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Deciding between the best internet deals can be a nerve-wracking and a daunting task, especially when there are a variety of internet providers to choose from.

Internet service does not have to be highly expensive. If you feel that you are overpaying for your service, then you should take time to find an inexpensive service that offers the best value. If you look hard enough, you can end up finding the best deal that is meant for you.

We Have Done the Research for You!

Well, we don’t want you to look that hard; leave the drudgy work for us. To help you out, we have done the digging and put together some of the best deals from top internet service providers, so you can kick back and have an enhanced and reasonably priced entertainment experience without worrying about breaking your bank.

Many internet service providers are playing their part in the current financial crises caused by the Pandemic. They have come up with different plans with fast speeds and low prices. Read on and compare different plans by different providers. Whether you are looking to switch internet providers or are looking for a cheaper service, we have got you covered with our guide to the best internet service deals from top providers in 2020.

Internet Deal by AT&T 

AT&T  has signed the Federal Communications Commission’s Keep Americans Connected pledge to keep your internet service going even if you are unable to pay your bill due to coronavirus disruptions. The company has also waived off late payment fees for its subscribers in case they are unable to make timely payments during the ongoing pandemic.

Since connectivity and customer experience have always been at the forefront of AT&T’s focus, it is now providing unlimited data to all its subscribers. Besides that, it is offering up to 10 Mbps internet at $10 a month to eligible low and fixed-income families. If you or someone in your household is eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), then you would easily qualify for the Access program.

AT&T has also opened up its Wi-Fi hotspots for free use for public until mid-May.

Internet Deal by Xfinity

Xfinity is committed to keeping the internet accessible and reliable for every subscriber. Even during these uncertain times, Xfinity has managed to offer free Internet Essentials service to qualifying new customers for 60 days. Not only that, but it has also increased internet speed of this program to up to 25 Mbps until mid-May so that you can do what you love online with ultimate ease.

Just like AT&T, Xfinity has also signed the Federal Communications Commission’s Keep Americans Connected pledge to not terminate internet service even if customers are unable to pay monthly bills due to the financial crisis. Xfinity has also opened up its Wi-Fi hotspots for public use.

Internet Deal by Spectrum

Charter Communications, the parent company of Spectrum, is also focused on serving and supporting low-income households. Hence, the company has recently announced that it will provide free access to Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi until mid-May. Only households with K–12 and college students will be able to benefit from this service. In order to qualify for this offer, you will have to provide documentation as proof of your eligibility.

Spectrum is also opening its Wi-Fi hotspots so that anyone can easily access the internet. What’s more? The company does not have any hidden fees or data caps, so you would not have to worry about exceeding your data if they are working from home or taking online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Internet Deal by Altice

Altice USA owns both Optimum and Suddenlink. They are offering internet service up to 30 Mbps for free until mid-May. To qualify for this service, your household must have at least one K–12 kid or college student.

Like other ISPs, both providers have responded during this unprecedented time by committing to waive late fees caused by the disruptions of COVID-19 until mid-May. Even if you fail to pay your bill due to financial problems amid COVID-19, the company will keep service active. On top of it, Altice’s hotspots will be free and remain open for public use during this time of uncertainty.

Internet Deal by Mediacom

Mediacom announced that it is temporarily lifting data caps on monthly internet until mid-May. On top of that, it is also offering Access Internet 60 broadband plans to its new subscribers for $19.99 a month for the next 12 months. The best part is that it is also boosting the speed of the low-cost Connect2Compete internet program to up to 25 Mbps for low-income users. Qualifying new households will receive two months of complimentary Mediacom Connect2Compete service.

Mediacom is one of the internet providers that have signed the Keep Americans Connected Pledge, so it will not halt your internet service and waive late fees. All you have to do is get in touch with the ISP to explain that you are having trouble making a payment due to COVID-19. It has also opened public Wi-Fi hotspots for public use.

Internet Deal by Cox

Are you encountering some kind of financial hardship amid the current situation? Whether you have lost your job or currently struggling to pay your bills, Cox won’t let you lose your internet connectivity at any cost. Cox is striving hard to keep internet service active for customers by waiving late fees, and opening Cox’s Wi-Fi hotspots for all to use that too for free.

Additionally, it is hitting pause on data caps until mid-May and reimbursing all subscribers who have already invested in 500 GB and unlimited data add-ons. It has also boosted its Starter plan speed to 50 Mbps and lowered its price to $19.99.

Internet Deal by CenturyLink

CenturyLink is suspending data caps until mid-May as a response to the tenets of the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge. Both residential and small business customers will not face termination in case they cannot pay their bills.  

The provider has also waived off late fee and all public hotspots operated by the provider have been opened for free use as well.

Make a wise decision

Getting the best and cheapest home internet service for your entire household should be as easy as 1-2-3, yet choosing the best deal can be so confusing.

Well, you don’t necessarily have to be a detector to sniff out the perfect internet plans nor you have to be a genius who spends hours browsing through different confusing sites. By delving deeper into the aforementioned detailed guide to the internet deals, you can make a great choice that best suits your needs.

Can I gain access to the best and cheapest internet service?

Currently, Spectrum, Mediacom, Optimum, Suddenlink, and Xfinity are offering the cheapest and best internet service. They are also offering unbeatable discounts on low-cost internet plans until 15 May for eligible households with at least one K-12 or college student. When this discount ends, there are several other affordable internet plans that will continue. These plans are especially designed for eligible low and fixed income customers. (Just keep in mind that not every service is available in all areas; the accessibility to each plan depends on availability in your area.)

If unfortunately, you are not eligible for a low and fixed income internet program, then you can opt for Mediacom’s Access Internet 60 plan as it is considered the cheapest and best deal. With this plan, you get up to 60 Mbps download speeds at a pocket-friendly price of $19.99 per month. (Every year, this plan’s fee goes up to $29.99.)

Who offers the best deal for internet service?

If you have been in search of super-fast speeds at a reasonable price, then your search ends here! AT&T’s Internet 1000 plan is deemed the best deal for home internet because you receive 940 Mbps download speeds on a fiber network and this plan will cost you $49.99 a month. Isn’t it a good value for money?

In case, there is no availability of fiber internet in your area, there is absolutely no need to worry. You can still look for the best internet deals in the area you are living in. Consider taking advantage of both Spectrum and Xfinity’s excellent plans featuring speeds between 100 to 200 Mbps for around $50 a month.

How much should I pay for internet service?

For a steady and reliable internet connection, you should pay on average about $60 a month without installation and equipment fee, which means you will have to pay more initially to get started.

The costs of the internet vary depending on what kind of plan or service you want for yourself. In case you prefer opting for an inexpensive plan with lesser speeds or have qualified for low-income a service program, you can end up getting the internet for as low as $10 a month.


What provider offers the best Internet plans?

AT&T internet is one of the best internet service providers put there providing amazing deals and bundles.

Can I afford AT&T internet if I’m on a tight budget?

As a matter of fact, yes you can. AT&T offers up to 10 Mbps internet at only $10 a month for families eligible due to a low or fixed income.

How do I know which internet service provider is the best?

This depends on which provider is actually available in your area, and from there you need to narrow down which one meets your budget and needs.

How do I know what internet speeds are the best for my household?

This depends on the number of people relying on your home internet, from there you should be able to tell the download and upload speeds you require.