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In the United States, the ADT brand name has been long associated with home and business security. The brand has existed in some form or another for more around 150 years, and remains among the most widely recognized. As the most experienced home security provider in the industry, ADT today protects millions of homeowners from intruders and burglars, across the country.

Here, we take a look at ADT service features, plans and pricing, equipment and how it stands out as one of the best home security systems available. Compare ADT with other home security offers in the market so you can make an informed decision.  

ADT Security & Smart Home Packages with Pricing

ADT home security services are offered to customers in three packages: The ADT Secure Home Package, Smart Home Package, and the Video & Smart Home package.

ADT Secure Home

This is the most basic of all, and allows you to build your own package. The equipment you get with this customizable option, includes a digital touchscreen panel, 3 door/window sensors, and 1 pet-friendly motion detector.

You can personalize the base-level system by building onto it with equipment such as outdoor and indoor Pro HD ADT cameras, door/window/motion sensors, smoke, CO & flood detectors, smart locks, and Google Nest Mini & Nest Hub Max. A secondary wireless touchscreen can also be included for more mobility.

The ADT Secure Home package starts at $599 if you purchase upfront. And if you want to opt for a flexible financing plan at $0 down and 0% APR, it would cost $9.98/month over the 60-month period. 24/7 Pro monitoring with this package costs $45.99/month.

ADT Smart Home Package

The Smart Home package includes everything you get with Secure Home, plus smart home automation with monitored emergency response. The equipment you get with this package helps you expand security coverage in your home. Besides the digital touchscreen panel, you get 3 door/window sensors, 1 pet-friendly motion sensor, and 1 smart door lock.

And you are at liberty to build onto it the way you want with equipment such as door/window/motion sensors, smoke, CO & flood detectors, smart locks, and Google Nest Mini & Nest Hub Max. For more flexibility you can also include a secondary wireless touchscreen.

The ADT Smart Home Package starts at $849 if you purchase in full. And if you want to opt for the flexible financing at $0 down and 0% APR, it would cost $14.15/month over the 60-month period. 24/7 Pro monitoring with this package costs $49.99/month.

ADT Video & Smart Home Package

The currently offered ADT Video & Smart Home Package is a quite an appealing bargain. It helps you make your home more smart and secure at no added cost. You not only get the digital touchscreen panel, 3 door/window sensors, 1 pet-friendly motion sensor, and 1 smart door lock, but 1 FREE outdoor high-definition ADT camera as well as 1 FREE Google Nest Doorbell - that is a $519 value.

For customization to the T, ADT offers a range of products which include Pro HD indoor and outdoor ADT cameras, door/window/motion sensors, smoke, CO & flood detectors, smart locks, and Google Nest Mini & Nest Hub Max. You can also include a secondary wireless touchscreen if you wish to be able to manage your ADT home security system from wherever you are in the house.

The Video & Smart Home Package currently starts at $849 if you purchase upfront. And with the flexible payment option at $0 down and 0% APR, it would cost $14.15/month over the 60-month period. 24/7 Pro monitoring with this package costs $59.99/month.

Compare ADT Security & Smart Home Packages  

Here is a quick look at how the ADT security and smart home packages compare - see which one has more potential to fit your needs.  


ADT Secure

ADT Smart Home

ADT Video & Smart Home

Professional Installation

Service & Repair Warranty

Theft Protection Guarantee

24/7 Professional Monitoring

6-month Money-back Guarantee

Intrusion Detection

Fire, CO & Flood Monitoring

Touchscreen Control Panel

Voice Control

Remote Access via Mobile App


Smart Home Automation


Video Security



Stored Video Clips



Components of the ADT Security System  

ADT includes a great collection of products that work together seamlessly to create a simple, smart, and safe home for you. ADT's equipment aims to provide you with a solid sense of security, convenience, and comfort. Whether it is about handling an accidental fire, or deterring intruders, ADT's equipment is designed and built to take action with precision when your safety is at risk. Below-mentioned is a comprehensive list of the components that go into ADT delivering one of the best home security services in the U.S.

Below we list the various key pieces of equipment which go into making your home smart and secure - some of these innovative gadgets come included in your package depending on which one you choose, and others you can add-on to customize your base ADT home security system.

Command Panel

Use this smart control panel to monitor and manage your smart security and home automation devices. The Command Panel gives you the ultimate convenience of arming and disarming the ADT alarm system from one central point. You can integrate more devices into it, as you scale up your ADT home security system.

Security Key Fob

The ADT security key fob gives you a one-touch convenient way to arm and disarm your ADT alarms. Its easy to understand icons are help reduce false alarms, no codes needed, and it also includes a panic button.   

Door and Window Sensors

These smart sensors are the front-line detectors of your ADT alarm system. Get alerts anytime a door or window opens when it should not. Text alerts warn you when an entry point breach is detected while the system is armed. ADT offers a range of door and window sensors to fit different home needs.

Motion Sensors

ADT motion sensors give you an extra layer of indoor protection over a wide area, even if you have just one in place. You can customize your motion sensors to trigger alerts and video clip recordings if you wish. The best part about these sensors is they don't pick up motion from pets.  So a household with pets won't have an alarm going off when a cat or dog ends up in the basement or climbs out the window. 

Security Cameras  

Pro HD ADT cameras let you keep an eye on your home virtually from anywhere. Get an outdoor camera to stay on top of what goes around your house in your absence. Or use an indoor camera to check on the elderly, kids or pets at home. These cameras deliver 1080p video quality even when in dark and low-light settings. Additionally, you will have access to features such as two-way audio and video analytics.

Video Doorbell  

ADT offers you to include the Google Nest Doorbell to your package, and know what is happening at your front door no matter where you are. Its compatible with all kinds of homes, sends you intelligent alerts, allows you to capture video of your door step in crystal-clear picture quality, and is designed to let you go back and see if you missed a notification in the last 30 days.

Smoke Detector  

This device is capable of detecting rapidly rising temperatures so an fire hazard alert can be sent out instantly. Enhanced sensors detect smoldering fires quickly while minimizing false alarms  such as caused by cooking. Around the clock monitored fire protection means immediate action is assured at all times.

Remote access makes it possible for you to get alerts no matter where you are, unlock entry points for the first responders, and also manage the flow of air to stop the fire from spreading fast.

Flood Detector

This device can detect water leaks in your basement, near your dishwasher or washing machine, or anywhere else. You receive instant notifications on your phone to help you reduce potential damage. These sensors are battery powered, and easy to install in hard to reach places. And you get remote access via the ADT app.   

CO Detector

These are designed to alert you quickly when a dangerous level of the odorless and colorless carbon mono oxide is detected in your house. First responders will get to the scene even if you are not at home. You get alerts on your phone, you can turn off the air flow to help slow the circulation of gas, and also unlock the entry points to let the first responders in.

Customizable options are available - for spots that are hard-to-wire you can get a wireless CO detector. This ADT alarm for CO hazard is capable of sensing pretty low levels of the gas. And is also quite loud. Plus it has built-in tamper switch which alerts the control panel when a CO detector is removed from its place.

Smart Locks

Want to unlock and lock your door remotely? The ADT smart locks allow you to turn you smartphone into a smart key giving you mobile access. No need to panic if you have left your key inside the house, because the keyless entry feature has you covered. You also get alerts when the smart lock status changes. 

Garage Controller

Left the garage door open? With the smart ADT Garage Controller, you don’t need to worry. You’ll get an instant alert. And using your smartphone and the ADT app you can close it remotely. The ADT garage door controller is compatible with most major brands of garage door openers.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs give you remote control of your lights. Just plug into any outlet, and connect a lamp or a small appliance. Use the ADT app to dim the lights even if there is no dimmer on the lamp. And enjoy never having to return to a dark home!

24/7 Professional Monitoring

With 24/7 professional monitoring by ADT, you can rest assured your home and family will always be protected. Experience home security professionals keep an eye on everything for you around the clock, whether you are home or away!

ADT Mobile App

The ADT app gives you the ability to stay on top of things no matter where you are. Its essentially an extension of the capabilities of the ADT Command panel. And adds tremendous flexibility and convenience to your smart home security regime. Arm and disarm the ADT security system and control other smart devices - the ADT app puts it all at your fingertips.

Subscribing to an ADT Home Security System

ADT starts you off with a service subscription with a free expert consultation, and you can receive a free quote too. An expert will inspect your property and recommend a customized home security system based on your needs.

When you sign up for an ADT home security system you have the option to pay in full or choose the flexible payment option based on monthly installments. The per month 24/7 professional monitoring charge is on top of that. A credit check maybe required for the final quote.

Installation & Setup

ADT security systems are professionally installed to ensure homeowners get the best service. The cost of installation varies based on the package you choose. But in most cases it is around $150.

Installers are trained to determine the best spots to place devices around your house, and they also make sure the aesthetics of your home is not compromised.

Once your system has been installed, you will need assistance with setting up the software, connecting the system to your Wi-Fi network and integrating any other connected smart home devices. To start with you must also learn how to arm and disarm the system.

ADT vs Competitors

There are a number of home security providers in the United States, all offering a unique set of features with services which are likely to fit a range of consumer needs. Here is a quick comparison of ADT security services with 3 top competitors in terms of the cost incurred:






Initial Cost





Contract Length

36 months

No annual contract required

42-60 months

No annual contract required

Trial Period

6 months


30 days

60 days

Installation Options


DIY & Professional



Monthly Fees





Final Words

You should consider ADT if you want a provider that has years of experience in the security industry, and 24/7 monitoring centers across the country that provide excellent professional support. With comprehensive ADT home security systems, you get a variety of devices and features that can guard your home against hazards of any kind.

However, determining what you need can be challenging. Moreover each homeowner has different security needs – whether you prefer a base-level smart system or a complete one, an ADT specialist can help you choose a plan that fits your security needs. Speak to an ADT Customer Service representative at 1-844-343-1168 and talk to an expert to get a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my ADT package?

Yes. You can customize your ADT package by adding more smart products according to what your home automation and security needs are. The ADT experts who visit the site to make assessments and provide a free quote can also help you with customization. For more details call at 1-844-343-1168.

Does ADT offer financing options?

Yes, ADT offers different financing options and payment plans. However, the provider will check your credit history before letting you know which flexible payment plan is available to you. Current offers include 60-month financing at $0 down and 0% APR. For more details call at 1-844-343-1168.

How much does ADT charge monthly for professional monitoring?

ADT 24/7 professional monitoring plans start at $45.99/mo. For more details call at 1-844-343-1168.