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For fans of the hit TV show “Breaking Bad” Albuquerque is the town that served as Heisenberg’s base of operations. It’s been more than a decade since the show first aired, but its effect still lingers on the city.

Head over to the Albuquerque, and you will get to see stores that sell T-shirts with Heisenberg’s face on them. In the Old town, you can purchase the ‘meth’ rock candy from the same woman who supplied the crew during the first two seasons of the show.

You can even take a trip around the popular locations featured in the show in the R.V that is inspired by Walt and Jesse’s lab. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t find an outlet of Los Pollos Hermanos; that was just a part of the show.

The massive success of Breaking Bad, and its successor Better Call Saul, has helped turn Albuquerque into a popular tourist destination, but this town has a lot more to offer.

Albuquerque is one of the oldest cities in the United States of America and has a rich multicultural history. Native American, Hispanic and Mexican cultures are a part of everyday life in the city. Visitors can eat at one of the New Mexican restaurants in the city, shop from thousands of stores and galleries around the town, or engage in multiple outdoor activities like biking and hiking.

Albuquerque, Science, and Entrepreneurship

Since the 1930s, Albuquerque has been known for producing scientists who have broken new ground with their research. It all started in 1939 when the USA army leased land of Albuquerque airport to set up a flight training base.

Since then several other institutions such as Sandia National Laboratories have set up research bases in Albuquerque. The influx of technology companies in the region also resulted in Albuquerque developing a reputation as a city that produced scientists.

However, in the last few years, the city has also witnessed the emergence of an entrepreneurial movement. Since 2015, the city has become home to several start-ups that have successfully raised millions of dollars in funding.

Companies such as Skorpius Technologies and Lavu Inc. started out in Albuquerque and have emerged as success stories from the region, a testament to the fact that the city is doing everything it can to become a start-up hub.

The city certainly has the resources that it needs to achieve that status. It is home to some of the most brilliant minds in the country, it has assistance from beyond the borders in the form of the Kauffman Foundation and, it is also the best-connected city in all of New Mexico.

Internet in Albuquerque

In Albuquerque, 100% of the population has access to Broadband Internet. This is in stark contrast to other cities within the state of New Mexico, where the digital divide is quite significant.

83% of New Mexico residents have access to broadband internet at the speed of 25 Mbps or higher, but there are 342,000 people within the state who don’t have access to wired broadband.

More than 380,000 people in New Mexico only have access to one internet provider so they have no other option but to continue using the same service even if it is dissatisfying. 122,000 residents don’t have access to a wired internet provider in their region.

Affordability data also shows that only 12.5% of New Mexicans have access to internet plans that cost $60 or less per month.

The New Mexico Broadband program has been developed to address this issue. As a part of this plan, the federal government will guarantee to provide more than $4.7 million for the development of broadband infrastructure projects. Of course, the development of such projects will require time.

So as you can see, as far as internet connectivity is concerned, Albuquerque is an anomaly. Being the biggest city in the state certainly does have its perks and benefits.

There are multiple internet providers in Albuquerque and we will be taking a look at them but before doing so, we feel it is important to identify the different kinds of internet connections that one can find in the city.

Internet Types Available in Albuquerque

The most popular types of internet connections in Albuquerque include DSL and Cable. Let’s take a quick look at the salient features of both of these types of internet:


DSL, short for Digital Subscriber Line, is a high-speed bandwidth connection that transmits data over a telephone line.

A lot of people often get confused regarding whether they can use their telephones while they use a DSL connection. Let us put those concerns to rest and state that yes, you can use your telephone services and internet simultaneously using a DSL connection.

Telephone wires consist of multiple frequencies, but a limited number of these are needed for telecommunications. The remaining higher frequency bands enable users to connect to the internet.

Every time you see an advertisement related to DSL internet, chances are that marketers are talking about asymmetric digital subscriber line.

The asymmetric digital subscriber line is the kind of internet connection in which users have more download speed than upload speed. It works in stark contrast to symmetrical DSL, which offers the same upload and download speeds.

Asymmetric DSL is the more popular of the two options because users tend to download more information on the internet than upload it.

Since DSL connections require a telephone line to connect, they are widely available. They are also a much more cost-effective option, especially when compared to satellite and broadband internet.

DSL internet’s biggest strength lies in its consistency. In the case of cable connections, there’s a possibility of internet slowing down during peak hours. DSL connections, on the other hand, provide users with a dedicated circuit. No matter how many users there are on the network, there is no effect on the bandwidth.

There’s a catch though; distance can have an impact on DSL connections. The farther you are from the central office, the slower your internet connection is.

Cable Internet

Cable internet is a form of broadband internet connection that uses the same infrastructure as cable television. The service provider uses a coaxial cable to send data to your modem.

The modem is connected with your computer or your router via an ethernet cable to provide you with high-speed internet. Connecting the cable to your router allows you to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal around your house.

Cable internet is available all over the country. It also available in areas that are separated by water thanks to undersea cables. Cable internet’s speed depends on the amount customers pay for packages. Simply put, you can increase your internet speed by paying more.

In Albuquerque, both DSL and Cable internet compete for market share, the latter is known for higher speed, but individually the performance of both of these internet varies from one neighborhood to another.

Of course, competition isn’t just limited to internet types. It also exists between internet providers. The best internet providers in the country have a presence in Albuquerque. Let’s take a look at each of these so that you can decide which one works best for you:

Century Link

A Fortune 500 company, Century Link came into being in 1930 and since then has gone on to become a one-stop solution for hybrid IT requirements. Today, Century Link is the 3rd largest DSL services provider and the 4th largest Fiber Optics service provider in all of the United States.

Century Link serves 49 million people across different states, and the company aims to empower Americans through innovative technology.

In Albuquerque, Century Link provides DSL as well as fiber internet services. We have already talked about the former previously. The latter refers to a broadband connection that transmits data in the form of light via thin strands of glass. Data transmission occurs at 70% of the speed of light at up to 940Mbps.

The best part about Fiber optics is that it is not affected by any weather changes. The only drawback associated with it is that it is still not available everywhere.

In the case of Century Link, their robust fiber optics infrastructure ensures 99% reliability, so you do not have to worry about not getting value out of your investment. When it comes to DSL services, Century Link provides speed at up to 100 Mbps.

Impressed? Well, we are just getting started. In addition to high speed, Century Link is also consistent in its pricing. You wouldn’t have to worry about price hikes, or any other kind of unpleasant surprises, with Century Link.

The company would not even charge you a cancellation fee in case you decide to remove its services and plus it comes with free modem and installation services.

Century Link offers residents of Albuquerque various internet plans. Potential customers have the option of going for either the 15 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 40-80 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or 940 Mbps internet package plans. All of its packages are priced at $49.

Internet Package Details About the Package
15 Mbps Package This speed plan covers simple internet activities like connecting with friends and family members using social media.
20 Mbps Package This plan allows you to download music, videos, and files quickly. Stream videos, browse the internet, and play games without worrying about lags.
40-80 Mbps With this package, you can connect multiple devices to the internet at the same time without experiencing a decline in internet speed. With this package, you can work from home, play video games, and attend online classes with ease.
100 Mbps Download as many videos as you want, binge watch Netflix, and show the online gaming community what you are made of without worrying about internet connection.
940 Mbps Want superfast Wi-Fi at home? Plan on streaming your favorite movies in HD or 4K resolution? This package will let you do all of this and much more! Century Link’s Fiber Gigabit plan is the fastest internet plan that the company offers, and it is hard to find a package that is as good as this one

Customers also have the option of bundling all of these internet package plans with Century Link’s phone and Direct TV. Bundling Century Link internet with direct TV will allow you to view the content of your choice with 99% reliability.

You can subscribe to America’s premium network and watch TV on the go even without the internet.


Comcast’s Xfinity is the number 1 broadband provider in the United States. The brand’s service and reliability have played a role in enabling the company to achieve this position despite the stiff competition.

Comcast internet in Albuquerque include packages that offer speed up to 1000 Mbps. The price of these packages, and internet speed, vary depending on the package you select, plus whether you have signed the term agreement or not.

Details regarding the company’s internet packages are as follows:

Internet Package Package Details Prices
Performance Starter Download Speed: up to 15 Mbps Upload speed: Up to 2 Mbps With Term agreement: $29.99/month Without Term agreement: $39.99/month
Performance Plus Download Speed: up to 75 Mbps Upload speed: Up to 5 Mbps With Term agreement: $29.99/month Without Term agreement: $49.99/month
Performance Pro Download Speed: up to 175 Mbps Upload speed: Up to 5 Mbps With Term agreement: $44.99/month Without Term agreement: $64.99/month
Blast! Pro Download Speed: up to 275 Mbps Upload speed: Up to 10 Mbps With Term agreement: $59.99/month Without Term agreement: $79.99/month
Extreme Pro Download Speed: up to 500 Mbps Upload speed: Up to 10 Mbps With Term agreement: $74.99/month Without Term agreement: $118.95/month
Gigabit Download Speed: up to 1000 Mbps Upload speed: Up to 35 Mbps $89.99/ month for 24 months. Term agreement of 2 years
Gigabit Pro Download Speed: up to 2000 Mbps Upload speed: Up to 2000 Mbps $229.95/month with term agreement of 2 years

Xfinity customers can also bundle internet packages with Xfinity TV and Voice. Xfinity Preferred Double pay package, customers get a download speed at up to 275 Mbps, free Wi-Fi in public areas, more than 220 popular channels, and TV on the go. This package also allows you to connect up to 11 devices simultaneously for $114.99/month.

Xfinity’s Preferred triple Play package gives you 220 channels along with Netflix, HD programming, a download speed of up to 500 Mbps, and unlimited calls to different parts of the world for $139.99 per month.

Finally, there is the X1 Saver Pro Triple Play. With this package, you get a download speed of up to 100 Mbps, 20 hours DVR storage, national and international talk time, and more than 140 channels for $89.99/ month.

Along with these packages, Xfinity offers a wide range of perks that give them an edge over others. These benefits include the xFi security plan, contract flexibility, free self-install kit, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Xfinity also offers users 1024GB data every month, which is more than enough, and even if an unlikely scenario emerges where a user exhausts all data, they do not have to pay an additional amount. They are given a 2-month courtesy period. If a user exceeds the internet limit two more times within 12 months, then they need to pay additional charges.


HughesNet is one of the biggest satellite internet providers in the United States, and their internet plans cater to people who lead a fast-paced life as well as people who need to connect multiple devices to the internet.

Satellite internet is different from other forms of internet and is more commonly found in rural areas where other internet connections are not available. It’s faster than DSL but suffers from issues such as high latency.

Satellite internet plans are also different from other kinds of internet plans because they are based on data limits. In HughesNet’s case, the speed of the internet remains the same, but the data limit varies.

Internet Data Limit Package Details
10 GB Plan The 10 GB plan is great for light usage by 1 or 2 users. This plan allows subscribers to browse the internet, telecommunicate, and engage in light online activities. You can even stream videos and listen to music, but you might experience performance-related issues
20 GB Plan The 20 GB Plan works great for small families with small kids. This amount of data supports 3-5 users and allows them to view content on Netflix, browse the internet, and use social media.
30 GB Plan This internet plan can support a large family where there is a need for high bandwidth. You can easily browse the internet, stream videos, and use social media without worrying about data consumption.
50 GB Plan This data plan allows the entire family to connect to the internet at the same time and engage in various activities over the internet including working remotely, taking online classes, and downloading bandwidth-heavy files off the internet.

Although HughesNet bases its plans on data limits, the company does not charge customers if they exceed their data limits. Instead, their speed is automatically limited to 1-2 Mbps. Also, customers have bonus data of 50GB. Customers can use this data during off-peak hours, such as between 2 to 5 in the morning.

Which Internet Provider to Choose?

The brands mentioned above are some of the most popular internet providers in all of Albuquerque. All of them have their share of perks and benefits, and you might be scratching your head regarding which one of these best fits your needs.

The answer to this question strictly depends on your location and budget. As stated earlier, the performance of an internet provider in Albuquerque varies from one place to another. Some residents have even gone as far as to have more than one internet provider in their home.

No matter which option you opt for, we assure you that you will get reliable internet services. If you need any further information regarding any of these service providers, visit You can also dial 1-855-349-9328 to place an order for your new internet connection from any one of these internet providers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I find cable service providers in Albuquerque?

In Albuquerque, both DSL and Cable internet compete for market share, the latter is known for higher speed, but individually the performance of both of these internet varies from one neighborhood to another.

How much is Xfinity internet in Albuquerque?

Comcast internet in Albuquerque include packages that offer speed up to 1000 Mbps. The Performance Starter offers a download speed up to 15 Mbps and an upload speed up to 2 Mbps which is for $29.99/month.