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Fast internet in today’s time is no less than a basic necessity. Finding the right internet service provider shouldn’t have to be an arduous journey—as perceived to be. Ostensibly, when there are multiple options at hand, it’s easy to spot a worthwhile option—but having many options also means it is easy to find yourself lost in the maze of offerings from the multitude of ISPs serving your neighborhood.

Fortunately Houston, Texas doesn’t let you suffer from such woes. Houston is well connected with more than 15 residential broadband service providers. Over 95% of the city enjoys access to more than one wired option. And an estimated 55% is covered by Fiber broadband networks. Not only does Houston have multiple ISPs serving its residents, but a variety of service types—DSL, Cable, Fiber, Satellite, Fixed Wireless—depending on your location. After all, you must get to enjoy the perk of being in Houston, Texas!

AT&T in Houston

Powering one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the U.S. with fast and reliable internet, AT&T enjoys an impressive footprint in Houston. The AT&T IPBB network covers more than 93% of Houston neighborhoods and over 53% is in the fold of AT&T Fiber. With 2 different TV services in its pocket, as well as different flavors of home phones, AT&T service in Houston offers affordable yet value-packed residential plans for Houston homes.

Stealing the top spot when it comes to fiber optic internet and ranking 2nd among top DSL providers in the U.S., AT&T is a trusted household name nationwide. While its satellite service, DIRECTV has consistently landed the top spot in customer satisfaction, the new AT&T TV service is no joke. Its growing popularity makes it a top choice for those who fancy the idea of streaming TV at home. The home phone service from AT&T makes it the perfect backup for your cell service with reliable local, nationwide calling plans.

By ensuring access to internet plans and packages, AT&T gives Houston families a way to stay connected and enjoy in-home entertainment at the best price!

AT&T Internet in Houston, Texas

From River Oaks in the West to Oak Forest in the Northwest, and from Kingwood in the Northeast to Sharpstown in the Southwest—for residential neighborhoods in Houston access to fast and reliable internet service is not a problem, thanks to AT&T’s widespread availability. AT&T in Houston is committed to providing subscribers the fastest available speed at the best price.

One of the topmost nationwide ISPs, AT&T uses various technologies to deliver 99% reliability. AT&T Internet in Houston utilizes a hybrid Fiber-Copper network that is able to deliver up to 100 Mbps fast broadband—albeit not all speed tiers may be accessible at your address due to variations in network capacity in different areas. With smooth IPBB connectivity, Houston residents receive a 1TB data allowance for the month—which is more than adequate for standard household usage.

On the other hand, AT&T Fiber internet in Houston is also pretty widely available—although limited to select areas relative to IPBB coverage. AT&T Fiber plans power Houston households with a maximum speed of 940 Mbps, and grant the user unlimited data usage with no overage fee.

Apart from affordable plans, fast and reliable speeds, and plenty of data, Houston subscribers also get access to a free internet security suite and the free AT&T nationwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots when on the go. AT&T Internet is top-rated in customer satisfaction, and the best part is the provider practices a no-contract policy as far as its broadband offerings.

  Popular AT&T Internet Plans
AT&T Internet $35/mo. for 12 months plus taxes and equipment. fee Download speeds up to 100 Mbps with 1TB data allowance Best for standard family usage—connect up to 5 devices, work from home, study online, stream HD or play online games
AT&T Fiber $60/mo. for 12 months plus taxes and equipment. fee Download speeds up to 940 Mbps with an unlimited data allowance Best for all types of internet usage—connect 10 devices, download media files instantly, play competitive games, stream in 4K UHD, run a home-based business

Bundle AT&T Internet with TV and Home Phone

AT&T internet bundles are value-packed and not only get subscribers consistent and fast broadband speeds, but options to include in-home TV entertainment options as well as a home phone service. Bundling gets you perks that are not available with standalone internet plans—for instance, FREE standard installation, and unlimited data even when you are connected to the AT&T IPBB network.

Let’s take a look at the other AT&T services you can bundle AT&T Internet with:


As we said earlier, AT&T offers 2 different types of TV services in Houston, Texas: AT&T TV—the newer IPTV service, and DIRECTV—the #1 satellite TV service in the country.

AT&T TV is the perfect pick for people who like the idea of streaming TV, and would rather access live and on-demand content via an internet-based service. The service offers plans in 5 tiers, and while the number of channels may not be humungous like DIRECTV plans, the selection is thoughtful and able to fulfill a variety of consumer needs.

The contemporary TV service from AT&T has many appealing features—for instance: Access to more than 5000 apps, tens and thousands of on-demand titles, 500 hours of Cloud DVR storage, and an AT&T device complete with a voice remote powered by Google Assistant. Limited time FREE subscription to premium networks like HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, STARZ®, and EPIX® is perhaps the greatest perk for subscribers to enjoy.

DIRECTV, on the other hand, ensures 99% signal reliability and is proud to offer the most live sports in the industry’s best picture format i.e. 4K UHD. The service offers plans in 4 tiers, and each gets you an exhaustive channel lineup with a max. of 330 networks & 65,000 on-demand titles. Like with AT&T TV, limited-time FREE subscription to premium networks such as HBO Max™, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ® is also on offer. Last but not least, the DIRECTV app helps you access all your favorite shows wherever you catch the signal—and that is pretty much everywhere!

AT&T Home Phone Service

Never worry about losing cell service when you have an AT&T Home Phone! AT&T home phone service offers the potential to cover local, nationwide and global calling needs equally well. You get attractive plans in each domain with the traditional and the digital home phone services—with Phone Unlimited North America being the most popular choice for its unlimited calling feature. Both services offer many useful calling features—including Voicemail and Voicemail-to-Text.

Compare AT&T Internet Service in Houston, Texas

Here is a listing of speed offerings from the various providers serving the residential quarters of the city.

Provider Name Broadband Type Top Speed Starting Promo Price Per Month Coverage
Xfinity Cable 1000 Mbps 19.99 0.946
AT&T Internet IPBB 100 Mbps 35 0.938
AT&T Fiber Fiber 940 Mbps 35 0.533
Viasat Satellite 100 Mbps 50 1
HughesNet Satellite 25 Mbps 49.99 1

As you can see satellite broadband has more comprehensive coverage than AT&T Internet in Houston while Xfinity from Comcast is a strong competitor too. But, the difference in the type of services offered by AT&T i.e. IPBB and Fiber, makes offerings from the provider pretty unique in terms of features and pricing. So, if you are not a fan of cable broadband, in particular, you’ll find little reason to not consider high-speed internet deals from AT&T in Houston.

Which ISP Has the Best Internet Service in Houston?

Most of our everyday chores are now dependent on a good internet connection. The best internet service in Houston should have widespread availability, must be able to deliver optimal network performance, and stand backed by quality customer service. AT&T is one of the most trusted providers in the city. AT&T internet plans are contract-free and affordable, making them a top choice for the city’s residents.

Is AT&T the Cheapest Internet Provider in Houston?

AT&T delivers the fastest speed possible at your address at the best rate! AT&T Internet plans offer up to 100 Mbps download speed for $35/month. While AT&T Fiber delivers up to 940 Mbps fast internet for $60/month. On the other hand, Xfinity offers plans starting from $19.99 for 25 Mbps download speed, and the Gig service costs $84.99/month. So in terms of speed to cost ratio AT&T wins the game hands down in Houston.

Get Connected via AT&T in Houston!

Now that you have a better view of AT&T services in Houston, go ahead and evaluate your household needs, match them up with AT&T internet offerings in the city and pick your plan. Or else, bundle up your internet with a futuristic TV service from AT&T, and if you are in need of a home backup, include the AT&T phone service in the bundle. Like so you’ll be able to enjoy crystal-clear voice quality, unlimited entertainment options, and fast broadband connectivity all under the AT&T roof, plus pay one combined bill every month!

AT&T has been a top choice for millions in America for the longest time—excellent service features and perks make it so for everyone who falls in the AT&T network fold. Contact AT&T customer service at 1-855-925-2541 to determine the availability of offers in your area.


How do I check for AT&T Internet availability in Houston?

Contact AT&T customer service at 1-855-925-2541 to check the availability of AT&T internet plans at your location.

Which Houston internet options are available with AT&T service?

AT&T offers IPBB and fiber-optic connections in Houston, Texas. IPBB speeds max out at 100 Mbps whereas Fiber speeds are as high as 940 Mbps. Get in touch with AT&T internet customer service in Houston at 1-855-925-2541 to learn more about available plans at your address.

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