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By Taylor Smith | Provider Updates |

Does Spectrum Offer Symmetrical Internet Speeds?

Charter Spectrum is introducing Spectrum symmetrical internet speed plans that will serve the same download and upload speeds to the users. Read our blog to find out more.

By Taylor Smith | Provider Updates |

How to Connect Orbi Router to Xfinity Modem?

Connect your Orbi Router with an Xfinity Modem through the Orbi App or by converting the Orbi router into an access point. Read our blog to learn more.

By Taylor Smith | Provider Updates |

Innovate Your Xfinity Stream Experience with Xumo Stream Box

Xfinity has stepped up its streaming game in 2024 with Xfinity Stream on the Xumo Stream box. Read on to find out everything it has to offer!

By Taylor Smith | Provider Updates |

Get Fast Speeds Up to 800 Mbps with Xfinity Internet Plans!

Need a little bigger Xfinity internet plan for your family? Let us take a detailed look at the two mid-tier plans you can get with Xfinity!

By Taylor Smith | Provider Updates |

Enjoy The Fastest Speeds with Gig Xfinity Internet Plans!

Need the fastest internet speeds available on the Xfinity network? Xfinity internet plans offering gig speeds are at your service — nationwide!

By Taylor Smith | Provider Updates |

Everything You Need to Know about Xfinity Internet

Want to choose Xfinity for your home but unaware of all the important details? Here is our guide to bring you up to speed on everything about Xfinity Internet!