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For decades, AT&T has delivered phenomenal internet services to millions of customers in 21 states across the U.S. It stands tall as one of the few 5G providers in the country that also offers 100% fiber-optic internet to homes, not just businesses. Over the years, its tireless work has provided its subscribers with the most reliable internet, advanced communications, and entertainment services.

It would not be a surprise for an existing AT&T customer to want more from the provider. If you have already had a taste of its reliable, affordable, and advanced services, you might find yourself looking for ways to upgrade or explore its full range of services.

Luckily for you, there are quite a few cost-saving AT&T internet deals for existing customers. From exclusive promotional offers to value-adding bundling options, AT&T never fails to come through!

If you are an existing AT&T customer, here is everything you need to know about the various deals, promotions, and service upgrades it offers.

AT&T Internet

  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Data allowance ranging from 1 TB to unlimited
  • Delivered over a hybrid of Fiber and Copper network
  • No added equipment fee

AT&T Fiber

  • Speeds range from 300 Mbps to 5 Gig!
  • Unlimited data allowance
  • 100% Fiber network
  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds
  • No annual contracts
  • No price hikes after 12 months

AT&T Wireless

  • Wireless plans start from $35/mo.
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 5G access
  • ActiveArmor SM advanced security included
  • Hotspot data ranging between 3 GB to 50 GB

AT&T Home Phone

  • Digital home phone service that delivers excellent quality voice
  • Advanced calling features
  • Value-adding bundle options

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Upgrade to Higher Speed AT&T Internet Deal

AT&T Internet is a much more advanced and reliable connection that utilizes a unique mix of technologies, such as ADSL2+, VDSL2, Ethernet, and G.Fast, delivered over a network of hybrid fiber and copper lines.

Considering how reliant our lives have become on the internet, it is almost inevitable to see a rise in internet consumption and usage. A household where once a 20 Mbps internet plan may have been enough could be needing an internet speed of at least 50 Mbps in this day and age.

If you are using a lower-speed internet plan from AT&T, there’s a possibility that you could upgrade to a higer speed tier. With the 100 Mbps download speed, you may enjoy unlimited data allowance, which isn’t possible with other speed tiers. AT&T Internet speeds below 75 Mbps come with a 1 TB data allowance. However, keep in mind that, unlike AT&T Fiber, AT&T Internet usually offers the maximum speed based on its network capacity in that area. So your options may be quite limited, but if you are getting choice for higher speeds with AT&T Internet, do go for it. There are no price increases.

It would be even better if you upgrade to AT&T Fiber, if available. The provider offers some amazing switcher deals if you subscribe to its fiber-optic service.

Here are your options with AT&T Internet speeds:

AT&T Internet Plan Download Speeds Data Allowance Price
AT&T Internet 25 25 Mbps 1 TB $55/mo.
for 12 mos. plus taxes. Autopay and Paperless bill req’d. Price after $5/mo. Autopay & paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills). Incl 1TB data/mo., overage chrgs apply.† Monthly State Cost Recovery Charge in TX, OH, NV applies. One-time install chrg may apply. Geo & svc restr’s apply
AT&T Internet 50 50 Mbps 1 TB
AT&T Internet 100 100 Mbps Unlimited $55/mo.
for 12 mos. plus taxes. Price after $5/mo. Autopay & paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills). Monthly State Cost Recovery Charge in TX, OH, NV applies. One-time install chrg may apply. Ltd. avail/areas.

*Data effective as of publish date. For the latest plans & prices in your area call 855-925-2541.

AT&T Fiber Deals for Existing Customers Fiber internet does for users what traditional cable and DSL internet cannot. Over the past decade, fiber-optic internet has become the fastest internet type available for residents and businesses alike. Many avid internet users who spend their time playing high-res games, streaming Netflix in 4K, or working with heavy cloud software understand how crucial a fiber internet connection is for them. If your household internet needs and consumption have increased recently, switching to AT&T Fiber would be the ideal thing to do. Even the lowest speed tier offered by AT&T Fiber offers equal download and upload speeds of 300 Mbps, which promises 15x more upload speed than conventional internet connections.

More importantly, these impressive internet speeds do not cost an arm and a leg. Instead, AT&T Fiber plans start from prices as low as $55 a month and there are no price hikes. Moreover, new subscribers can get up to $150 in Visa Reward Card upon switching to AT&T Fiber. However, AT&T Fiber is available in only select areas of its service states, so you might have to check its availability in your area before you delve into further details. To discover AT&T Fiber in your area, you can use the online zip tool here. Otherwise, AT&T support is available for your assistance 24/7! Once you have determined AT&T Fiber availability in your area, here are the various speed tiers and plans that you could choose from:

AT&T Fiber 300

  • 300 Mbps download/upload speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • No annual contracts
  • Connect 10+ devices


AT&T Fiber 500

  • 500 Mbps download/upload speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • Connect up to 13+ devices
  • Stream in HD and play games on multiple devices


AT&T Fiber 1 Gig

  • 1 Gigabit download/upload speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • Connect up to 14+ devices
  • Stream in 4K, game, and enjoy seamless video chats


AT&T Fiber 2 Gig

  • 2 Gigabit download/upload speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • Connect more than 15 devices
  • Stream in 4K, play high-res games, and work from home


AT&T Fiber 5 Gig

  • 5 Gigabit download/upload speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • Binge-watch 4K content, work from home, use cloud software, and build an active smart home


*Data effective as of publish date. For the latest plans & prices in your area call 855-925-2541.

*AutoPay & Paperless Bill req’d.

*Price after $5/mo. autopay & paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills). Monthly State Cost Recovery Charge in TX, OH, NV applies. One-time install chrg may apply. Ltd. avail/areas.

Exclusive Discounts for AT&T Wireless Customers!

AT&T Wireless customers can get a bang for their buck with the exclusive discounts and promo offers that come up from time to time. Existing AT&T Wireless customers can get rewarded in various ways by subscribing to an additional service like AT&T Fiber.

The terms and conditions of these offers can vary, and you may need to determine your eligibility for such rewards and cost-saving promos. Most of these promos are time-bound, so you must take full advantage within the time limits defined by AT&T.

Current Promo Offer for AT&T Wireless Customers

Existing AT&T Wireless customers can save a significant amount of $20/mo. by signing up for any for AT&T Fiber plan. Not only would you be able to enjoy super-fast download and upload speeds at phenomenal monthly prices, but the $20/mo. discount would simply add to your savings! This is a limited time offer, so you may want to hurry up before the offer ends.

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In case you have missed the above-mentioned offer, don’t fret! These exclusive discounts and reward systems are frequently introduced by AT&T. Keep an eye out for these, or reach out to an expert at AT&T customer service so they can help you land the best offers.

AT&T Bundles for Existing Customers

AT&T lets you enjoy the true joys of bundles by offering bundling options between AT&T Wireless, AT&T AT&T Internet or Fiber, and AT&T Home Phone. If you’re looking for entertainment options, then that too could be arranged with DIRECTV; although the bill would be separate.

AT&T bundles are great for those looking for a well-rounded bundled subscription from one provider. As you bundle up one AT&T service with another, you will not only enjoy excellent cost cuttings but also maximize the convenience.

By receiving one bill for multiple services as well as utilizing the AT&T mobile app to manage all the services together is pure bliss. Plus, if any technical challenges or roadblocks are faced, you know there is AT&T customer service that can help you out!

Bundling a range of AT&T services is quick and easy for existing customers. You just need to ring up AT&T customer service at 855-925-2541, share your details, and let them know what services you need to bundle up.

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Final Note

From all that we have discussed, it looks like AT&T deals for existing customers do offer great value for your money. Upgrading your AT&T internet service, or bundling up a range of AT&T services is quite easy, thanks to its 24/7 customer support. To get your hands on the most value-adding deals and promo offers, get in touch with AT&T at 855-925-2541.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does AT&T have any deals for existing customers?

AT&T has many exclusive deals for existing customers who are subscribed to AT&T Wireless. These deals and promos offer special discounts or special rewards to eligible customers. To discover AT&T internet deals for existing customers, call AT&T customer service at 855-925-2541.

How can I get cheap AT&T internet plan?

AT&T Internet plans start from $55/mo. plus taxes and fees. However, you can also look into AT&T Access plans that cater to low-income households and individuals by offering them specially discounted services and decreased monthly internet bills.