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For any homeowner, the security of their home is one of the top priorities. A secure home can have significant impact on how one functions within it, including their productivity and quality of sleep. A well-protected home will allow homeowners peace of mind and make their life hassle-free, since they will be able to monitor all areas of their home remotely and with the utmost ease.

A lot of people tend to look for good sources to protect their home, and home security companies are one of the best options to do so. ADT is a security services company which has been successfully assisting American homes and businesses at doing just that for over 140 years. And here is why you must also consider ADT Home Security services if you are looking for a trusted name to help make your family and belongings secure.

ADT Home Security: The Long-Trusted Name

ADT has been in the business of securing Americans for nearly a century and a half. Committed to the aim of delivering the best services and products to make homes and businesses safe from harm, ADT’s journey to the 21st century has been marked by innovation. From the telegraph-based alert created over 140 years ago to modern smart home security systems, ADT is a pioneer in the field of home security, and today holds the trust of over 6 million subscribers.

Smart security is what many are now opting for, and for good reason. It is an effective and convenient way to ensure your home stays safe from threats, whether internal or external. Smart security systems allow homeowners to monitor and control their homes remotely, allowing them to feel much more comfortable and secure.  

Backed by 9 company-owned monitoring centers, and more than 17,000 professionals in 200 locations across the U.S., ADT Home Security services and products arm you with award-winning smart home security solutions customized to fit your life and protect what matters the most.  

Here’s How ADT Home Security Keeps You Safe

ADT is one of the most reliable companies to secure your home, and here are a few reasons why as a homeowner you should consider ADT services and products.

ADT Smart Security Products Don’t Fail

Smart security can work wonders in your daily life. This is because with a well-protected home, you can be a lot more productive, get better sleep at night and become more responsible and aware of the surroundings. It allows you to transform your home into a smart one. Meaning you will have access to technology that saves you a lot of time and effort.

ADT gives you all the tools that put all control at your finger tips both onsite and remotely. You can simply access the system through an app in your phone, which you carry at all times. Whether it’s security cameras, video doorbells or smart locks, ADT will help make your home a much better place to live in.

Explore ADT Smart Home Products

ADT Services and Benefits

ADT Home Security covers a range of services. And, you may wonder which ones are worth opting for. But, this becomes quite easy by looking through customizable ADT packages.

Top-of-the-line security services with the ADT advantage, smart home automation which makes your life simple, live video feeds for you to always stay in the loop. And, to complement all of that, security essentials which give you peace of mind. That is what you get as ADT takes things over to make it all secure for you.  

ADT also offers additional benefits to customers.

  • You work with highly qualified professionals who ensure a hassle free installation customized to your needs.
  • You get same-day or next-day service once you’ve signed up with ADT. After all it is only logical to be prompt when it’s a matter of securing what you value.
  • When you call ADT, you speak to a real person, who stays with you until a resolution to your concern is reached.
  • It is risk free to subscribe to ADT with the 6-month money-back guarantee. If ADT is unable to resolve your system concerns, you get your installation and monitoring fees refunded.
  • ADT helps you move with its Mover’s Savings Package. You get the best options, and earn discounts for your new home, when you continue to trust ADT at keeping your home, valuables and family safe.  

Customize ADT Home Security

Different homes have varying requirements, which means a single package cannot work for every home and family. For this reason, ADT offers a range of customizable packages for homeowners to select from.

Your options are ADT Secure, ADT Smart and ADT Complete. Each comes with its own features and scope to build on, thus helping you protect your home to whatever extent you see fit. But, each of these packages also have a few common features, such as 24/7 alarm monitoring, pro-installation, and service & repair warranty.

  • ADT Secure is the most basic, and gets you all the essentials to cover the ins and outs of home security. If you don’t want to include smart home devices or cameras to your system, this package is a great choice.
  • ADT Smart integrates gives you everything you get with ADT Secure, and integrates smart home tech with your security system. It is a wise choice if you’d like to be able to add smart devices to the same platform.
  • ADT Complete includes essentials from ADT Secure, home automation from ADT Smart, and complements all of that with live HD video feed for real-time surveillance.

Explore ADT Smart Home Security Packages

High-End ADT Home Security Equipment

ADT equipment alone is one of its most attractive features. Whether it is to detect a potential fire hazard or ward off intruders, ADT equipment is designed to ensure nothing goes wrong when it comes to your safety. From smart home sensors and security cameras to fire, home & life safety equipment, ADT makes the best quality available.

Managing and monitoring your ADT smart security system is as convenient as it gets. The user-friendly ADT Command helps you protect what you value while giving you wireless access to the entire system via a digital touch control panel. Check system status at a glance, arm or disarm devices with one-touch or call for help with a single push-button, and do a lot more. ADT helps you create a living space you can thrive in without worrying about likely disasters caused by your negligence or absence. Because with the ADT Control app you are constantly updated about the security status of your home.

ADT Gets You Protection against Multiple Threats

One of the best features of ADT Home Security services is you find protection against multiple potential hazards likely to occur in your home. ADT endeavors to give you complete control of the most sensitive aspects of your home security, as well as 24/7 ready help.

Whether it is about protecting pets from home fires and residents from CO nightmares or getting timely life-saving medical help via the red panic button on the ADT panel, ADT gives you a number of reasons to trust it and protect you.


Anyone planning on setting up a home security system must consider a few different factors to ensure they not only get the best security possible for their home but are able to get the best deal for it. ADT provides you with customized smart home security systems that make your lifestyle smarter, simpler, and more secure.

For more information about ADT Home Security and details on available offers speak to an ADT Customer Service representative at 1-844-343-1168.


Do you need internet for ADT?

While some of the services require you to have an internet connection, there are some ADT services that can be utilized without an internet connection.

Can I install the system myself?

ADT requires professional installation, so you cannot install it by yourself at home.

Can I access ADT remotely?

One of the benefits of having this system is being able to monitor it remotely. Every ADT security system is monitored, so you will be contacted and notified as soon as your alarm system is triggered.