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A fast internet connection has become essential to American lives more so since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020. An internet service that delivers consistently has therefore become the need of the hour because that is what runs your home-based office or school. Not to mention fuels all modern-day “tools” you use to relax and unwind streaming, gaming, sharing & connecting on social media, so on and so forth. And, this amplified significance of a seamless online experience, renders it all the more necessary for you to make a prudent choice when subscribing to an internet provider.

This article is focused on presenting comprehensive information about residential internet options in the capital city of North Carolina.

Residential Internet Coverage in Raleigh, NC

Lucky for the residents, the City of Oaks does not make it difficult for them to choose an internet service with around 12 ISPs serving the residential quarters. Around 97% of the city population has access to multiple wired providers. And, Raleigh is also one of the fortunate U.S. cities which can boast 75% fiber optic coverage.

But this connected landscape of Raleigh does not mean picking the right provider plan is an effortless process. Quite like a dearth of ISPs can make it difficult to get what is right for your needs, having a lot many ISPs with a lot more offerings can make things pretty overwhelming.

That is why comparing plans and packages from providers serving the city is essential to your decision-making process. Once you are armed with the right knowledge, chances are you will be able to subscribe to what is right for your household needs.

To get you started, here are the big names in the nationwide ISP industry that are serving Raleigh to a varied extent with some delivering more than one type of service.

Provider Service Type Coverage
Spectrum Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial (HFC) 100%
AT&T Internet IPBB (High-speed DSL) 87.4%
AT&T Fiber Fiber Optic 71.5%
CenturyLink Fiber Fiber Optic 7.5%
CenturyLink DSL High-Speed DSL 2%
EarthLink Hyperlink Fiber 60.4%
EarthLink Internet DSL 76.9%
HughesNet Satellite 100%
Windstream DSL 5.1%


As you can see there is quite a concentration of ISPs in the city, and while not all have widespread network coverage, on average a resident can have up to 4 choices which means at the end of the day, your decision may boil down to how well you know the service types, how well you have assessed your speed and data needs, and how much you are willing to spend every month.

So, read on as we touch upon the varied attributes of the internet service provided by the best in Raleigh!

Getting to Know the Top ISPs in Raleigh, NC


Charter Spectrum™ is one of the most popular internet service providers in the U.S. with services well-spread across 40 states.

Spectrum delivers high-speed cable broadband via an advanced hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network in 3 standardized speed tiers. The hallmark of Spectrum Internet is the unlimited data that accompanies all its speed tiers. Plus the fact the provider does not bound you with an annual commitment, and perks such as the FREE internet modem and antivirus software, and FREE access to nationwide Spectrum out-of-home Wi-Fi hotspots, only add to the value of your subscription.  

With Spectrum internet deals, you can work from home, attend online classes, stream shows, or play games, shop, and bank on multiple devices quite without compromising on the experience.   


Spectrum Internet Plans Max. Download Speed Data Allowance Price
Spectrum Internet Standard 300 Mbps Unlimited $49.99 /mo.
for 12 months with Auto Pay
Spectrum Internet Ultra 500 Mbps Unlimited $69.99 /mo.
for 12 months with Auto Pay
Spectrum Internet Gig 1 Gig Unlimited $109.99 /mo.
for 12 months with Auto Pay


Browse Spectrum Internet deals. And, call at 1-844-481-5997 to speak to professionals regarding the internet plan you are interested in.

Let us add here, Spectrum offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee, so in case you do not find yourself satisfied, you can cancel the service without incurring a penalty


AT&T is a household name across the U.S. and hardly begs an introduction. Like elsewhere in its 21 service states, AT&T offers both high-speed and Fiber internet to residents of Raleigh. In fact, Oak City is one of the few where AT&T Fiber covers over 70% of neighborhoods.

The AT&T IPBB (high-speed DSL) connection gets you up to 100 Mbps fast download speeds, while AT&T Fiber speeds max out at 940 Mbps. The AT&T residential broadband service is not only fast, but has 99% proven reliability, and is reputed to deliver consistent speeds even at peak hours. Whole-home Wi-Fi delivers a stable connection for everyone to work and play, while the security suite powered by McAfee keeps your online experience secure.

Whatever the scale of your household internet consumption, AT&T plans delivers speeds to match your needs and keep you connected with confidence.


AT&T Internet Plans Max. Download Speed Data Allowance Price
AT&T Internet 75 75 Mbps 1 TB $45/mo
for 12 mos., plus taxes & equipment. fee* Autopay & Paperless bill required. $10/mo equip. fee applies
AT&T Internet 100 100 Mbps Unlimited $45/mo
for 12 mos., plus taxes & equipment. fee* Autopay & Paperless bill required. $10/mo equip. fee applies
AT&T Fiber 300 300 Mbps Unlimited $35/mo
for 12 mos., plus taxes & equipment. fee* Autopay & Paperless bill required. $10/mo equip. fee applies
AT&T Fiber 500 500 Mbps Unlimited $45/mo
for 12 mos., plus taxes & equipment. fee* Autopay & Paperless bill required. $10/mo equip. fee applies
AT&T 1 GIG Internet 940 Mbps Unlimited $60/mo
for 12 mos., plus taxes & equipment. fee* Autopay & Paperless bill required. $10/mo equip. fee applies


Explore AT&T Internet plans and call at 1-855-925-2541 to speak to professionals regarding the internet plan you are interested in.


EarthLink is one of the oldest names in the U.S. ISP industry which has come a long way since the days of dial-up internet. The provider is rather unique in terms of its insistence on offering unlimited data to subscribers even with DSL internet plans. While EarthLink has a widespread DSL network, in recent years it has focused on upgrading its infrastructure so as to be able to provide high-speed DSL as well as fiber optic internet in most service locations.

EarthLink plans come in a variety of speed tiers depending on the network infrastructure in the area, you can get hybrid or pure fiber speeds that are fit for a range of needs from basic to extensive. While high-speed DSL speeds may max out at 100 Mbps, pure fiber internet delivers up to 1 Gbps.  

EarthLink Internet Plans Max. Download/Upload Speed Data Allowance Price
Hyperlink 30 30/1.5 Mbps 1 TB $59.95 /mo.
for 12 months
Hyperlink 75 75/8 Mbps Unlimited $69.95 /mo.
for 12 months
Hyperlink 100 100/100 Mbps Unlimited $79.95 /mo.
for 12 months
Hyperlink 200 200/200 Mbps Unlimited $89.95 /mo.
for 12 months


Explore EarthLink Internet offers, or call at 1-844-343-1171 to speak to professionals regarding the internet plan you are interested in.


Windstream is known for its widespread DSL network which covers 50 states and also provides a 100% fiber-optic internet service in select areas. In most urban regions, Windstream is now providing high-speed DSL with a rich “fiber boost”, so delivered speeds are much higher than before. These connections are branded as Windstream Kinetic you get unlimited data, so there is no stress of an overage fee. And, there is no annual commitment, so there is no fear of an Early Termination Fee either.

As for Windstream in Raleigh, network coverage is limited to just over 5% of the city, but if available at your address, you must consider the offers especially if you are seeking an internet-only plan. You will not have to worry about the apps loading slow, or losing connection during a video conference. Plus the plans come with a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.


Windstream Internet Plans Max. Download Speed Data Allowance Price
Kinetic Internet 400 400 Mbps Unlimited $37.00/mo.
for 12 months
After 12 months: $55
Kinetic Internet 500 500 Mbps Unlimited $37.00/mo.
for 3 months
After 3 months: $55
After 12 months: $75


Call at 1-855-349-9312 to speak to professionals regarding the availability of Windstream Internet deals at your address in Raleigh, NC.


CenturyLink is one of the largest DSL internet providers in the U.S., however, its 100% fiber optic internet service is spreading rapidly in its service territories.

As for high-speed DSL provided by CenturyLink in urban and suburban vicinities, speeds max out at 100 Mbps on average. You receive fast and reliable internet over a dedicated line that runs to your home. While CenturyLink Fiber delivers symmetrical speeds up to 940 Mbps. The former service type comes with limited data, but the latter is accompanied by an unlimited data allowance.   


CenturyLink Internet Plans Max. Download Speed Data Allowance Price
CenturyLink Internet 100 100 Mbps 1024GB $49/mo
Price for Life
CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit 940 Mbps Unlimited $65/mo.


The best part about CenturyLink Internet plans is you can grab a Price for Life deal and keep the same price as long as you stick to the plan and your service address remains the same. Moreover, for both their DSL and Fiber Internet deals, you are not required to sign a contract, rather you pay month-to-month with the freedom to cancel at any point in time without having to pay a hefty Early Termination Fee.

The only downside is CenturyLink coverage in Raleigh is limited to select parts of the city. Call at 1-855-349-9310 to speak to professionals regarding the availability of CenturyLink Internet deals at your address.


HughesNet is Americas top choice for satellite internet. Unique in its mode of transmission, satellite internet comes with its limitations. But if you happen to be part of the 2.8% of consumers in Raleigh who are stuck with either one or no wired option, and also do not have Fixed Wireless available in the area, satellite internet is your best choice.

HughesNet Gen 5 Internet plans provide a fixed download and upload speed across the board, but each of the 4 is defined by the data allowance it gets you. Data tiers are designed to cater to a range of consumer needs from modest to extensive.

As is the case, satellite communication infrastructure is costly to deploy, and the trickle effect ultimately reaches the consumer. So, there is a price which comes attached with getting broadband speed in a vicinity where no other service is able to provide the same.

With that said, if budget is not a big issue, HughesNet mid-tier plans are adequate for a small-medium sized household that does not indulge in extravagant consumption of the internet.


HughesNet Data Plan Max. Download/Upload Speed Promo Price
10 GB 25/3 Mbps $59.99 /mo.
20 GB 25/3 Mbps $69.99 /mo.
30 GB 25/3 Mbps $99.99 /mo.
50 GB 25/3 Mbps $149.99 /mo.


Call at 1-855-349-9309 to speak to professionals regarding the HughesNet Internet plan you are interested in.


Well, there you go!

We have endeavored to present key information about plans from the top nationwide ISPs serving Raleigh, NC. Whether Raleigh has always been your home, or you have relocated to the City of Oaks, we hope this read helps you shape a broader picture of what the market has to offer compare prices, download/upload speeds, and data allowances. Weigh it all against your requirements, and gives us a call at 1-855-349-9328. Speak to professionals, and let them tell you which of the above top providers in Raleigh offer plans in your neighborhood. After all, availability remains the key factor in your hunt for the right internet provider plan.


Why is my internet speed so slow?

There are various reasons for internet speeds to drop. But it is usually an issue on the user end. Do check your Wi-Fi router from time to time or your device for viruses. At times the issue could also be due to network-related problems.

How can I know which internet service providers are available in my area?

Call us at 1-855-349-9328 to speak to BuyTVInternetPhone professionals. You can also run a ZIP search to pull available internet offers at your address.

Why has my monthly internet bill increased?

This could be due to the promotional period ending, which is likely to cause an increase in your monthly internet cost or you may have exceeded your data allowance.

Which is the best provider in Raleigh, NC?

Among the top internet service providers in Raleigh NC, Spectrum and AT&T win the game? In terms of coverage and offerings. AT&T Fiber covers over 70% of the city so you have a good chance of checking out the highest starting Fiber internet speed at a cheap rate. Cable broadband from Spectrum is also widely available in the city with starting download speeds up to 200 Mbps.