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‘Will streaming platforms replace cable TV?’ ‘Will cord-cutting be the new norm for the current face of entertainment?’ Our minds are shrouded with these types of questions.While many households are a ...Read More

CenturyLink – A Cursory Overview Amid the plethora of internet service providers that dominate the telecom realm in the U.S., CenturyLink does not falter at competing. The provider currently covers 50 ...Read More

The new world order of entertainment is entertainment on-the-go. You unlock your smartphone, head to the YouTube app and watch videos to kill time here and there. To binge watch a TV show, you prefer ...Read More

One cannot simply run out of entertainment options nowadays. You have YouTube for quick streaming, you have Twitch for gaming videos and then you have Netflix for full-fledged movie/TV show streaming. ...Read More

So you have selected one of the Spectrum cable TV plans: SELECT, SILVER, and GOLD  and now you are lost in the sea of channels. While SELECT is the standard cable TV plan with no premium channels, the ...Read More

Rooting for your favorite sports team behind your TV screen will never lose its charm. No matter how many times you watch your favorite baseball player swing the bat and secure a home run, it will be ...Read More

One simply cannot run out of entertainment sources these days. Perhaps that is the one big gift bestowed upon all entertainment lovers by fast-evolving technology over the past 2 decades of the 21st c ...Read More

Entertainment mediums are constantly evolving. Now it is easier for us to switch browser tabs and stream Netflix. Some even choose to use up their phone storage to download streaming apps to watch on- ...Read More

Xfinity from Comcast is currently outspread in 35 states and is available to 111.6 million of the U.S. populace. That number makes Xfinity the largest cable broadband provider nationwide. While Xfinit ...Read More

Subscribing to Spectrum TV means you are in for a plethora of entertainment choices. At one end of the spectrum, there are kid-friendly and family entertainment channels that entire households can enj ...Read More