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Long-term contracts with an Internet Service Provider are plain nasty. Once you get locked in a contract, there is no way you can get out of it without a hefty Early Termination Fee (ETF). Most providers charge ETF on a pro-rated basis, so the earlier in the contract you are dissatisfied with your ISP, the higher the penance.

Plus, a provider can hike up the price, change it every other month, add an extra fee, make equipment rental mandatory, or introduce any such policy changes to your absolute dislike. You will still have to go along with those changes as per the terms of your contract. That’s why you have to be very cautious before getting into a contract.

Nevertheless, not to worry, there are plenty of Internet Service Providers in the U.S., who don’t restrict their customers’ freedom with long-term contracts and we have a list of those godsend providers, who offer no-contract cable and internet packages that you can choose from. You can cancel anytime you want if you aren’t satisfied with their service.

The availability of those no-contract Internet Service Providers will vary as per your location. Some may be available across the entirety of the U.S, while others have a limited reach to certain states.

Top No-Contract Internet Providers Comparison

No-Contract Internet Service Providers Starting Prices Download Speeds Data Caps Perks
Spectrum $49.99/mo.* 100Mbps – 940Mbps Unlimited Data Free Wi-Fi Hotspots & Antivirus
CenturyLink $49/mo.* 15Mbps — 940Mbps Unlimited Data No price hikes. Symmetrical Speeds for 940 Mbps plan.
RCN $29.99/mo.* 100Mbps — 940Mbps Unlimited Data FREE internet security suite
Grande Communications $35.9/mo.* 300Mbps — 940Mbps Unlimited Data 30-day money-back guarantee. Online security & support
WOW! $49.99/mo.* 200Mbps — 1Gbps Unlimited Data Free whole-home WI-FI with 1Gbps plan
Wave Broadband $39.95/mo.* 100Mbps — 1Gbps Unlimited Data for $20 (Double with $10) 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Customized Package.

List of Best No-Contract Internet Service in 2020


Charter Spectrum™ is one of the top Internet Service Providers in the U.S with vast coverage across 40 states, especially in California, Texas, and New York. The no-contract home internet provider is best known for its hybrid cable-fiber connection that offers speeds as high as 940 Mbps at an economical price.

Spectrum offers no-nonsense no-contract internet and cable plans across three tiers, and never ever imposes contracts and data caps on its subscribers so you can cancel anytime. You can also bundle home internet service with Spectrum cable TV and phone service, and get a good discount.

In fact, if you are stuck with another provider in a long-term contract with another provider, Spectrum offers a contract buy-out of up to $500, in which Spectrum will pay your ETF to the provider if you meet Spectrum’s certain conditions.

Moreover, the Spectrum Internet Assist (SIA) program program offers high-speed internet to low-income households at the price as low as $14.99/mo., complete with all the perks it offers to its regular customers.


CenturyLink is the third largest DSL internet provider in the U.S. Its services span across 50 states with the largest coverage in Arizona, Colorado, and Washington. CenturyLink is the fourth largest fiber broadband provider in the U.S. and it also offers DSL, fixed wireless, and copper internet access.

If there was ever a straightforward Internet provider, it is CenturyLink Internet. The provider not only offers no-contract internet plans but doesn’t raises or changes the original rates of the plan for life. Unless of course, if you unsubscribe or change your current address.

However, there are no speed tiers in the plan. CenturyLink promises to deliver the best internet speed it can in your area for the same price it is charging everyone. This doesn’t sound great for everyone as subscribers receiving 20Mbps of speed have to pay the same as those receiving 100Mbps internet speeds in another area.

CenturyLink offers free Internet modem & free installation service and if you want to boost your wireless signals in your home, you can opt for Wi-Fi extenders for a certain fee. The no-contract internet service can even be bundled with CenturyLink Home Phone Service.


RCN offers cable broadband services across seven states of the US with the most coverage in Northeastern areas like New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. RCN is popular for offering Gigabit internet speeds but with slower upload speeds, courtesy of its coaxial cable network.

The no contracts internet plans by RCN are highly affordable, particularly when they offer speeds as high as 940 Mbps. The Internet provider has maintained a good reputation for delivering smooth high-intensive online experience along with excellent customer service. The RCN no contract home internet service can be bundled with its TV and phone service.

Grande Communications

Grande Communications offers its cable internet service only in the state of Texas. It provides affordable and no-contract internet service to 1.3 million residents. The provider also offers DSL, copper, and fiber internet plans, but to a very limited number of zip codes.

Grande Internet Plans are quite straightforward as they sit across three tiers with unlimited data: Grande 300 Mbps Internet, Grande 600 Mbps Internet, & Grande Gig Internet.

Though the provider keeps the original price the same for 24-months, it doesn’t bind you in mandatory contacts. Grande also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The no-contract internet provider also offers bundled deals with Grande TV and phone service.


WOW! Internet Service via its cable broadband is available across 10 American states. It is the 6th largest residential cable provider in the U.S. However, its DSL and fiber internet services are fairly limited.

WOW! Internet Plans range across three tiers with its Super-Fast Internet Plan offering up to 200 Mbps speeds, Ultra-Fast Internet Plan up to 500 Mbps, and Lightning-Fast Internet Plan up to 1 Gbps download speeds. Along with offering absolute flexibility in its service with no-contract cable and internet packages, the provider offers highly economical plans. WOW! also doesn’t place any data caps and offers free installation services. The no-contract internet plans can be combined with WOW! TV and phone services.

Wave Broadband

Wave Broadband cable service is largely available in California, Oregon, and Washington to an estimated 1.9 million residents. Along with its cable internet service, Wave offers fiber and copper internet to a small number of zip codes.

Wave Broadband offers three high-speed Internet packages: High-Speed 100 with 400 GB data caps, High-Speed 250 with 500 GB data cap, and High-Speed Gig with unlimited internet data. However, subscribers can easily double data for an extra $10/month, or access unlimited data for $20/mo.

Wave broadband offers internet service without a contract and allows subscribers greater flexibility in customizing their packages by adding its cable TV and phone service.

Get Your No-Contract Internet Plan Today!

Now that you know there are plenty of no-contract Internet Service Providers available, subscribe to your favorite internet provider by contacting their customer service. You will not only be free of restrictive contracts but will get high-speed internet at considerably lower prices with unlimited data in certain cases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Spectrum plans come with a contract term?

No they don’t. Spectrum is no-contract internet service provider. Spectrum offers no-nonsense no-contract internet and cable plans across three tiers, and never ever imposes contracts and data caps on its subscribers.

How much is CenturyLink internet?

CenturyLink internet plans begin at $49 per month and deliver speeds from 15 to 940 Mbps with unlimited data!