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San Diego is one of the most populous cities in California and one of the most popular too. You may know it for its glorious sandy beaches, great weather, and deep-sea port, but San Diego is so much more than that. The city is expensive in a few ways with a cost of living that is almost 47% higher than the national average. The cost of basic utilities, groceries, and housing are all well over what you would usually expect to pay.

Even so, the load of the population here is clear proof that the city does have a lot to offer its residents.  It is charged with a competitive and open job market and has plenty of great opportunities for those looking to start their career. San Diego is also extremely business-friendly with the diversity of the population that resides in the city, which makes it a top choice for business owners launching their first gig.

A fast-paced lifestyle, the likes of which is found in San Diego can only be fueled by internet, TV, and phone services that are just as fast. Fortunately, for those moving to the San Diego area, the city does have a great broadband distribution with multiple wired and wireless providers. The most popular among them is AT&T with its copper and fiber-optic internet services. So let’s get into the fast internet plans in San Diego, CA, and how AT&T manages to stand out among others. 


Residential Internet Access in San Diego, CA


When we talk about high-speed internet access to residential areas in San Diego, CA, there are quite a few contenders in the city. Over 97% of the population has access to multiple wired providers at their addresses in the city of San Diego, CA.  AT&T has one of the largest availability in the city, boasting coverage of about 94.8%. Cox and Spectrum come next on the list, bringing coverage of about 54.3% and 46.1%, respectively.

Access to fiber internet in residential areas is about 33% of the population in the city of San Diego. Of all the residential fiber internet available in the city, most of it is actually part of the large AT&T multi-gig fiber network. Meanwhile, Google Fiber only serves about 3.6% of the population.

San Diego also has an established wireless internet network, especially for those living well outside the city bounds. The largest wireless internet providers here are HughesNet and Viasat, both of which provide 100% coverage to the city via their high-speed satellite tech.  

Now that we have established the top providers in the city of San Diego, let us have a look at the largest provider in the city – AT&T.




AT&T Internet is the largest service of many provided by this telecom giant. With its plans, you can enjoy high-speed internet delivered via its IPBB technologies, which are a mix of multiple DSL variants. This service comes in a variety of speed tiers, ranging from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps, whose availability varies across locations. Also, the data allowance depends on the available speeds; the 100 Mbps speed gets unlimited data, while 75 Mbps or below speeds come with a 1TB data allowance. AT&T high-speed internet plans are extremely affordable for the value you get and fall right in range if you are looking for a fast internet connection on a budget.

AT&T Fiber internet in San Diego is a step ahead of high-speed DSL internet, bringing you access to multi-gig speeds on one of the largest fiber networks in the country. With AT&T Fiber, you can enjoy symmetrical upload and download speeds along with a bunch of other perks too. Some crowd-favorite service features of AT&T Fiber include:


  • The fastest internet provider among others, serving multi-gig speeds up to 5 Gbps
  • More download and upload speeds and bandwidth in comparison to other broadband types
  • Unlimited data for downloads, streaming, and more
  • No annual contracts to worry about
  • Advanced internet security suite by ActiveArmor comes included in the price
  • Innovative AT&T Gateway device – the AT&T All-Fi. It supports multi-gig speeds on multiple devices, whole home Wi-Fi along with parental controls, and more
  • Switch to AT&T Fiber and get additional reward cards that will cover the cost of your switch within 6 weeks of service activation. Available in limited areas.



AT&T Fiber: Pricing Plans


AT&T offers its fiber plans in a number of speed tiers, from 300 Mbps to a whopping 5000 Mbps (5 Gig). Depending on what is available in your region, you can most likely choose from a diversity of speed tiers. Not only does it get you blazing-fast speeds, but you can also enjoy unlimited data with all fiber plans without worrying about any annual commitments.

One of the best things that AT&T Fiber is particularly well-known for is its well-priced fiber plans that get you high internet speeds without being too hard on your pocket.

AT&T Fiber Internet in San Diego is not available in all locations. To accurately determine the AT&T speeds available at your address, please call 1-855-925-2541.


Internet Plans Speeds Data Allowance Price

AT&T Fiber 300

300 Mbps


$55/mo. plus taxes
Autopay and paperless billing req’d.
Ltd. avail/areas.

Internet 500

500 Mbps


$65/mo. plus taxes
Autopay and paperless billing req’d.
Ltd. avail/areas.

Internet 1000

1 Gbps


$80/mo. plus taxes
Autopay and paperless billing req’d.
Ltd. avail/areas.


2 Gbps


$110/mo. plus taxes
Autopay and paperless billing req’d.
Ltd. avail/areas.


5 Gbps


$180/mo. plus taxes
Autopay and paperless billing req’d.
Ltd. avail/areas.


 Since there is no promotional pricing for AT&T Fiber plans, there is no price hike after 12 months. No matter how long you decide to stick to the service, you pay the price you started at, unless the provider raises prices altogether, which too, is rare.



Pair AT&T Fiber with DIRECTV via Internet



One of the best ways to maximize your entertainment with AT&T Fiber is to pair services with DIRECTV via Internet. The DIRECTV via Internet is a live TV streaming service that works seamlessly with AT&T Fiber internet. It is perfect for people who enjoy a nice selection of live TV channels along with a whole library of streaming content. DIRECTV via Internet has a variety of features that make it the ideal pick with your Fiber Plan.


  • No contracts with the service. Cancel at any time (unless you are on an installment plan for the DIRECTV device)
  • A large lineup of local and popular channels up to 150+, including sports and more
  • Enjoy free access to SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, EPIX® & Cinemax® for a limited time
  • Watch TV on the go with the easy DIRECTV App
  • A great on-demand library with over 65,000 titles to enjoy
  • Easy self-setup with no installation cost
  • DIRECTV device is compatible with a number of devices, so you can use your own device with the service as long as it is compatible
  • 20 hours of cloud DVR comes included in the price


DIRECTV via Internet has four plans, which primarily differ on the basis of live channels available and on-demand content. Enjoy an all-in-one TV experience with the DIRECTV via Internet plans.


DIRECTV via Internet Plan Live TV Channels On-Demand Titles Price*

Entertainment Package



$49.99/mo. plus taxes for 2 months

$69.99/mo. plus taxes thereafter

Choice Package



$69.99/mo. plus taxes for 2 months

$89.99/mo. plus taxes thereafter

Ultimate Package



$84.99/mo. plus taxes for 2 months

$104.99/mo. plus taxes thereafter

Premier Package



$129.99/mo. plus taxes for 2 months

$149.99/mo. plus taxes thereafter

*Ltd. time offer. For new customers only. Avail. in select sales channels. Price subject to change.



AT&T Fiber in San Diego is a great service to count on. It gets your super-fast and symmetrical upload and download speeds along with unlimited data and that too without annual contracts. Enjoy an innovative Wi-Fi experience with the novel AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway, complete with an advanced security suite and parental controls.  Plus, with all AT&T Fiber plans you get a switcher reward card that helps you cover the early termination fee (ETF) charges of your previous contract.

AT&T Fiber is the perfect companion to go with DIRECTV via Internet, for it gets you live TV but more importantly, fixes you up with thousands of hours’ worth of on-demand content. Stream all you like with the DIRECTV via Internet and find all your favorite entertainment options in one place.

Most areas in San Diego have access to speeds offered by AT&T Fiber. To determine the availability of AT&T Fiber at your address, call now at 1-855-925-2541.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Does AT&T have fiber optic internet in San Diego?


AT&T does offer Fiber internet in San Diego. People with access to AT&T Fiber in San Diego can choose from a variety of plans and even multi-gig speeds. To determine its availability at your address, call 1-855-925-2541.



  1. What are the top home internet providers in my area?


Xfinity, Spectrum, AT&T, Cox, and HughesNet are some of the top internet providers in the U.S. To see which providers are available in your area, please call 1-855-349-9328 and let the experts help you pull up the best deals.



  1. Does AT&T Fiber give you access to parental controls?


You can get access to parental controls via AT&T Fiber. AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway comes included with AT&T Fiber plans and boasts advanced security options including parental controls.



  1. Do you need internet service for your new place?


To learn of the options for your new home call our experts at 1-855-349-9328 and give them your address. They will pull up the top providers and offers in your area.