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Quincy, Illinois – In 1870, it was the second-largest city in Illinois. Nicknamed as The Gem City, Quincy thrived on its flour and sawmills, fertile soil, and lumber industry. The credit of this city’s rich, agricultural soil goes to its location along the Mississippi River. The 19th century Quincy saw riverboats and rail service arrive, connecting the city to places in the west and along the river. And it turned into a transportation center - an important port city. There is an abundance of historical districts in the city, still well-preserved for you to visit today.

And, do you know what else does this city have? Good broadband coverage!

Residential Internet Access in Quincy, IL

The city of Quincy, Illinois has 9 residential internet providers. The top wired internet connections available in the city are:

  1. Cable
  2. DSL
  3. Fiber

And, the city also gets 2 types of wireless internet service with over 97% Fixed Wireless and 100% satellite internet coverage. Albeit, these two internet service types have a high availability rate, relative to wired broadband these options are less popular, preferred by communities removed from the reach of a wireline service.

In terms of wired internet coverage, cable internet stands ahead with over 94% availability, while DSL and fiber internet is available to over 90% of Quincy. Approximately 90% of Quincy residents have multiple wired providers to choose from.

Among wired providers serving the city AT&T and Xfinity introduce different broadband service types to the residents. AT&T’s network coverage extends to 84% in Quincy, Illinois, and the provider delivers Fixed Wireless interspersed with its DSL-based wireline service. So, even where there is no wired coverage, chances are you’ll be able to get AT&T Fixed Wireless.

AT&T Internet in Quincy, IL

Across the state of Illinois, AT&T offers pure Fiber and high-speed internet, plus Fixed Wireless in areas where its wireline service does not go. In over 40 Illinois cities, the AT&T Fiber service has been made available, but it has not yet reached Quincy. This leaves Quincy with DSL-based service from AT&T or its Fixed Wireless.

While in most service locations AT&T delivers up to 100 Mbps fast downloads via its high-speed internet network, in Quincy experienced speeds tend to lean towards the lower end of the 768 Kbps -100 Mbps range. Plus only select areas in Quincy are connected to the AT&T wired network, and the rest is covered by Fixed Wireless which delivers up to 25 Mbps downloads. The wired option gets you 1 TB of data, and Fixed Wireless comes with 350 GB data allowance every month. All in all, for light to moderate internet usage AT&T Internet and Fixed Wireless plans in Quincy can prove adequate.

What does add to the value of AT&T Internet offerings in Quincy are perks like:

  • No annual contracts
  • McAfee® Internet Security included with internet plans above 3 Mbps
  • Free access to 30,000+ WiFi hotspots in 21 states
  • Add-on high-end AT&T internet equipment so you can make the best of available speed (standard with plans above 12 Mbps)
  • Add-on AT&T Smart WiFi Extenders for comprehensive coverage around the house
  • Bundle better with DIRECTV or DIRECTV Bundles

Stream or Beam with DIRECTV in Quincy, IL

DIRECTV via Satellite or Internet

America’s favorite satellite TV service DIRECTV via Satellite is available across the Gem City. There are standalone DIRECTV Satellite plans, or you can opt for DIRECTV via Internet. However, you can take your experience up a notch by pairing it with the available AT&T broadband type in your area. You get 99% signal reliability that keeps your favorite entertainment uninterrupted.  

From local to popular networks, DIRECTV offers it all. There are 4 packages powerful enough to beat other cable and satellite TV services in the city. Plus, DIRECTV is every Sports’ buff’s dream! It brings you a variety of national and specialty sports networks, along with 2021’s NFL Sunday Ticket. But, to turn your living room into a VIP box, you would have to bring home the DIRECTV CHOICE plan or above.

DIRECTV also makes your life easy with GENIE – powerful HD DVR that records over 200 hours of your favorite shows in HD. GENIE can simultaneously record up to 5 shows. That means, no more recording conflicts will get in the way.

DIRECTV via Internet brings the best of both worlds to the residents of Quincy, IL. It offers 4 streaming TV plans. You can watch live TV and On Demand titles on your favorite devices. Unlike any other live streaming service in the market, DIRECTV STREAM offers a variety of regional and specialty sports networks. You get the freedom to stream your favorite games on TV or on your favorite device.

For Residents of Quincy, IL these are the DIRECTV TV packages you can bundle with broadband from AT&T:

DIRECTV Entertainment All-Included Package

for 12 mos. w/24 mo. agmt., AutoPay and Paperless Bill

  • Enjoy essential networks including CNN, ESPN, HGTV, Nickelodeon & more
  • Free Cinemax®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME® and EPIX® for the first 3 months

DIRECTV CHOICE All-Included Package

for 12 mos. w/24 mo. agmt., AutoPay and Paperless Bill

  • Variety of regional sports networks
  • FREE NFL Sunday Ticket 2021 included
  • Free HBO MaxTM for first 3 months

DIRECTV ULTIMATE All-Included Package

for 12 mos. w/24 mo. agmt., AutoPay and Paperless Bill

  • Includes FXM, LMN, The Movie Channel, & STARZENCORE
  • Free HBO Max for first 3 months
  • FREE NFL Sunday Ticket 2021 included

DIRECTV PREMIER All-Included Package

for 12 mos. w/24 mo. agmt., AutoPay and Paperless Bill

  • 330+ channels with everything you ever wanted
  • FREE NFL Sunday Ticket 2021 included
  • HBO Max, Cinemax®, STARZ® and SHOWTIME® included

Concluding Words…

AT&T Deals are available in Quincy ZIP codes 62301 and 62305. Though the offered AT&T Internet speeds in the area may lean to the lower end, paired with the rather generous data allowance, it is enough to keep you connected. Plus this way you can bundle your DIRECTV plan better.

If you’re interested in bringing home AT&T Internet, DIRECTV or DIRECTV STREAM, call at 1-855-925-2541 and let an expert help you determine speed availability and find the right package for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. How can I increase the speed of my AT&T Internet?

If you’re experiencing a slow internet speed then here’s what you can do:

  1. Restart your WiFi gateway regularly
  2. Disconnect devices which you’re not using
  3. Use WiFi Extenders with your AT&T in-home WiFi
  4. Choose a strong password. Less intruders means more speed

DIRECTV STREAM is the stream-able counterpart of DIRECTV Satellite. DIRECTV STREAM does not require contracts and offers many other perks including premium networks and thousands of On Demand titles.

  1. How many devices can use DIRECTV Bundles simultaneously?

Up to 20 compatible devices can stream DIRECTV BUNDLES simultaneously on the home network, but out-of-home only 3 concurrent streams are allowed.