deserves to have comprehensive and reliable internet access available to the mass populace – a service that works as fast 24/7 without suffering from lags and buffering loops. An internet connection that lets you post about your favorite sites and scenes to your heart’s content – something that can only be expected from Spectrum!

Charter Spectrum™ is known for its blazing-fast internet, HD quality cable TV lineup and crystal-clear voice service that we’re sure you won’t find elsewhere. For the ones residing in Tampa, Spectrum has an endless array of services that are a total catch!

Let’s Walk Through the Beautiful Streets of Tampa, FL

Tampa is a beautiful piece of land, situated in Hillsborough County, Florida. The city is known for its stunning landscapes, tempting beaches, not to mention the people who are friendly and share a keen sense of community and culture. By area, Tampa is the third-largest city in Florida, and also happens to be a financial epicenter that generates revenue for most of Florida. The population that anoints the city of Tampa is just a little under 4 million, dwelling the urban and suburban residences. The city brims with the kind of diversity you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Many give the credit of Tampa’s diversity to the Gulf of Mexico since that’s the reason why you find all sorts of cultural colors here.

When it comes to being technology savvy, Tampanians aren’t left behind by any means. The city stands 12th among the ones that are the most connected in the state of Florida. In line with its reputation of being tech-savvy, denizens of Tampa tend to prefer ultra-fast internet, which they largely speaking expect from Spectrum alone. Bet you didn’t know there are over 20 internet service providers in Florida, with 8 among them catering to provision of residential internet connections. You must have guessed it! Among the 8 ISPs, only one is out there to give its competitors a serious run for their money. And that tough one is none other than Charter Spectrum™ which covers almost the entirety of Tampa City.

What Makes Spectrum the Ultimate Choice for Tampanians?

When it comes to being a tough competitor, Spectrum surely knows no bounds. After all, Spectrum is the brainchild of Charter Communications® that has been known as the fastest-growing internet, cable TV and voice service provider in the U.S. Whether it is superior quality internet, HD-clear voice calls or high-definition cable TV with a plethora of channels, Spectrum has earned name as the consistent deliverer of varied telecom services nationwide.

Spread widely across 40 states, Spectrum’s commitment, consistency, and customer-focus make it the ultimate choice of millions of loyal customers. There are tons of offers from Spectrum in Tampa, Florida - each only confirming the notion that at the end of the day Spectrum is the best out there!

Having evolved tremendously over time, on the other side of billions and billions of dollars’ worth of investments, is a brand that has gained impeccable strength in terms of its grip on the telecom market and the potential customer base. To ensure customers get access to top-notch telecom services, without having to spend an arm and a leg, Spectrum has put countless efforts into designing an array of plans and packages from the consumers’ perspective, while continually improving the quality of services provided. Gone are the days when Spectrum was known as just another cable broadband provider because now it relies on a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network, and the value of the internet service delivered to consumers is already drawing in oohs and ahs.

What Does Spectrum Offer to Tampanians?

1. Spectrum Internet

The internet has become more of a necessity than just a utility. This is the reason why the residents of Tampa never like to settle for speeds that are less than the best. Whether it is streaming, gaming or even mere browsing, Tampanians deserve way more than just the average. They deserve Spectrum Internet! Spectrum in Tampa, Florida stands among the top internet service providers in the city. With speeds starting at 100 Mbps, Spectrum ensures transparency in its dealings with customers - with no data caps or hidden charges, a free internet modem and low-latency, Spectrum Internet is the answer to what Tampanians long for when it comes to online connectivity.

Spectrum Internet in Tampa, Florida is available in an array of bundles and standalone variations. If you want to amplify your Spectrum experience you can very well go ahead and bundle your internet with Spectrum TV or Voice. To help you get started, here are some packages you can ponder upon before taking your pick:

2. Spectrum TV

Your weekends deserve something way more than just TV, they deserve Spectrum TV! With Spectrum TV, you get access to 200 channels, with the most HD content from any provider! Alongside you get to choose from thousands of On Demand titles. Gone are the days when you were bound to watch only what your cable service provider gave you access to because with Video On Demand you can watch your favorite TV shows, whenever you want and anywhere you want! That’s right! To enjoy Spectrum TV on-the-go, all you need to do is download the Spectrum TV App and you are set to watch Live TV channels on your portable devices. Oh, and one more thing. When you subscribe to Spectrum TV, you get access to an optional DVR service too, which comes with variable storage space to fit varied requirements. Talk about non-stop entertainment!

You can enjoy your Spectrum TV on its own or pair it with an internet plan of your choice. Without any hidden charges and the promise of an extraordinary channel lineup, Spectrum bundles are packed with value for money.

3. Spectrum Voice

Unlimited, long-distance or local calls are now just a Spectrum connection away! Spectrum Voice is one economical way to stay connected with your loved ones; now you can go all the way for conventional reliability of a home phone service coupled with digital tech of the 21st century in one service. Of course, smartphones are convenient and all, but how can they top the conventional home phone service that puts you through with no hassle of dropped signals and poor reception.

Spectrum Voice brings along a plethora of over 25 features, so you can enjoy way more convenience, for way less! Furthermore, Spectrum Voice comes with a call blocking feature that guards you against unwanted anonymous phone calls inclusive of telemarketing attempts. You can make unlimited phone calls to your loved ones in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and more regions, without any hidden charges, while economical global calling plans are also available for your consumption.

So for under $10 you get to enjoy Spectrum Voice packaged in a bundle of your choice, for as low as $59.98/month (for 12 months when bundled)

4. Spectrum Customer Care

Customers are special and their opinion is important, something that Spectrum is keen on taking into account. Spectrum ensures to deliver customers nothing but the best, however, on some rare occasions, you might find your Spectrum connection acting slightly lesser than the best. Then, what should you do? Well, not much! Just contact Spectrum in Tampa for support, and have your problem resolved by trained professionals. Spectrum is known for prompt support when things go awry at your end. Whether it is your Spectrum cable TV service acting up, your Spectrum Phone delivering less than quality functionality, or lagging Spectrum internet connectivity, all you need is to get in touch with a Spectrum representative, at any time of the day you want.

Satisfied Are Customers Who Have Spectrum by Their Side!

Spectrum is not just a service, it’s an experience.

When you decide on using Spectrum, in actuality you subscribe to utmost customer satisfaction. Nowhere else can you find bundles, standalone services, and prices, as befitting as with Spectrum. The rules that Spectrum plays by are straightforward and customer oriented:

So, all of you entertainment and internet-savvy Tampanians out there, with all the right reasons that we have given you, are you convinced to switch to Spectrum? And, if you already are a Spectrum customer, then feel free to upgrade your package any time you want. With the promise of nothing less than total satisfaction at your end, Spectrum is here to bring you the best of Cable TV, Internet and Voiceservices. So what are you waiting for? From among the several ISPs operational in Tampa, Florida, you can narrow down to the one that makes your life remarkably simple without costing you a fortune – Spectrum!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Spectrum internet cost in Tampa, FL?

Standalone Spectrum Internet starts from $49.99/month

How much is Spectrum Double Play and Triple Play packages?

Spectrum Internet with Spectrum TV of your choice & Voice, Spectrum Triple Play, starts from $99.97/month and Spectrum Double Play starts from $89.98/month.