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Finding the right internet provider isn’t always hassle free, but it does not have to be an arduous process either. With some good luck and a little homework on your part, you can land the right option at your address. Especially when you are a resident of Dallas, Texas, where on average homes get 3-5 providers to choose from.

Dallas, the central hub of Texas, sits at the core of the largest metropolitan area in Southern U.S. Its diverse economy thrives on sectors such as information technology, telecom, transportation, financial services, and defense. Not only it is home to many Fortune 500 companies, but over 40 colleges and universities are situated in its metropolitan area. Movers from around the U.S. relocate here to avail themselves of the opportunities in its booming job market, and start a new life. This explains why the city’s businesses and residents alike are served by some of the biggest names in the ISP industry.

Our article today endeavors to help you understand how you can prepare yourself to assess options, and compare better when you are out to buy. Read on, and familiarize yourself with ISPs you are likely to choose from in your Dallas neighborhood.

Residential internet access in Dallas, Texas

Dallas is served by 22 residential service providers. And while it is not the best-connected city in Texas, it definitely has industry giants like AT&T and Spectrum serving almost the entirety of its population. Overall, 98% of Dallas residents are able to access multiple wireline services at their address.

Among wired options, there are 3 types - hybrid high-speed internet, Cable and Fiber. Cable is accessible everywhere, hybrid high-speed connections are available to around 91% and Fiber offerings cover about 70% city residents. As for wireless types of internet in Dallas, these include Satellite and Fixed Wireless, with 100% and about 40% coverage in the city.

Besides big shots like AT&T and Spectrum, other noteworthy service providers in the market include EarthLink, Rise Broadband, Windstream Kinetic, Grande Communications and HughesNet.

How to choose an internet provider in Dallas, TX?

If the sheer number of ISPs has started to overwhelm you, don’t get all anxious. Because next we will help you identify the metrics upon which you can compare offerings, methodically and easily. Picking a suitable internet provider in Dallas maybe daunting, but finding the one that can satisfy your needs within your budget is not impossible. Know the factors you must count into your decision making process, and you’ll see how that helps you narrow down to the best possible.

1. Availability

This is the biggest deciding factor for consumers anywhere. But as long as you are located in an urban or suburban parts of the city that are within the reach of wireline services, you are likely to have a good variety to pick from. Only if you happen to be part of a community that is unable to access a high-speed wired internet option, the wireless types of internet such as Satellite and Fixed Wireless, become a viable option.

In either case, we recommend when you are out in the market to shop, determine which providers are serving your neighborhood before you proceed to compare their offerings.

2. Connection type

Given how the broadband market shares in Dallas are set up, among wired options you are most likely to see Cable pitched against hybrid high-speed internet or Fiber in most vicinities. And this is where it becomes critical for you to know what type of internet will serve your needs the best.

Fiber is the latest and the fastest type of internet, and for ultra connected homes where multiple devices and users are online simultaneously, it is the best you can get. But if you do not require super-fast symmetrical speeds, Cable internet is a befitting choice for regular to extensive usage in mid to large sized households. Hybrid high-speed internet gets you decently fast speeds too, but is more suitable for a smaller family with fewer users and devices.

As for Fixed Wireless, it gets you fast speeds at affordable rates relative to Satellite which is one of the priciest options. These types rely on a wireless infrastructure, and so reliability can be a little iffy in harsh weather conditions. But where no high-speed wired option is available, satellite and fixed wireless internet give you a way to stay on top of everyday tasks. Just remember, Fixed Wireless fares much better than Satellite when it comes to latency.

3.  Speed

Speed is the most important factor for the vast majority of consumers, however you must consider your household size and the internet usage to determine the speed you’ll need for a seamless online experience. Otherwise it is likely you’ll find yourself paying for speed you do not use, or subscribing to a plan which does not provide you enough speed to support your activities.

Working from home, virtual learning, everyday tasks such as shopping and banking online, streaming video content, playing competitive games etc. All these activities are now routine in most American homes, and more than one user/device are usually connected to the home network. So make an estimate of what sort of a speed range will keep all users and devices in your home reliably connected, and pick a plan in line with that.  

4. Data  

Internet service providers in Dallas offer both capped and uncapped plans. You may not like the idea of a data cap, however the consideration to make is whether or not you need unlimited data. An unlimited internet plan is definitely good to have as it eliminates the anxiety of running out of data or having to pay an overage fee. But does it really cut the deal for your home?

We’d say unless you are able to land an unlimited data offer at an affordable rate, as with Spectrum or Windstream, don’t count offers with a data cap out of the contest. These can prove to be a safe bet if you have taken into consideration your data usage and matched it with what is offered.  

For instance AT&T provides its hybrid high-speed Internet with a 1 TB data cap for speeds below 100 Mbps. But that is not necessarily a downside. One terabyte (1000 GBs) of data can easily support average household usage without a breach.

5. Price

In terms of pricing you are likely to find most options fall in the same range for a given connection type and speed. When comparing you should therefore weigh the offerings in terms of the perks you get, and check out the cost to speed ratio.

Also remember, the monthly service charge is not the only cost you incur. There is an upfront cost of installation, and there is a monthly rental fee for the internet equipment which is added on, unless the device comes included.

Plus most ISPs put out promotional offers, and following the expiry of the promo term the monthly service charge hikes up to the standard rate. It is therefore prudent to compare the standard pricing of available options at the time of shopping.

6. Contracts

ISPs in the Dallas market offer both contractual plans and otherwise. If you are not in for a long term commitment, consider month-to-month options. This way you will save yourself from incurring a hefty early termination fee in case you cancel before the term of the contract expires.

Also, promotional offers from different providers work differently. While some ISPs charge you a fee if you cancel before the end of the promo term, others do not.

Make sure you read the fine print to familiarize yourself with these aspects, and choose accordingly.

Top internet providers in Dallas, Texas

Here is a listing of the best providers in Dallas, Texas which are also the most widely accessible. Based on the criteria we’ve discussed above you can now check out offerings from these providers, and depending on what maybe available at your specific address, pick the most suitable one.  


  • Availability in Dallas, TX: 100%
  • Connection Type: Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial
  • download speed: 1000 Mbps
  • Data Allowance: Unlimited
  • Starting Promo Price: $49.99/mo. for 200 Mbps (for 12 months)
  • Contract: None
  • Perks: 30-day Money-back Guarantee. Contract Buy-out offer up to $500. FREE Internet modem, antivirus software, and access to millions of nationwide Spectrum WiFi hotspots. You can also find a variety of bundle options with Spectrum cable TV and home phone.

Explore Spectrum Internet offers. To check availability in your area call at 1-844-481-5997.



  • Availability in Dallas, TX:3%
  • Connection Type: Hybrid high-speed Internet, Fiber
  • Max download speed: High-speed Internet download speed maxes out at 100 Mbps. And Fiber offers symmetrical speeds up to 5000 Mbps.
  • Data Allowance: 1 TB for high-speed Internet plans below 100 Mbps, and unlimited for the 100 Mbps service tier. All Fiber plans include unlimited data.
  • Promo Price: High-speed Internet plans are priced at $55/mo. (for 12 months) for all speed tiers. Fiber plans start at $55/mo. for 300 Mbps downloads and uploads.
  • Contract: None
  • Perks: 14-day Money-back Guarantee. Internet equipment and internet security included. Access to nationwide AT&T WiFi hotspots. You can also find a variety of bundle options with AT&T home phone, DIRECTV via Satellite or Internet.

Explore AT&T Internet offers. To check availability in your area call at 1-855-925-2541.



  • Availability in Dallas, TX:7%
  • Connection Type: High-speed DSL and Fiber
  • download speed: High-speed DSL maxes out at 75 Mbps and Fiber at 940 Mbps
  • Data Allowance: Unlimited
  • Starting Promo Price: $49.95/mo. (for 12 months) for high-speed DSL and Fiber starting speeds.
  • Contract: Yes. You are required to sign a contract for 12 months initially. After the end of the first year, you can opt to pay month-to-month or continue with the price locked in for another 12 months.  
  • Perks: The biggest advantage you get with EarthLink is there is no promo pricing. So you get to pay the standard rate from the beginning. In the long term this can work well because you won’t see a hiked up bill after the first 12 months.

Explore EarthLink Internet offers. To check availability in your area call at 1-844-343-1171.


Rise Broadband

  • Availability in Dallas, TX:1%
  • Connection Type: Fixed Wireless
  • download speed: 50 Mbps
  • Data Allowance: Limited and unlimited options available
  • Starting Promo Price: $55/mo. for 25 Mbps downloads and unlimited data
  • Contract: You have the option to sign a long-term contract for 1 or 2 years, and enjoy a promotional discount. Or go with the standard price and pay month-to-month.
  • Perks: The biggest advantage you get with Rise Broadband is it delivers high-speed wireless internet that is low on latency. If you are in a location without high-speed wired internet, Rise Broadband comes out as a strong contender to satellite internet. And if you love competitive online gaming, you should not think twice given how low the latency on a Fixed Wireless connection is relative to Satellite.

Explore Rise Broadband Internet offers. To check availability in your area call at 1-844-343-1169.



  • Availability in Dallas, TX: 100%
  • Connection Type: Satellite Broadband
  • download speed: 25 Mbps
  • Data Allowance: 15 GB to 100 GB depending on the plan
  • Starting Promo Price: $44.95/mo. (for 24 months)
  • Contract: Yes. You are required to sign a contract for 24 months if you are opting for a promotional offer. Standard offers do not require a commitment.
  • Perks: The biggest advantage with HughesNet is you get high-speed internet in an area where no other option delivers the same. Other perks include No Hard Data Limit, FREE Bonus Zone Data (50 GB), Built-in WiFi, and Data-saving features such as the Video Data Saver.  

Explore HughesNet Internet offers. To check available offers in your area call at 1-855-349-9309.

Concluding words

We hope this guide to choosing the right internet provider for your home in Dallas helps with narrowing down to the best one. It can be certainly overwhelming to decide in favor of any, when multiple seemingly worthy options are available. But knowing what serves your needs the best can help check off the boxes quick.

Also, to make the process simpler you can speak to experts at 1-855-349-9328. They will not only apprise you regarding offer availability at your address, but give you pro advice about which plan maybe the right one for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spectrum good in Dallas, TX?

In Dallas, TX, Spectrum offers download speeds ranging from 200 Mbps to 1 GIG.  For your everyday online activities, Spectrum can be a good option to consider.  

Does Dallas, TX have fiber internet?

Yes, fiber internet is available in Dallas, TX. 

Is EarthLink a good provider in Dallas, TX?

If available at your address, EarthLink can be a reliable bet. You can choose between two connection types: DSL and Fiber, and enjoy maximum downloads up to 940 Mbps.

Who provides the fastest internet in Dallas, TX?

In Dallas, TX, AT&T, Spectrum and EarthLink offer the fastest download speeds that max out at 1000 Mbps.