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As a homeowner, your top priority is to ensure that both your property and loved ones are safe, at all times. This is one of the key reasons why so many homeowners have started opting for smart home security solutions. ADT Home Security is one of the largest home security systems in the U.S. ADT Home Security costs are well worth the wide range of features and services.

A home without any occupants is the most vulnerable when it comes to burglaries and theft. This is especially true for those who travel often, and their home is unoccupied. However, with ADT security products, you can now know that your home is safe in your absence.

In addition, these systems alert you through their third-party apps if anything out of the ordinary occurs in and without your absence. If you have been on the edge about subscribing to ADT packages, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about ADT Home Security, from its pricing and products to the advantages of signing up for it.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

ADT Packages & Systems

ADT Service ADT Secure ADT Smart ADT Complete
Intrusion Detection
Touch-screen Control Panel
Voice Control Integration
24/7 Alarm Monitoring
Pro Installation
Service & Repair Warranty
Smart Home Automation ×
Remote Access ×
HD Real-time Surveillance × ×
Stored Footage × ×

Before we dive into ADT home security prices, it’s important to understand and know the type of security system packages ADT offers. The type of home security systems you should get primarily depends on your security preferences, the type of protection you are looking for, and the property size.

ADT offers three home security packages and also allows you to build a customized package as well, that best meets your security needs. Here are all the three ADT packages and its features:

ADT Secure

The ADT Secure package comes with all the security features that ensure your home is protected at all times. With the ADT Secure package, you get basic security systems such as intrusion detection, 24/7 alarm monitoring, service and repair warranty, etc.

Moreover, you get one touchscreen control panel, one motion detector, and a total of three door and window sensors. The rental for all of the equipment is $9.98/mo. for five years. You can also add more equipment at an additional cost.

ADT Smart

The ADT Smart package comes with all the security systems included in the ADT Secure package, alongside smart home automation and remote access. With the ADT Smart package, you get all the equipment included in the ADT Secure package, with an extra smart plus and smart door lock.

The rental for all of the equipment is $15.32/mo. for five years. You can also add more equipment at an additional cost.

ADT Complete

The ADT Smart package comes with all the security systems included in the ADT Smart package, alongside HD real-time surveillance and stored footage. With the ADT Complete package, you get all the equipment included in the ADT Smart package, with one smart doorbell and an indoor HD camera.

The rental for all of the equipment is $17.48/mo. for five years. You can also add more equipment at an additional cost.

ADT Home Security System Cost

We understand why you might consider ADT Home Security to be more expensive than the alternatives. However, we have shared the security systems and features it offers in all of its home security plans. In other words, ADT product prices are well worth the money.

Call ADT Customer Service today to sign up for the best home security solution!

You can even call ADT customer service to help you decide which package meets your home security needs, and your budget. Let’s look at ADT home security prices:

ADT Packages Monitoring Pricing
ADT Secure From $45.99/mo.
ADT Smart From $49.99/mo.
ADT Complete From $59.99/mo.

*Pricing excluding taxes.

The ADT Secure package is ideal for a small home that needs all the basic home security systems. However, if you have a large home with multiple stories, we would recommend that you sign up for the ADT Complete package. In addition, you can always add more security systems at an additional cost.

The good thing about ADT home security prices is that they are flexible. The pricing is not fixed. In other words, you can customize the package, and even choose how you plan on paying for the package and equipment. You can either pay a monthly rental fee for the equipment or pay upfront for the next five years.

Most, if not all ADT customers prefer the first option, as it is more convenient to pay monthly. However, if you choose to pay upfront, you will only have to pay for the monthly package and the rented equipment. Although ADT packages cost more than their competitors, it offers more security systems, alongside professional installation for all the packages.

The one thing you need to know is that ADT requires you to sign a monitoring contract. You can choose your preferred contract term, and if you choose to terminate the contract, you will be eligible for an Early Termination Fee (ETF).

Why Choose ADT Home Security Packages?

ADT Home Security ensures that all its systems are installed by professionals and consider all safety measures while doing so. ADT provides its customers with a digital keypad to arm and disarm their home security system. You will need to set a code for it to disable your security system each time you enter.

In addition, if a potential intruder tries to enter your property, the alarm will be triggered and ADT will contact you for verification purposes. If something is amiss, ADT will immediately dispatch law enforcement to your address.

Apart from these reasons, here’s why you should, choose ADT as your home security provider:

Smart Security Cameras

ADT uses wireless technology to ensure that your home is not covered by any cables or wires. ADT offers both indoor and outdoor smart wireless security cameras. You can now keep an eye on your home remotely, through ADT’s mobile app.

If you want both indoor and outdoor security cameras and also get real-time updates, we would recommend that you sign up for the ADT Complete package.

Professional Installation

When you sign up for any ADT home security package, ADT will send their installer to your address to conduct a full evaluation of the property. He will make all the places where the security system will be installed. Once everything is finalized, he will then come to install all your home security systems.

All the home security systems will be installed in places that will maximize your property’s overall security.

ADT Customer Service

ADT is known for its exceptional customer service. Should you have any doubts or worries, ADT customer service is always available to help you out. To ensure that all new customers are satisfied, ADT offers a 6-month money-back guarantee for all of its packages. Moreover, ADT also offers a service and repair warranty for all of its packages.

This warranty does not apply to security systems that were damaged by the user.

All in All

Well, there you go!

ADT packages are specifically designed for every household, both small and big. If you have a large home and travel regularly the ADT Complete package will ensure that your home is always safe. Moreover, you can remotely access your security systems and receive real-time alerts.

We have shared everything about all three ADT packages in great detail, and the equipment you get with each package. We hope you now have a better understanding of ADT Home Security Cost and why ADT is the best home security solution provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ADT Home Security Cost reasonable?

Although ADT packages may cost more than the competition, you get more security systems. You get the best equipment to ensure the safety of your home and only have to pay a minimum monthly fee.

Which is the best ADT package?

The ADT Secure package is ideal for a small home, and the ADT Complete package is ideal for larger homes with multiple stories and doors.

Why should I choose ADT?

ADT offers 24/7 professional monitoring and professional installation as well. You will never have to worry about your home's safety again.

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