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There’s a time and place for everything and in the case of great internet deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are it. With the tumultuous year that we’ve had, not to forget the second wave of coronavirus that has yet to pass, getting a reliable internet connection is essential for survival. Helping us keep sane and aiding us in our daily tasks, be it working from home or studying, the internet has become an integral part of our lives. Without it, we’d be lost.

With these changing times, however, we find that where once plans offering moderate speeds, data caps, and limited bandwidth were quite satisfactory, they aren’t so anymore. Prior to the pandemic disrupting our lives, people were mostly outside and so used the home internet connection in a limited capacity.

Our daily usage has since then increased. Now, homes have turned into offices and schools alike putting a lot of strain on the internet connection. As families simultaneously stream lectures and attend meetings they feel the need to upgrade their plans.

The only thing standing in the way? Well, the increased monthly bills that are difficult to manage in these trying times. If you too find yourself in the same situation, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at BuyTVInternetPhone, we have all the deals you’ll see this season. Isn’t that perfect? You’ll also be happy to learn that this year internet service providers have gone all out. Offering you extra goodies to tempt you into shifting and upgrading your plans, they are even putting out gift cards which we dare say are a Christmas gift anyone would appreciate. There is also lots of money to be saved and, while their exclusive deals go live on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’d do well to complete your research right now so that when the time comes, you know exactly what to buy.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals You Can Expect

ISPs are for the most part keeping their deals hush-hush and for us, the suspense is the only building which to be fair might be exactly what they were aiming for. Well, they’ve reeled us in and if they think they can keep us from guessing, they couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve scoured the internet for details on the previous year’s deals and we’re here to share our knowledge with you all. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

CenturyLink Internet Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

CenturyLink Internet is big on savings during the shopping festival which is great for users looking to switch providers. Last year we saw CenturyLink offer new users Prepaid Visa Card worth $100 to $150 on bundling their services. The sale was wild in 2019. If it’s only the internet service that you were seeking and could get your friends to sign up with you, the prepaid CenturyLink Visa Card would be offered to you as well.

The fun didn’t end here. if they keep with the spirit this year too, you might be able to subscribe to their two-year contract and get a $5 credit on your bill each month for the duration. This is easy $60 savings a year, not to forget that CenturyLink is one of the few to offer price for life deals. With prices never increasing even after the two-year period, it’s more than worth it in the long run. Then again if you are a free soul who doesn’t want a contract binding them, that option is available as well.

CenturyLink is also known to offer freebies like zero equipment fees, unlimited cloud DVR, and Genie HD DVR upgrade you’re looking at plans that are truly hard to come by.

Xfinity Internet Black Friday Deals

When it comes to Prepaid Visa Cards Xfinity internet is the one with the best deals. Known to offer cards worth $250 when you purchase a phone and transfer your number to Xfinity Mobile, and $150 when you sign up for their TV and internet bundles during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, these deals significantly reduce the overall cost of using their service. And, that’s not counting the lower promotional rates they’re sure to roll out this year as well.

This in itself makes their plans highly desirable this season but guess what, there’s more, tons more where that came from. From their routers to modems to TV boxes, all sported reduced rates during Cyber Monday last year. Even their X1 Flex, XI, xFi, and xFi Complete had their prices marked down. Given how draining these additional costs can be on one’s budget, this is the ideal time to switch to Xfinity internet.

AT&T Black Friday Internet Deals

AT&T internet is not one to shy away from a good sale. In fact, we often find the provider offering its Black Friday bargains in July as well which is great for those of us looking for a mid-year relief. So, what are these great deals that internet users find themselves tempted to each year?

Well, to start off, they offer a whopping $100 AT&T gift card and a $50 Fandango card if you bundle internet with TV services. This applies to new and existing customers so if you aren’t bundled already, now might be the time to do so. For new customers, there’s even more. AT&T Internet offers free activation and a further $10 discount when you sign up for any AT&T internet plans!

These were on offer last year and AT&T might reveal similar deals this year. Whatever the case you can be sure of one thing and that is that new AT&T customers will be getting a $125 reward card when they sign up for internet as a standalone service.

If you’re willing to wait and risk it till Cyber Monday though, you might get even better deals. Last year, AT&T internet offered customers a $250 gift card if they bundled their TV and internet plans. And, that’s not all. Throwing in JBL Link 300 speaker and Polk Command Bar as extra goodies it made for a deal you simply can’t refuse. Chances are they might throw in some freebies this year too though they’ll probably mix it up a bit. Either way, if you have a standalone service in need of bundling you’re in for a treat with AT&T.

HughesNet Internet Black Friday Deals

Cable, DSL, and Fiber connections are great if you have access to them. Too often, however, the people living in rural areas feel excluded. Well, not anymore!

HughesNet, one of the few satellite internet providers in the country, is taking the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales seriously. This year too, we expect them to participate wholeheartedly. If you’re wondering what deals to expect then you’ll be excited to learn that not just free installation and $100 gift cards are on the table for when you sign up. Another $100 card might also be up for grabs when you bundle with DISH TV. These deals were up last year and we expect HughesNet internet to only up the ante. As for Cyber Monday deals, it’ll pretty much be the same so if you need some more time to reach a decision no problem!

RCN Internet Black Friday Deals

Holiday shopping can be really stressful, which is why RCN has got your back! They’ve shared a glimpse of what they’ll be offering so you can make the most out of the sale. The promotions differ from area to area so make sure to call RCN customer service for details, or just keep checking out our page. We’ll be updating you with all the information as soon as it comes.

According to the latest updates, RCN internet will be allowing new users to choose between promotional pricing and Visa gift card with free installation on select offers. In some areas, RCN will also be offering the first three months free! To get these deals you must purchase the plans online and plug in the right coupon code.

Spectrum Internet Black Friday Deals

Spectrum internet is one of the most budget-friendly options out there as it is, so it makes one wonder what they’ll do to sweeten the pot.

Well, while we can’t be really sure what they might have up their sleeves we do expect that they’ll be blending the two shopping holidays and including free equipment and activation services. Considering how much these costs add up, it’s a good deal. What’s more, they too might be developing their own bundle temptations. For Spectrum internet users looking to add TV and phone to their plan, this is the perfect time to sign up. For new users looking to change providers their $500 buyout plan still stands giving you the excuse, you need to move to greener pastures.

Cox Black Friday Internet Deals

This is one provider with little experience when it comes to the mammoth sale festival. We’re sure though that is bound to change this season given the competition Cox is up against. But, honestly speaking this one is not easy to predict. What we can tell you though, is the deals this ISP has been offering these past few years.

Cox internet is best suited for those looking to pay for exactly what they need. With internet plans offering speeds ranging from a mere 10 Mbps all the way up to 940 Mbps, there are more choices for users. Given that starting rates begin at $50 for most providers, knowing you have a $30 option is quite liberating. And, when you bundle it with TV and phone plans you save even more.

Final Words

So, ready for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales? Well, get your rest because you’ll need it. Researching the pros and cons of providers and deals requires an alert mind so be sure to stay in your best form. Then again we realize how busy the holidays are so we’re here to provide you with all the information you need and guide you when the biggest sale of the season hits. With that said, happy holiday to you and your family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday better?

Yes, a hundred times yes. This is the time to buy if you want to save, especially when it comes to TV, internet, phone service, and electronics.

Has Black Friday been canceled for 2020?

Of course, not! The pandemic has caused many disruptions and even if shops might be closed the sale will continue on digital platforms come what may.

How do I find the best internet deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

BuyTVInternetPhone is your all-weather partner in finding you the best deals there are. We’ll update you on all the deals so you can make an informed decision you’ll be happy with for the rest of the year!