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We’ve all been there—it’s Friday night, you end a long-haul working week, with plans to enjoy food, wine, and the best of the TV so you can leave the stress behind as you unwind. But then as you begin to settle into the weekend mood, you hear yourself wonder “what should I stream?”, and even as you surf through your TV guide you keep thinking to yourself “what show should I watch?”. Thus, instead of enjoying the time with an awesome show, you spend it vacillating from one option to another—especially when you have already watched a lot of good stuff!

Not that there is a dearth of new and quality TV content. After all, don’t we have the likes of Warner Bros., Disney, Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video to name a few, that keep churning out original and new content ever so often? With as many veteran media conglomerates in the entertainment business, and the numerous subscription VOD streaming services available today, there is sure more choice than you ever had before. Yet, we all know exploring shows that match your taste is never easy!

Bearing that in mind, we’ve compiled this TV Guide to help you kick start your next TV marathon. But, our TV Guide is a little unique because it suggests shows based on the ones you may already love. Meaning, you are sure to take away some exciting and jaw-dropping titles when you are done reading—recommendations that’ll make your day.

Shows to Watch if You like Bridgerton

Bridgerton is one gladly received Netflix show still creating waves. Exclusively because of its sensational period-based plot and pearl-clutching romance. But since you have already watched season 1, and must be keeping a tab on all the gossip around season 2, it is not unlikely that you are also wondering “what should I stream” in the meantime? Well, here is our say on it: “The Great” on Hulu, “Dickinson” on Apple TV , or “Vanity Fair” on Prime Video.

Shows to Watch if You like Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has left a void hard to fill. And, no matter how good a show is, it is always unable to scratch the same itch as Game of Thrones did. However, there is still hope for people who want to fulfill their medieval-inspired fantasy. You can get your hands onto a televisual feast with “The Borgias” on Netflix in the U.S., and if you are a cable TV fan, you can always rely on a Spectrum TV® Silver subscription, and watch it on SHOWTIME®.

Shows to Watch if You like The Office

The Office is an ultimate deal you can enjoy every weekend with non-stop streaming. And now that you are fluent in the tongue-twister "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica", it is time to try watching some ever-greens: “Friends” or “Space Force” which are a few of the best shows to watch on Netflix, and if you aren’t a cord-cutter, there is “Corporate” that you can watch on Comedy Central with Spectrum TV Select.

Shows to Watch if You like Yellowstone

Have you already watched all three seasons of Yellowstone? It is fun to watch an interesting story like that of the resilient Dutton family, but it may just be time to watch something different which nonetheless brings the same flavors as Yellowstone—at least until season 4 hits the screen. You can watch “Sons of Anarchy” on Hulu, “Ozark” on Netflix, or “68 Whiskey” on CBS All Access and Paramount by subscribing to the competitively priced WOW! Cable plans.

Shows to Watch if You like The 100

Although it's been a while since the wild series finale of The 100 premiered on Netflix following the end of season 7 on The CW last year, it is hard to say goodbye to the amazing cast and a moving show of such production value. However, instead of re-re-re-watching The 100, you can try something different, yet similar. If you are a Spectrum TV customer, you are in luck. Because you can watch “Revolution” on NBC. For cord-cutters streaming “Travelers” on Netflix is an option.

Shows to Watch if You like Gossip Girl

The prodigal teen soap hooked us all up with its charming and curious storyline, so much so we can never forget “The Scandalous Lives Of Manhattan's Elite”. Now that it is not available on Netflix, fans cannot find another show with such iconic lines. Unless you are subscribed to Spectrum TV  Silver or Gold. Because then, you can watch Gossip Girl for free on HBO Max. But for more shows like Gossip Girl, you can watch “Elite”, or “The Bold Type” on Netflix.

Shows to Watch if You like Schitt's Creek

What is better than a Canadian sitcom with a cult following that is also an Emmy Award-winning inspiration? But now that it has wrapped up, it is time for you to let it go and move on. Here are some interesting suggestions for you to enjoy nearly as much as Schitt's Creek—“Arrested Development” on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video. And, “Santa Clarita Diet” on Netflix.

Shows to Watch if You like Friends

Since we all know friends are always there for us, it is not uncanny to feel like there is nothing that can replace the iconic comedy series “Friends”. However, if you have watched all ten seasons more times than you can count, you should try something new. If you are a fan of the Friends’ cast you can watch “Cougar Town” on Hulu or Prime Video, “Go On” on NBC, or “Episodes” on Netflix.

Shows to Watch if You like Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris has proven to be a perfect delight that can easily cheer you up, and is an easy binge. But after you have enjoyed the show set in the beautiful city of Paris, you can move onto “Younger”—watch it on Paramount (formerly CBS All Access), Hulu or Prime Video—and get the same feels! You can also go for “Sweetbitter” on STARZ®—and watch young Tess from Ohio explore life and culture in NYC. A subscription to Large TV from WOW! Cable can do the trick—and get you STARZ as well as sister channels included in your primary channel lineup.

Shows to Watch if You like The Blacklist

Once you start watching The Blacklist nothing can help to fire up to the next episodes back to back, until you are done with the whole show. This televisual feast from NBC is a perfect combination of crime drama, action, thrill, and mystery. However, as season 8 nears conclusion, and you wait for the next one to air, you can watch: “Blindspot” on NBC; “Person of Interest” on HBO Max; or “Billions” on SHOWTIME. All you need is a single subscription to Spectrum TV Silver —the most popular cable TV plan in the U.S. market which gives you access to NBC, HBO Max, and SHOWTIME content.

Shows to Watch if You like The Crown

The Crown is one show of our times that has come to more than hint at the rather scandalous nature of behind-the-scenes affairs when it comes to the British royals. The lavish Netflix original gives an insightful peek into the life of Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman), and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillips—amidst much more. Since the 5th season is anticipated to go into production in June this year, and you’ll have to wait a while until it hits the screen, here are some great shows to fill its shoes. Try watching “Downton Abbey” on Prime Video or Peacock. You can also watch “The Tudors” on SHOWTIME  if you are a subscriber of Spectrum TV Silver, albeit an add-on subscription to SHOWTIME, and The Movie Channel is currently on offer for only $7.95/mo. with RCN TV.

Shows to Watch if You Like Lucifer

We know! It's been hard to wait for the coming episodes of Lucifer—season 5B as it is referred to. But until that it premiers on May 28, how about we try watching some other shows like ABC’s “Forever” on Prime Video, and “Constantine” on HBO Max—which comes included in your Large TV with WOW! Cable.

Shows to Watch if You like Stranger Things

Stranger Things definitely tops the list of shows watched during the past 5 years. And while it is difficult to find another contemporary show which brings you the 1980s movie feels, if you are already done with one of the best ever sci-fi series, and looking for something that imparts an authentic '80s experience, you can try watching “Black Spot” or “Dark” on Netflix.

Shows to Watch if You like Suits

A fan-favorite series that brought us unforgettable characters with the perfect depiction of legal drama and comedy. We can't forget the show even after it has ended, but then there are others similar to it—just that these are without the Duchess of Sussex! Make sure to check out the actual show's spin-off—“Pearson”. And, give a try to "House" on NBC, Peacock, or Prime Video. Then there is White Collar on Hulu, and Psych on Peacock and Prime Video too.

In a Nutshell

There you are! All set to explore new titles similar to what you love watching.

Our TV guide is made for anyone who loves to go on a TV spree ever so often. The shows we have recommended are titles that ask for a binge-watch session in their honor. So the next time you catch yourself thinking, “What TV show should I watch?”, pick one from our TV Guide and dig into the best, like the ones you already love! This way you won’t have to browse through your TV guide, or check out multiple subscription VOD streaming services to find what to watch in 2021.

The best part is even if you are located in rural America, you can subscribe to a satellite TV service such as DIRECTV from AT&T, and access popular cable networks like NBC, as well as premiums like HBO MAX and SHOWTIME—so throw yourself a TV jamboree, with a vast catalog of shows you’re sure to love.


Where can I stream shows like The Crown?

You can watch “Downton Abbey” on Prime Video or Peacock. And, also “The Tudors” on SHOWTIME®  if you are a subscriber of Spectrum TV® Silver. An add-on subscription to SHOWTIME and The Movie Channel is currently on offer for only $7.95/mo. with RCN TV so that can be another affordable cable TV option.

Where can I watch shows like Lucifer?

You can tune into ABC’s “Forever” on Prime Video. Or “Constantine” on HBO Max™ which comes included in your Large TV with WOW! Cable.

What to watch next if you love the Law & Order franchise series?

The franchise Law & Order now has Organized Crime as part of the long-running crime procedural series from NBC. But if you are looking to watch something different yet similar, go for Luther on HBO Max or watch The Good Fight with Paramount . Your cable subscription to providers like Spectrum TV, RCN TV, and WOW! Cable can get you access to premiums like HBO Max and SHOWTIME at competitive rates. Alternatively, you can explore shows like Broadchurch, Evil, or Mindhunter which are all available on Netflix.