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The Lifetime network has been known for its original TV shows and movies that place women and their issues in the spotlight. Some might tag Lifetime content as cheesy melodrama, but the network has g ...Read More

“Serious, reliable, Ahead of the Curve, Progressive and Engaging.” That is how TV watchers around America see the HLN channel. Perhaps for the greater part the popularity of the network is deep roote ...Read More

Albeit it is believed the phenomenon we all know as TV Western, took birth in 1949, reached an explosive peak in 1959, and kind of started fading out in the 1960s—the truth is America’s fascination ...Read More

History is a remarkable subject. Albeit many of us would remember it perhaps as one of the boring subjects from school, it has the ability to transform the picture of the world around us—it is almo ...Read More

The Buffalo Bills started the 2020 NFL season with victories piling one over another. The Bills secured their first victory against the New York Jets on September 13, 2020 and set off on a winning sp ...Read More

The 2020 NFL season for the Seattle Seahawks has not been a rocky one. Kicking off the season on September 13, 2020 against the Atlanta Falcons, the Seahawks have ten seasonal game wins under their b ...Read More

Xfinity – a Word About the Internet Provider The competition in the telecom regime will never slow down. With budding competitors piling up and veteran internet service providers that are not likely ...Read More

The NFL fever did not dim down with COVID. Albeit, the sports landscape in the U.S. did suffer great setbacks due to the pandemic overall. For the San Francisco 49ers the NFL season kicked in with th ...Read More

The Clemson Tigers started the regular season with a bang. Securing 9 wins so far, the Tigers are going to kick off their final match of the season against Notre Dame Fighting Irish on December 19. H ...Read More

Ohio State Buckeyes is the powerhouse that represents the Ohio State University’s athletic teams. Participating in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and being part of the Big Ten c ...Read More

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