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The skylines, the hustle and bustle, the liveliness of its residents and Franklin is delicious Barbecue ribs – welcome to the city that is known as The Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, Texas. From high-end fancy-schmancy hotels for elites to low-costing motels, Austin is packed with a dizzying array of things that makes it more special than the others. Whether it is music or the food, name a better place than Austin, Texas. We’ll wait. Seriously, what is better than waking up in the morning, walking down to a nearby taqueria and devouring a bunch of piping hot breakfast Tacos, right? Something that you can only get in the Austin, and Austin alone!

Back in 2018, Austin was voted as THE most favorite place to live in the US, and that too for the third time in a row. From a growing number of startups to having a tech-savvy population, Austin seems like it is on the verge of becoming the next Silicon Valley – no, not the TV show! In fact, keeping in mind the rate at which the number of startups are growing in this vicinity, the nickname Silicon Hills seems like it has found someone that rightfully deserves it.

Since Austin has a responsibility of staying true to its name, the Silicon Hills, it was important for Austinites to use an extraordinary internet connection at all times, something that they can expect only from Spectrum. In case you’re wondering, Spectrum is known for its blazing fast internet, that is sure to make your surfing, streaming and gaming a lot more hassle-free than it was before. Furthermore, Spectrum is Cable TV and home phone service is also top-notch and not worthy of missing out.

Lets Go On a Ride Down The A-Town!

Just like we mentioned this a while ago, the brainiacs are heading to Austin, Texas, in heaps. Maybe it is because of being the safest city, or maybe it is because of the liveliness, whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure: Austin is increasing popularity (and population) calls for a trusted and reliable ISP like Spectrum.

Austin is nonetheless the study and tech hub of the US. But, has anyone told you about what else goes on in here? Well, this might be a proud moment for all the women out there; apparently, the number of women becoming entrepreneurs is highest in Austin is home state, Texas. In 2018, Texas stood at 8th position and in just one year is time, it went from 8th to 1st position with the most number of women entrepreneurs. Talk about some serious progress!

Now, what exactly is the reason behind Austin, being so favored by the former Silicon Valley Techies and young entrepreneurs? Well, it is all because of the internet. Austinites like to stay connected with the internet, all the time. Seeing this as an opportunity, there was no way Spectrum could have stayed back. The fastest-growing internet service provider in the country is now among the top choices of Austinites. Well, we wouldn’t blame them! Spectrum surely does know how to deliver super-fast internet speeds, non-grainy phone local and long-distance phone calls and HD quality cable TV channels with DVR storage up to 780 hours. So, anyone with an eye for a trusted and reliable brand would never be able to stay back from taking such an opportunity.

What Makes Spectrum an Ultimate Choice For the Austinites?

Becoming everyone is favorite is not an easy thing to achieve. There is a lot of hard work, perseverance, tireless dedication, and the will to keep customers satisfied, that goes into becoming a tough competitor to beat. Of course, since you Austinites have a plethora of internet and cable service providers to pick from, you might have found yourself knee-deep in profoundness as to which one is THE ONE? You know, the one that promises and delivers you nothing but the best, the one that turns your money into an investment and makes your life easier, the one like Spectrum (cue the applause)

When you choose Spectrum, you choose to make your life remarkably simpler. Of course, there are many other claimants of speedy internet connection out there, but only Spectrum stands firmly upon delivering an uncompromised experience, each time. Whether it is a video game where you are in the middle of taking your nemesis down, or a full feature-length movie that you’re planning to stream, Spectrum internet in Austin, Texas, is sure to make your internet-using times, rather fun and lagging-free.

Spectrum has two main bundling variations that you can go for, or if you want to keep things strictly solo, you can even do that. For instance, if you want to use any two of Spectrum is services – ideally Spectrum TV and Spectrum Internet – then Spectrum Double Play bundle is what you can get. Or, if you want to go Spectrum all the way, then you can bundle Spectrum TV, Internet, and Home Phone together in a Spectrum Triple Play Bundle and enjoy your life to the fullest. Now, if you’re up for some more details on to each of Spectrum is service, then hop on in, because away we go!

Looking at Spectrum is Best For the Bat City Dwellers!

Spectrum Cable TV

Nothing screams WEEKEND like a channel lineup from Spectrum TV! If you’re more inclined towards the mindset of watching TV the old conventional way, then let Spectrum cable TV be your TV buddy.You get a channel lineup with 125+ channels, and a big variety of exciting TV add-ons. Because Spectrum allows you to customize TV Select exactly how you like it. Also, you can bundle TV with only the internet or phone and internet combined, like the one over here:

Spectrum Triple Play with Spectrum TV Select Spectrum Internet Spectrum Voice, priced at $99.97/mo. for 12 months when bundled* Spectrum Cable TV in Austin, TX, is available with thousands of on-demand choices, optional DVR service that lets you record 780 hours of your favorite TV shows, along with a Spectrum TV app that lets you watch TV on the go! Furthermore, there are premium channels like HBO, NFL Network, STARZ and more, to keep you and your family well-entertained during the weekends!

Spectrum Internet

Speeds that make you go WOW! Internet is best enjoyed blazing fast, something that only Spectrum can do for its lovely Austinites. If all your life you’ve been looking for internet speeds that don’t make you experience the dreaded Buffering Situations, then find us a better competitor than Spectrum internet and we’ll wait. Spectrum Internet in Austin, Texas is an investment worth making. You can either go for it on its own or bundle it with any service of your choice, rest assured, your experience will be a good one, that is a Spectrum promise! That is right, now you can enjoy: Spectrum Internet priced at $49.99/mo. for 12 months*

With every Spectrum internet connection, you get internet speeds starting from 100 Mbps and a modem free of cost. Now what makes Spectrum worth your shot is the fact that it has no data caps and ZERO hidden charges.

Spectrum Voice

Dial your way to a life where Spectrum is by your side! With Spectrum Voice you can make unlimited local or long-distance calls, without worrying about how much they might cost you. Of course, smartphones are convenient and all, but lets face it, using home phones is far more convenient and hassle-free. Just a small billing fee and you’re good to go! Oh and before you go about looking for Spectrum Voice, just remember that home phone plans from Spectrum are available in bundles only, like the one over here:

Spectrum Voice with TV and Internet, priced at $129.97/mo. for 12 months when bundled

When you choose Spectrum Voice, you choose to make unlimited USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and more. There are 28 additional features including Local and International anonymous Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, Speed Dialing and more. Also, Spectrum Voice lets you make free 411 calls and you won’t even have to worry about any hidden charges, at all!

Spectrum Bundles

Bundle up the entertainment, with Spectrum Bundles! If you can’t settle for a standalone Spectrum service you can always go down the bundling route. Spectrum has the most affordable bundles that you can’t find anywhere else. For a rather affordable price, there is no way you’ll be able to find a Spectrum bundle better than this one:

Spectrum Internet, TV and phone priced at $129.97/mo. for 12 months when bundled

With this bundle, you can enjoy

Spectrum Customer Care

A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement any brand can get.Caring for its customers is Spectrum’s priority.

Customer Service is Spectrum is priority. No matter what time of the day it is, you can call Spectrum professionals and have your problems resolved, without any delay. Spectrum professionals believe firmly in delivering the utmost customer satisfaction and keeping customers happy. So, if you find yourself experiencing a good internet gone bad situation, then you know what to do! Just pick your phone up and shoo your problems away!

You can reach out to Spectrum anytime through multiple channels and voice your concerns.

So What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re still thinking about which internet, cable TV or phone connection to get, then you gotta think fast! With Spectrum around you can bring unimaginable ease to your life. That is right! Where else can you get standalone and bundled services, with the speediest internet, crystal-clear cable TV and phone service that fits right within your budget?

So, without wasting any more time, get in touch with Spectrum professionals and decide which Spectrum service you’re deciding to choose. One thing is for sure, when you choose Spectrum, you choose reliability, affordability and consistency. So, choose wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Spectrum bundles available in Austin TX?

Spectrum offers double and triple Play packages that save you a lot of bucks! Get access to unlimited TV entertainment and seamless connectivity with Spectrum bundles!

What Do You Get in a Spectrum Triple Play?

Spectrum Triple Play wraps up cable TV, internet, and home phone into a single bundle. Get fast internet speeds starting from 100 mbps along with 200 HD channels and unlimited local and international calls!