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Looking for fast and reliable internet service in the Music City, but at no less than a great price? Learn all about internet deals and the latest specials from AT&T Nashville, TN, if your daily life revolves around online activity, and you wish for a seamless connectivity experience.

Nashville has around 10 residential internet service providers (ISPs) that offer a variety of broadband types: hybrid high-speed DSL, satellite, fixed wireless, cable, fiber-optic, and 5G home internet. But, if you’ve been struggling to find the right one for your new home in Nashville, you must give thought to AT&T which offers value-packed deals—for a range of consumer needs and preferences. It’s a trusty internet service that keeps you connected—one that you could swear by.

AT&T covers almost 90% of the city’s population with its network and delivers hybrid high-speed (IPBB), fixed wireless or fiber internet in different parts of the city. It all depends on where exactly you live in Nashville as to which service type is available to you, but AT&T internet deals definitely give Nashville residents a great choice in terms of affordable quality. In fact, as one of the two major Fiber broadband providers in Nashville, AT&T offers incredible options to help you take advantage of what the latest internet tech has to offer, at a price that comes as a pleasant surprise.

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Get started with AT&T Fiber 300 Mbps
at $55/mo.
plus taxes
Autopay & Paperless Bill req'd.*

  • No data caps
  • No annual contract
  • No equipment fees
  • No price increase at 12 months

*Price after $5/mo autopay & paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills). One time install chrg may apply. Ltd. avail/areas.

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Get Internet from AT&T Nashville, Tennessee

As we mentioned earlier, AT&T Nashville offers hybrid high-speed internet over its IPBB network, and also Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connections. While AT&T Fiber is pretty widely available, network coverage is not yet as comprehensive as with IPBB.

AT&T’s IPBB network delivers a max speed of 100 Mbps, and lower speed tiers include 25 Mbps and 50 Mbps. On the other hand, AT&T Fiber is now going Hyper-Gig with 2 Gig and 5 Gig speeds, while lower speed tiers include 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps. With that said, whichever service type may be available at your address, you can trust AT&T in Nashville, TN to offer you the fastest speed available—with 99% reliability, and at the best price.


AT&T Internet Nashville, TN: Plans & Prices

AT&T internet speed tiers are thoughtfully designed to deliver connectivity solutions to a range of consumers. However, as with the availability of a particular service type, speed tiers may also vary depending on network capacity in your area.

Take a look at popular plans from AT&T in Nashville, TN:

Plan Max. Download Speed Price
AT&T Internet 25 25 Mbps $55/mo.
for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d
AT&T Internet 50 50 Mbps $55/mo.
for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d
AT&T Internet 100 100 Mbps $55/mo.
for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d
AT&T Internet 300 300 Mbps $55/mo.
for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d
AT&T Internet 500 500 Mbps $65/mo.
for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d
AT&T Internet 1 Gig 1 Gbps $80/mo.
for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d
AT&T Internet 2 Gig 2 Gbps $110/mo.
for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d
AT&T Internet 5 Gig 5 Gbps $180/mo.
for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d

Data effective as of publish date. For the latest plans and prices in your area, call 855-925-2541

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AT&T Internet Nashville, TN: Features & Perks

AT&T is popular for delivering ultra-fast internet to the residents of Nashville, TN. But it is not just fast and reliable speeds with no lag in connection, the service comes with a range of perks too.

  • One of the best things about AT&T in Nashville is it does not bind you in an annoying annual contract―If only you’re subscribed to an IPBB service plan, which is offered at a 12-month promotional price, and cancel early, you’ll be charged a pro-rated fee. Once the promo term ends you’re free as a bird with the month-to-month payment plan. As for AT&T Fiber, there is no promo term involved, and no early cancellation fee either―it’s a month-to-month payment plan from the get-go.
  • For customers who subscribe to an AT&T high-speed Internet plan with a promotional term, there is 14-day period starting from service installation/activation during which they can cancel the service if not fully satisfied, without incurring any early termination fee.
  • AT&T Internet, Nashville, gets you 1.5 TB data allowance every month for all speeds below 100 Mbps. With the 100 Mbps IPBB plan, however, you get unlimited data—as with all AT&T Fiber plans. Meaning, there is no overage fee and no throttling either when you subscribe to AT&T Internet 100or AT&T Fiber.
  • Depending on your specific internet plan, AT&T gives you its high-end Wi-Fi Gateway, for which you don’t need to pay extra as the equipment rental is now included in your monthly service fee.
  • What’s more? ATT Nashville pays great attention to your online safety, and provides another layer of state-of-the-art security at no extra cost. For plans up to 100 Mbps, AT&T offers a free internet security suite powered by McAfee®. While AT&T Fiber Internet plans include 24/7 protection against online threats through AT&T ActiveArmor℠—at no added cost.

Bundle AT&T Internet in Nashville, TN

AT&T showcases a strong portfolio of trusted services in Nashville—and helps equip your home with the must-haves of modern-day life. Alongside fast and reliable internet that comes with many perks, AT&T makes it possible for you to enjoy in-home entertainment with the best in the industry. And you cannot beat AT&T’s special offers when it comes to home internet & wireless bundles.

So why not bundle AT&T Internet in Nashville with DIRECTV, AT&T home phone or AT&T Wireless. Once you’ve experienced the combination, you’ll know what makes these bundles so value-packed.

Pair AT&T Home Internet with DIRECTV via Internet or Satellite

AT&T lets you roll the amazing benefits of AT&T home internet into one nice bundle to make your life even better. Combine ultra-fast AT&T Fiber internet with DIRECTV via Internet, and stream TV on your favorite devices without a glitch. If you can’t access the AT&T Fiber network, pair steady download speeds from AT&T high-speed Internet service, and beam your entertainment with DIRECTV via satellite that does not require internet signals to work.

When you bundle AT&T Internet with DIRECTV via Satellite or Internet, what you get is a rich offer at competitive price points.  


Pair AT&T Internet with AT&T Home Phone

For an ultimate in-home connectivity experience, bundle home internet with AT&T Home Phone and enjoy the finest sound quality via the next-gen digital phone service. Talk your heart out with your family and friends living in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or the U.S. Territories, without counting the minutes. AT&T offers unlimited talk time with its Phone Unlimited North America plan.

Plus, you get to manage your phone communication with 25+ calling features, including Anonymous Call Rejection, Busy Call Forwarding, Call Trace, Three-Way Calling, Safe Call Forwarding, and more.

The best part is you get to add the home phone service to your AT&T Internet subscription, at a discounted rate for 12 months.


Pair AT&T Internet with AT&T Wireless

AT&T is now offering one of its best deals yet― the All In One deal. If you are located where AT&T Fiber covers you in Nashville, you can bundle home internet with AT&T’s unlimited wireless plans, at a great price, and save $20/mo. on home internet.

Check out AT&T Unlimited Your WaySM plans, pick one to fit the needs of each family member, and combine with your AT&T Fiber―wireless plans include unlimited talk, text, and data, mobile security, hotspot data, and nationwide access to 5G.


Why Choose AT&T Nashville, TN? (H2)

As a leading home internet provider in Nashville, AT&T offers something for every home. Not only the provider has an extensive footprint, but it is one of the best in quality and the most competitively priced.

With that said, Nashville sure has other ISP options—such as Xfinity which delivers super-fast speeds via a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network. Albeit, the 2 big industry names pretty much rule the broadband scene in Nashville, and appear in close competition, each is unique given the broadband type it delivers. Xfinity covers almost all city neighborhoods with super-fast cable internet, while AT&T penetrates Nashville with its hybrid IPBB and Fiber networks.

Cable, IPBB, and Fiber—each service type has its own characteristics, which dictate the performance of the connection. And, at the end of the day, it all depends on what you need the internet for. But if AT&T Fiber is available in your area, it is unlikely you’ll find a better option for your connected household. It gets you symmetrical speeds with unlimited data over a secure connection, and you do not have to sign an annual contract.

Additionally, AT&T Fiber scored the highest i.e. 80 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) for 2022-23, while the hybrid high-speed Internet service stood at 72. Versus Xfinity’s ACSI score of 68, this is a rather well defined edge AT&T has earned, and you must not ignore this when making comparisons.   

Learn more & choose Better: Xfinity Vs.  AT&T

Conclusive Note

If you have read over to this point, you are likely to assess the benefits of AT&T services in Nashville, better―as well as the things you must take into careful consideration. If you can, ask around the neighborhood and get a real-time opinion of those who are already connected to the AT&T network.

For an expert opinion on AT&T offerings, you can call AT&T Customer Service at 1-855-925-2541 at any time. Trained professionals at this number can check offer availability at your address, and answer all your questions regarding AT&T services. They can also guide you about the best deals available in your area to make sure you make the most out of your new AT&T subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check for the availability of AT&T Internet, Nashville, TN?

AT&T covers nearly 90% of the city with its IPBB and Fiber networks. To check availability of services at your address, call at 1-855-925-2541.

How many stories is the AT&T building in Nashville, TN?

Nashville is home to the tallest building in the state of Tennessee—the AT&T Building, which is a 33-story skyscraper, commonly referred to as the Batman Building.

Which Nashville, TN, internet options are available with AT&T?

AT&T delivers hybrid high-speed (IPBB) and fiber optic connections to Nashville residents. IPBB plans give you a maximum speed of 100 Mbps, and Fiber plans deliver up to 5 Gig. To determine service and offer availability at your address call at 1-855-925-2541.

How much is AT&T, Nashville, TN?

The price of AT&T home internet plans in Nashville, TN, varies based on the speed tier. You can sign up for AT&T high-speed internet plan at $55 a month (for 12 months) for download speeds up to 100 Mbps. AT&T Fiber plans start at $55/mo. for 300 Mbps. For details on AT&T internet plans in your area, call at 1-855-925-2541.

How to get AT&T in Nashville, TN?

If you want to sign up for AT&T services in Nashville, TN, speak to an AT&T Customer Service representative at 1-855-925-2541 to check offer availability & pricing at your address, and place an order.

Who has the best internet service in Nashville, TN?

If AT&T Fiber is available in your area, it is unlikely you’ll find a better option for your connected household. It gets you symmetrical speeds with unlimited data and more perks. To check service availability at your address call at 1-855-925-2541.

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