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The largest city in South Dakota, Sioux Falls is rich with historical sites, cultural attractions, family-friendly activities, arts and architecture, and, of course, waterfalls. This fascinating city has a lot to offer apart from the magnificent Big Sioux River, which makes it a popular place to be for nature lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Plus, the increased development and consistent economic drive in the city make it an extraordinary choice for young professionals and businesses to grow and flourish!

Therefore, one of the most important factors for growth in today’s time is access to the internet. And finding the right internet provider in Queen City isn’t as arduous as one might think. Being the 8th most connected city in Mount Rushmore state has its own perks. Residential customers, businesses, and young professionals can find a ton of quality options for internet services here. So if you’re new to the city or you’re planning to move to this wonderful place soon, you better learn more about the best internet providers in Sioux Falls, SD. And we’re here to furnish this detailed guide about the ISPs in the city!

Reliable Internet Options in Sioux, SD!

It's not always easy to choose the best internet provider in your area, but it doesn't have to be a tough challenge either. With a little luck and work on your part, you can find a great solution at your address.

Around 10 residential internet service providers operate in the city, promising incredible speeds and wide coverage. However, most ISPs provide limited coverage, only a few like HughesNet, CenturyLink, and ViaSat boast near complete coverage.

With great coverage, comes great popularity. So, we'll go into detail about the services, plans, and features that these household favorite ISPs provide for their customers in Sioux Falls. Compare and contrast and make the right decision!

Without further ado, let's get right into it!

CenturyLink is one of the most popular choices among the residents. CenturyLink's DSL and Fiber networks offer coverage in 36 states and cover more than 97% of Sioux Falls. DSL is typically powered by "Fiber to the Loop" across a hybrid network in urban and suburban areas, through which CenturyLink can offer download speeds of up to 100 Mbps — enough for typical household internet usage. However, the DSL internet speeds vary across locations. Some areas experience low internet speeds while others enjoy a great high-speed experience.

Moreover, with one of the biggest fiber networks in the country, CenturyLink can provide you lightning-fast connections in a variety of cities and towns throughout the 36 states it serves. Only a few U.S. providers deliver a 100% Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) connection of such performance and at such an attractive price, which rightly distinguishes CenturyLink from its competitors. If you’re lucky enough to be living in an area where the CenturyLink fiber network delivers, you don’t have to think twice about subscribing to it. The speed, terms, pricing, and features are straightforward.

CenturyLink Internet Plans

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet plan works great for a household that wants no-nonsense pricing and reliable speeds along with modest internet consumption. It’s a delight for Sioux Falls residents as they will be free from erratic speeds, annual contracts, and data overage fees.

CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit plan on the other hand is best for large households with streamers, gamers, and speed-hungry users. Get 20x faster upload speeds, stream your TV favorites in 4K and HD on up to 8+ devices, play online games with zero lag, download and transfer large files fast, and do more.

CenturyLink Internet Plans Speed Data Allowance Price*

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

Speeds up to 100 Mbps



CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit

Speeds up to 940 Mbps (via a wired connection)



* Paperless billing or prepay required. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply.

CenturyLink plans offer more than just high-speed internet. Listed below are some of the key features you will definitely enjoy with CenturyLink Internet plans:

  • No annual contract. Cancel the subscription anytime you want and avoid the early termination fee.
  • No frequent price hikes to stress you out
  • Unlimited data allowance with all plans
  • Free modem and installation with Fiber Gigabit plan
  • Built-in security with CenturyLink modems for $15/mo. only

Call 1-855-349-9310 and speak to a CenturyLink customer service professional about subscribing to a plan available in your area.


HughesNet is undoubtedly one of the best wireless internet providers operating in Sioux Falls. Because there might be a few surrounding areas where access to wired internet providers may be difficult or absolutely impossible, HughesNet comes in to save the day. It provides reliable and easy-to-access internet services via its Gen5 satellite tech located in the space to regions where internet options are limited.

HughesNet Internet Plans

With 100% availability in Sioux Falls of HughesNet, you get to enjoy maximum download speeds of 25 Mbps and a 3 Mbps upload speed along with a data allowance of up to 75 GB for prices starting from $ We’ve done the dirty work and listed down the available HughesNet internet plans in your city, so you can take your pick!

HughesNet Internet Plans Download & Upload Speeds Price*

15 GB

25/3 Mbps


30 GB

25/3 Mbps


45 GB

25/3 Mbps


75 GB

25/3 Mbps


*Limited time offer. In select markets. Requires a 24-month commitment. Save $20/month for 6 months.

HughesNet internet plans come with no hard data limits, which means you don’t have to pay a single penny more for basic data consumption. Plus, the data-saving features powered by HughesNet Gen5 make it super simple for you to save data and money at the same time! And the Bonus Zone is the best part about its plans, you get to use an additional 50 GB of data from 2 AM to 8 AM every month without consuming your service plan’s data. The HughesNet Mobile app also simplifies managing your services and account on iOS and Android devices.

In case of any concerns and questions about the availability of service in your area, call HughesNet customer service at 1-855-349-9309 right away and get the help you need!


ViaSat is a popular satellite internet provider that is available in all 50 states across the country. Like HughesNet, it’s a key player in the US for residents in rural areas. With more than 30 years of service in its pocket, ViaSat has set a quality standard almost as good as HughesNet’s. ViaSat Internet promises unlimited freedom, unique features, and great pricing to satisfy your internet needs.

ViaSat Internet Plans

ViaSat offers a range of internet plans for you to pick from with speeds as high up to 100+ Mbps in select locations. However, you’ll mostly find download speeds as high up to 30 Mbps in Sioux Falls with Viasat. The Unlimited Gold 30 is a popular choice for households with multiple users who want the best performance at the best price. It offers up to 30 Mbps of download speeds with a 100 GB data cap. The Unlimited Platinum 30 comes with a 150 GB data allowance and delivers the same 30 Mbps speed. While it’s definitely costly – retailing between $49.99 and $199.99 at a 3-month promo rate, it’s a decent investment considering the limited availability of fast internet options in rural regions.

ViaSat Internet Plans Data Allowance Download Speed Promo Price*

Unlimited Bronze 12

40 GB

Up to 12 Mbps

$49.99/mo. for 3 months

Unlimited Silver 25

60 GB

Up to 25 Mbps

$69.99/mo. for 3 months

Unlimited Gold 30

100 GB

Up to 30 Mbps

$99.99/mo. for 3 months

Unlimited Platinum 30

150 GB

Up to 30 Mbps

$149.99/mo. for 3 months

Unlimited Diamond 30

300 GB

Up to 30 Mbps

$199.99/mo. for 3 months

*Offers and availability may vary by location

Though Viasat has a higher advertised speed and data availability in its plan, you may consider HughesNet as it’s a more reliable option and the price per Mbps is competitive. Viasat’s speeds and data availability vary across locations. Therefore, for accurate pricing and speed availability at your location, contact ViaSat customer service.

Are You Ready to Pick Now?

If you've done your homework right, finding reliable internet providers in Sioux Falls won't be as tough as it can be. We sincerely hope that our brief guide on the best internet options available in Sioux Falls will help you make the right decision!

All you have to do is start with a reasonable estimate of your family's internet needs, create a brief list of your available options, evaluate them, and take your pick. And if you find it confusing, call our team of professionals at 1-855-349-9328 to speak with them and get your concerns resolved instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best wired internet provider in Sioux Falls, SD?

CenturyLink is one of the best wired internet providers in Sioux Falls that delivers high-speed internet at competitive prices in the city. You can learn more about wired internet providers in your area by calling 1-855-349-9328

Which is the fastest CenturyLink internet plan?

CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit is the fastest CenturyLink internet plan that promises quality service, and great value with fiber speeds up to 940 Mbps and unlimited data for only $65/mo.

Do I have to sign a contract with ViaSat and HughesNet?

Yes. Both ViaSat and HughesNet require you to sign a contract of 2 years. However, both their offers vary from location to location. You may easily get in touch with HughesNet customer service for more clarity on offers at your address.