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There used to be a time when a cable subscription was viewed as one of the most valued amenities to have. It was the most desirable way one could stay up to date with their favorite TV shows, movies, and Live sports. However, as always, with time new innovations and inventions came to steal the limelight and transformed the way our everyday life functioned.

Subscription television programming is no longer supported only through cable TV. Satellite TV and online streaming services are new ways people keep up with the latest news and TV entertainment from all genres. Today, a vast cross-section of the world population has access to more than one entertainment platform. And, streaming services shape one such avenue. The 2 big names in the industry, Netflix and Amazon Video, have grabbed the attention of TV buffs with their convenient, and flexible streaming services.

Why Do People Consider Cutting the Cord?

The introduction of these data-only flexible online services has left many confused about cutting the cord for good. With technology taking over the world, more and more people appear inclined to opt for solution-oriented services. And, many have switched to online streaming services thanks to technological advancement for this reason. It is only fair to assume living in digitized surroundings pushes you to adopt a contemporary lifestyle, whether that is to keep things simple and convenient or to keep up with the latest trends.  

As more and more people start giving a thought to getting rid of cable for good, we also cannot ignore another key reason. The cost of subscribing to a streaming service that carries your favorite content appears more to the point and cost-effective to a good number of people. They do not like the idea of paying an exorbitant amount of money for cable TV every month. In most cases when the promo period ends, the cost of the service suffers a hike. And, for many what you get from a TV subscription service after that does not cut it in terms of value for money.

In 2018 alone, over 30 million Americans were estimated to have cut the cord, whereas in 2016 this number was a little under 17 million. Looking at the current trend it is believed about 21% of the U.S. population would have cut the cord by 2022. After all, the flexibility of choosing your screen, the freedom of watching anywhere anytime, that too for less money, are factors that appeal to many in today fast-paced lifestyle.

With all that said, it is equally true the rise in the number of cord-cutters implies this is not always the right move to make. Today, we will take a look at the benefits of cable TV. So, if you have been pondering over this dilemma, read on. We would rather you make an informed decision if you do.   

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The Wide Range of Networks Available

One of the best things about cable is you will find a great variety of content. Whether you are a movie fanatic, a sports fan, or a current affairs enthusiast, cable TV services usually offer an excellent range of networks—which depending on the provider may cover all or most of your entertainment favorites.

For instance, Spectrum cable TV. The nationwide service allows you to access over 200 channels with a great volume of HD content—and also gives you a variety of three well-designed channel lineups to pick from. Not only that Spectrum gives you flexibility and convenience too by letting you watch your TV favorites on the go. You can stream anywhere and anytime you have access to high-speed internet via the Spectrum TV app. While the DVR service lets you record your TV favorites, so you do not miss the latest episode of the series you obsess about.

In addition to the great Spectrum Channel Lineup, you are at liberty to choose from any of the premium networks on offer, or for that matter a sports package of your liking. And, if you choose the Silver or Gold tiers, you can get sought-after premiums like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, etc. included in your primary subscription. One of the best things about Spectrum Cable TV is the service offers you the most HD content for free.

All in all, you will find anything and everything you want, in the tiny cable box from Charter Spectrum!

Live Programming

Amazon Video, Hulu, and Netflix are on-demand streaming services. They do not offer live streaming of your favorite Live events or other Live programming. If you are into the Olympics or Super Bowl, a Netflix subscription will not help you. You can always find all the must-watch moments online after the fact, but you would miss the thrill of watching the game Live. A cable TV service allows you to watch Live programming—your favorite sports events, holiday specials, award shows, and more. If you are subscribed to Fox Sports or ESPN, you can always catch a much-awaited Live event via the TV Everywhere feature.

WOW! Cable TV, with its Medium and Large Cable plans, can help you fulfill all your craving for Live TV without being heavy on the pocket.

On-Demand and Pay-per-View

When it comes to exclusive content, there is no doubt Amazon Video and Netflix are some of the best in terms of creating and producing original content. They offer users a variety of movies, shows, and documentaries to watch. A cable TV subscription does not rob you of all that new and original content showcased by these trendy on-demand streaming services. Rather most cable TV services now offer you new ways of watching your favorite content—current and past originals, movies, shows, documentaries, etc. You have complete choice to pick the time and screen of your liking, and start streaming On Demand favorites—you will find free content to watch from the networks you are subscribed to.

For example, Cox Cable TV and Mediacom Cable—providers that carry nationwide repute in the U.S., both offer a rich On-Demand Library to subscribers—with a collection of thousands of titles that can be turned into any time. The TV Everywhere feature gives you freedom and flexibility similar to that afforded by streaming services.

In case you are interested in top blockbusters, UFC boxing events, or the latest movie releases, you can always opt for Pay-per-View—if you do not mind spending a little on such treats every now and then, you will appreciate accessibility to such content via your cable TV provider.

No Internet Connection Needed  

Imagine if everything in your house was functioning on a strong internet connection, how stressful would it be to lose the connection? Streaming services rely on a solid internet connection. And, if you lose your internet connection for any reason, you will be left without TV entertainment too. The performance of an internet connection depends on several factors, such as the number of devices connected to the in-home network, peak time network traffic, bandwidth, and speed delivered by your provider, etc. It is likely to face disruption at times when any of these factors is compromised. Meaning, you may lose your power to stream until the connection is restored.

A cable TV subscription works the best in this situation. You will not ever have to worry about having no internet in the house. TV entertainment will be available regardless.  

Customize Cost-effective Package Options

Cable subscriptions usually give you a range of channel lineups. And this allows you to choose a package that works best for your lifestyle. Some providers even let you customize your TV package instead of choosing one that is pre-designed. This way you can pick a lower-end channel lineup to cover your TV essentials, and then add on a premium entertainment or a sports network(s) that you watch the most. By doing so, you will pay only for what you watch and not for the networks you rarely tune into—customization thus prevents you from spending a lot of money on huge plans and packages that do not make sense to your lifestyle.  

One of the biggest reasons people are getting rid of cable TV is the rise in the cost of the subscription. In most cases, once the promotion period of one year is over, the price sees a hike. And, if your subscription is bound by a contract, you may find yourself stuck. But, this dark cloud is not without a silver lining. Cable TV providers are aware of this consumer concern. And, if you happen to be paying on a Month-to-Month basis, you may be able to negotiate a more reasonable deal.  

Save with Bundles

Speaking of the cost involved in a cable TV subscription, it has to be mentioned one of the biggest reasons why Cable TV is still going as strong is that almost all cable TV service providers offer other essential services like broadband internet and phone too. And, when you double or triple the services in a bundle, you can actually benefit from the discounted prices of these services. Plus, bundled services bring you additional freebies which add overall value to your package.

If you do not much TV, but need good internet service at a discounted rate, you can couple a more basic channel lineup with a high-speed internet plan, and save. Moreover, adding a VoIP service to your double play usually comes at a very nominal cost, but helps you cut on your cellular service bill. For instance, a Spectrum Bundle will give you a digital home phone connection for under $10 when you put the service together with Spectrum Internet and TV. The same goes for Cox Communications—Cox Internet bundles bring you a reliable digital phone service at a nominal cost. The bottom line is with bundled services you are bound to make the most out of what a provider has on offer—at discounted rates. The value of your investment goes up while you enjoy the convenience of a full-service suite from the same provider with an all-in-one bill.

Bundling is one of the best cost-effective options you get if you are looking for flexibility and convenience.

Do not Cut the Cord Yet!

Whether your reason to get rid of the cable is cost reduction or convenience and flexibility, we would recommend you reconsider. Search for provider options in your area, get details of available offers, and compare if there is an option that suits your lifestyle. With the TV Everywhere feature, On Demand and PPV, customization, and bundle options, you may just be able to continue enjoying the traditional charm of cable TV in a contemporary way.


What do I need to know before cutting cable?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before cutting the cord:

Are you saving up a lot from cutting the cord? In most cases, the answer is no. For most live streaming you have to pay $60- $65 a month which may cost you more than your cable TV deals. However, if you already have an internet service that you are paying for then it makes sense.

Is it because it becomes a hassle? Sometimes the search for lower rates, decluttering, and making space in your home can be a challenge. In such cases, you may want to weigh your pros and cons before cutting the cord.

Are you willing to learn? If you are willing to learn about new technology and how it works then you may find cutting the cord a good option.

What is the best option for cutting cable TV?

If you choose to replace your cable TV with a live streaming device directly you make a wiser choice. You can choose to have a list of channels package according to your budget with a streaming app.

Do I need a smart TV to cut the cord?

You necessarily do not have to have a smart TV but you will definitely need a streaming media player like Roku, or Chromecast.

What does a cable cutters setup consist of?

The usual things in the setup are:

  • HD Digital Antennae
  • Internet connection
  • Smart TV or streaming media player
  • Streaming service
  • DVR

Is streaming TV cheaper than cable TV?

Yes, but with the growing popularity of YouTube TV and Hulu, their prices are increasing too. So, there will not be a lot of difference in prices for long.