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ADT is one of the pioneers of home security solutions in the U.S., with experience that dates back over 140 years. Whether it is professional monitoring for your home security or automating your home to accommodate all of your needs, ADT has you covered in all aspects. Being around for so long with top-quality services, ADT is one of the most widely trusted solutions for home security throughout the United States.

In this article, we discuss all that there is to know about ADT packages and plans, tiers of service, features, and a whole lot more. So let us get to it!

Why Choose ADT for Your Home?

ADT is a home security service, but what really makes it stand out from the crowd of all other similar providers? The answer is simple. Not only does ADT have decades of experience to offer just the right services and monitoring, but it also offers a variety of perks. With ADT, you can be assured of the safety of your family and property all at the same time. Here is a list of some of the benefits you get when you choose ADT security.

  • Theft protection guarantee: In case a robbery occurs even though your ADT security system is armed, ADT covers up to $500 worth of your insurance deductible
  • 24/7 professional monitoring: Get the full security experience with award-winning monitoring at the ADT centers with professionals to handle all sorts of emergencies
  • A 6-month money-back guarantee: Plenty of time to install the service and get a feel of it before you decide to commit full time
  • Live-video streaming: See all the live camera feeds on your phone or other devices and keep an eye on everything that matters
  • Smart home automation with the Z-Wave technology: Powered by the innovative Z-Wave tech, ADT supports smart home automation. Hook up as many smart devices as you need and live in your dream house!


ADT Packages – Get Professional Monitoring for Your Home!

Professional monitoring by ADT is the most popular of all ADT services because it ensures all the important people and things in your life are taken care of no matter what. ADT offers three tiers of professional monitoring plans. All three plans come with a basic simple setup which includes the following components:

However, the three service tiers do have a difference in the number of devices they offer, not to mention they are all fully customizable. Hence, you can personalize your home system depending on your needs and can add on more devices if your home system requires it.

Let us take a look at each of the three main ADT packages and all that they have to offer. To learn more about ADT plans in your area, call 844-343-1168 today!

Secure Home: Service Features & Pricing

If you are looking for a basic home security setup and just want coverage on the safety front, the ADT Secure Home plan is perfect for you. There are no cameras included in this setup, but it does meet the requirements if you are going for a well-protected house. Customization for Secure Home with ADT is available in two ways.

The pricing for the setup alone starts from $599 as a one-time fee, depending on what piece package you get. Alternatively, you can go for financing options with 0% down and 0% APR starting at $9.98 per month for 60 months (5 years). Plus once your system is in place and ready, you only have to pay the professional monitoring service fee which comes up to only $45.99 per month with a 36-month contract.

Smart Home: Service Features & Pricing

If you are looking to take things up a notch with home automation, Smart Home is more up your alley. It comes with everything on your Secure Home plan, plus a smart plug, a smart lock, and the ability to arm/disarm the system digitally. This plan can also be customized in two ways.

The pricing for the Smart Home setup starts from $849 as a one-time fee, depending on what piece package you get. On the other hand, you can even go for financing options with 0% down and 0% APR starting at only $14.15 per month with a 60-month agreement (5 years). Plus, the professional monitoring service fee for it comes with it is only $49.99 per month with a 36-month contract.

Video & Smart Home: Service Features & Pricing

Those looking to get the full security and automation experience with ADT can get this highest tier of service. It comes with all of the items on the Smart Home plan, along with an HD indoor camera, a doorbell camera, live video monitoring, and even customizable alerts. Like the other two, this plan can also be customized in two ways.

The pricing for Video and Smart Home setup starts at $1388 as a one-time fee, depending on what piece package you get. Or, you can choose to get financing options with 0% down and 0% APR starting at only $15.44 per month with a 60-month agreement (5 years). The professional monitoring service fee for this plan comes up to $61.99 per month with a 36-month contract.

Here is a table to give you a quick and short recap of all the ADT security systems and professional monitoring costs. For more information or a free quote, call 844-343-1168 now!

ADT Packages

System Price

Professional Monitoring Price

Secure Home

$599 Upfront

With a 36-month monitoring contract

Smart Home

$849 Upfront
$14.15/mo. *

With a 36-month monitoring contract

Video + Smart Home

$1388 Upfront

With a 36-month monitoring contract

*Financing available at 0% down and 0% APR for 60 months. Data effective as of publish date. For the latest plans and pricing, call 844-343-1168

Protect your peace of mind with ADT Security!

DIY Your ADT Security System with Self-Setup

The ADT Self-setup allows you the freedom to take care of your security exactly the way you like. It does not require professional installation and allows complete customization with smartphone control. It works through the ADT+ app and is even compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Customers can choose between three tiers of ADT Self-setup plans.

The most basic of ADT DIY systems start at $79.99 and comes with a central hub and the ADT+ app.  The price of these setups can go up to $479.98, depending on how advanced your system is and how many components you add to it. Financing for the ADT Self-setup systems is not available and you are expected to pay the entire amount upfront. But, since you can take a basic plan and build on it as you like, you have the freedom to go as your budget allows.

Although these ADT DIY systems are meant to be self-monitored, there is an option to add professional monitoring if you want more security. You can add it to your plan for as low as $24.99 per month but it can go up to $34.99 per month if you have a more intricate and detailed system.

Contracts with ADT

All ADT professionally monitored systems come with a monitoring contract of 36 months (3 years). Additionally, if you decide to go for a financing option for your ADT equipment and installation costs, you can decide on the term of your contract. Most customers choose to go for the lowest monthly charge, which comes up to a contract of 60 months or 5 year time period.

Contracts with ADT help you get the best home security services for the best price the provider has to offer. Plus, it allows you the stability and convenience of financing and getting your service in one place without having to worry about switching every few months.


The best thing about ADT is that whether you choose to go for professional monitoring or not, there is a multitude of options to choose from. From basic security to smart home, and video monitoring there is so much to get with ADT. For the best possible experience, we suggest you pick your preferences and speak to a representative of ADT customer service at 844-343-1168.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ADT Security?

ADT is a provider of home security solutions and has been around for over 140 years. You can rely on top monitoring services with ADT including a range of burglar alarm systems, security devices, detectors, and other components. It is designed to alert the authorities in case of any emergency such as break-ins, robberies, etc.

Check the best ADT packages in your area. Call 844-343-1168 today!

How do I choose the right ADT package for my home security?

Since ADT offers a range of products and service tiers, picking one can sometimes be a tricky job. The simplest way to choose a system for your home is to make a security assessment of the needs of your home. After this, you can call

ADT customer service 

at 844-343-1168 to request a free quote!