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AT&T needs no introduction. A household name in the US ISP industry, AT&T covers 21 states with its network infrastructure and provides a variety of internet and TV options, not to forget its fixed wireless, mobile broadband, and digital phone services. The clever diversity of technology utilized by AT&T ensures it is able to deliver affordable quality to consumers in the residential internet market. Whether you opt for wired IPBB or Fiber home internet, the satellite or internet protocol TV, traditional or digital home phone, or the AT&T Wireless service —AT&T products and services carry the potential to cover your communication and entertainment needs with reliability.

What’s more, AT&T offers customers the chance to save big with customized bundles. You can pick and choose any two or more services as per your requirements, and bundle them up to benefit from discounted pricing and other perks exclusive to packaged services. And, when it comes to AT&T bundles, one of the most popular combos is that of AT&T Internet and DIRECTV. Because, when you bundle AT&T Internet with DIRECTV, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds at a lower price!

About AT&T Internet

AT&T makes high-speed internet access for nearly 123 million Americans and fiber optic for an estimated 36 million. And, adds to the variety of available connection types with a simple pledge to offer the best speed possible at your address, at a competitive rate. From fiber optic to IPBB, you get innovative solutions to fulfill your everyday digital needs as best as the AT&T network in the area permits.

Reliable Speed & Plenty of Data

Whether you’re a student browsing the web for research work every other day, or an entrepreneur running your home-based startup, AT&T has an internet plan that's perfect for you. With AT&T internet plans, you don’t have to worry about slow and inconsistent speeds in return for a huge bill.

PBB broadband from AT&T is offered in varying speeds, among which the 100 Mbps tier is the most popular. As for fiber optic connections, you can get At&t internet 100 , At&t internet 300, and At&t internet 1000 Mbps speed tiers, depending on what you need and what the best speed available at your address is. The provider boasts 99% proven reliability too, which means you can work, study, stream, game, and video chat with confidence. Connect multiple devices and get the fastest speed possible on every device without being tied down.

As for data, IPBB broadband plans come with a 1TB data cap—which by all means is virtually unlimited for standard household usage. While all AT&T Fiber plans get you unlimited data so that you can make the most of blazing-fast speeds.

Internet Security Suite

Every AT&T internet plan above 5 Mbps gets you a secure connection. Because your service comes with an internet security suite powered by MacAfee. Meaning, you can rest assure your online life will remain safe with its anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection, and malicious hackers, Trojans, and malware will also be kept at bay. In case you are subscribed to an AT&T Internet Basic plan, you can add on the security suite at the discounted rate of $5 per month.

Nationwide AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots

Whether you're working at a café or strolling through the mall, AT&T makes sure you're connected on the go without having to eat on your mobile data. For this purpose, AT&T has a huge Wi-Fi hotspot network across its service states, making it easier for you to stay connected via high-speed internet at all times. All AT&T internet subscribers are eligible to connect to the nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot network.

Smart in-Home Wi-Fi

The exclusive gateway device provided by AT&T with its internet plans above 12 Mbps, is a combo of a modem and wireless router. The AT&T gateway has the capability to support all your devices seamlessly given the Mesh technology it utilizes. Unless your residence is a sprawling one, the device is able to broadcast a strong signal everywhere. And, if you do need to extend the range of the signal to reach every corner of your large house, you can always rely on AT&T Smart Wi-Fi extenders. Add-on extenders give you more access points at strategic positions, killing any dead zones.

As for AT&T Fiber, you can now get the brand-new gateway built on breakthrough Wi-Fi 6 technology. The device brings you powerful and consistent connectivity, supports more devices, and gets the signal out to every corner of your home. Not a surprise then that AT&T Fiber is rated #1 for “perceived Wi-Fi quality”.

Customer Satisfaction

Based on the 2017-2020 ACSI surveys, AT&T is proud to stand atop all ISPs in the U.S. in terms of customer satisfaction. The provider has consistently ranked #1 over Cable for 4 consecutive years, which is reflective of the trust placed in the performance of AT&T Internet by subscribers.

Browse AT&T Internet plans and find the one that matches your preferences.


DIRECTV is a satellite TV service offering a contemporary in-home entertainment experience. The AT&T DIRECTV service is not only about the variety it offers via its well-designed channel lineups. But, as much about making your access to TV entertainment smart and convenient. The best part about the TV service is it is available from coast to coast—if you can catch a view of the clear southern sky, you are good to go!

Diversity of Channel Lineup & Premium Perks

The service currently offers 4 different packages: ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER™.

DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT is the most basic package yet it gets you 160 channels including news, sports, family entertainment, and more. As you go higher, the channel lineup comes to include more sought-after networks, giving you the diversity of content that keeps everyone in the family happy.

For TV buffs, the best part of signing up for a DIRECTV plan is the FREE limited-time subscription to America’s most-watched premium networks—HBO MAX™, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ® & EPIX®. You get to feast on great original content from the fountainheads of quality TV entertainment. And, if you go for DIRECTV PREMIER, unlimited access to premium networks is included in your plan.

On-Demand Content

Get access to exclusive on-demand titles. From a fantastic selection of hit movies to entire seasons of popular shows, you get access to up to 65,000 on-demand titles. DIRECTV Cinema lets you watch the hottest blockbusters from Hollywood—and the library is refreshed every week. With the DIRECTV app, you can stream on-demand content anywhere. Watch on one screen, pause, and start watching on another. You’ll never be short of quality content or ways to watch it.

4K Ultra HD Programming

You can now stream your favorite blockbuster movies and live sports in 4K Ultra HD. Richer colors, better sound quality, and amazing clarity; immerse yourself in a lifelike experience with 4K programming. DIRECTV brings the most live sports in 4K to your home screen. You can even tune into the DIRECTV 24/7 4K UHD channel to watch original series, travel shows, and more. And guess what! 4K programming gets to you via satellite signal. Meaning you don’t have to choose between watching in the industry’s best format or your internet speed.

Genie HD DVR

Record and save your favorite shows and live sports events, and watch them at your convenience with Genie HD DVR. It lets you record up to 5 shows at a time. Genie also allows you to connect up to 8 TVs with a single device wirelessly for a whole-home experience. Implement parental controls. Record, pause and rewind live TV. Restart Live shows you missed out in the last 72 hours. And more! The Genie HD DVR is like your personal digital assistant! If you are lucky you may as well grab a bargain deal with a FREE Genie HD DVR upgrade with your DIRECTV plan.


The DIRECTV app is a TV in your palm. It's your data-free TV. Wherever you catch the signal you can tune into your favorite show without using your mobile data. Enjoy the 72-hour rewind. Browse content or schedule recordings remotely. The DIRECTV app is your TV on the go.


This one is for sports fans! Imagine watching live out-of-market games on your TV every Sunday with CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER™ packages! Enjoy live coverage in 4K and watch up to 8 games on one screen with your NFL SUNDAY TICKET—complete with scores and game clock. On the other hand with the NBA League Pass, you can watch 40 live out-of-market games. AT&T often includes these amazing perks in its promotional offers at no added cost. You never know when you may be able to grab a deal!

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to customer satisfaction, DIRECTV stands at the top of the list—having beaten Cable TV for 19 years. AT&T prioritizes customer experience and ensures customers receive the best quality service—the reason why in 2020 J.D. Power ranked DIRECTV #1 in 3 categories: Programming, Communications & Promotions, and Features & Functionality.

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Bundle AT&T Internet with DIRECTV

Bundling is a great way to save—and we all know that. It is not much unlike getting 3 peanut butter jars for the price of 2 in the supermarket. When you bundle AT&T Internet with DIRECTV, quite a few perks come your way—for instance:

  • You save $10/mo. on your DIRECTV plan for one full year of the promo term.
  • You become eligible for unlimited data instead of 1TB that comes with AT&T Internet.
  • Standard pro installation fee is waived which is a $99 value.

So, if you have been thinking to yourself “Can I combine my AT&T internet with DIRECTV?”, you have it now. Not only can you do that, but AT&T encourages you to bundle services.

Cost of AT&T Internet with DIRECTV

You can pair DIRECTV with AT&T Internet or AT&T Fiber—depending on which service is available in your neighborhood. In either case, you enjoy the same perks. Take a look at AT&T Internet and DIRECTV bundles below to assess which TV and internet bundle may fit your needs the best

AT&T Bundles Bundle Features Promo Price
DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT AT&T Internet 160 channels with 60 HD High-speed internet with download speeds up to 100 Mbps $89.99/mo. for 12 months plus taxes and fees
DIRECTV CHOICE™ AT&T Internet 185 channels with 85 HD High-speed internet with download speeds up to 100 Mbps $104.99/mo. for 12 months plus taxes and fees
DIRECTV ULTIMATE AT&T Fiber 250 channels with 115 HD Fiber optic internet as fast as 300/300 Mbps $119.99/mo. for 12 months plus taxes and fees

Final Takeaway

While there are multiple options—in terms of internet type & speed and TV channel lineup—the package that is right for your needs and fits your budget is what defines the best bundle for you. So, we’d recommend you assess your requirements as best as possible—know how much speed would suffice your internet consumption; and pick a channel lineup that sits right with the level of TV entertainment your household is accustomed to.

And, then contact AT&T customer service at 855-925-2541 to determine which AT&T Internet & DIRECTV deals are available at your address. AT&T professionals can also guide you further about the most suitable AT&T bundle for your home, so don’t hesitate to ask questions and get recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I bundle AT&T internet with DIRECTV?

You save $10/mo. on your DIRECTV plan for one full year of the promo term, become eligible for unlimited data instead of 1TB that comes with AT&T Internet and the standard pro installation fee is waived which is a $99 value.

How much is DIRECTV Entertainment plus AT&T internet bundle for?

The bundle will bring you 160 channels with 60 HD networks and 100 Mbps of super-fast internet speed for $89.99/mo. for 12 months.

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