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While our smartphones have paved more opportunities for us to stay connected to the world, landline remains in fashion as a reliable mode of communication. It provides a fixed telephone line, which is preferred by many people worldwide for both, long-distance and international calling. In 2021, the number of landline users across the world reached approximately 884 million.

Well, you don’t necessarily need to leave your smartphone for a home phone service as it comes with additional features to optimize your calling experience. However, if sound quality is what you are looking for, then a landline can help you maintain a clear connection—undisrupted by physical obstructions. So, if you are interested in knowing why you should keep the cord, we will enlighten you with a list of reasons why it can be the best choice for your home and office. Keep reading till the end to find out!

Landline Service: The Basics

A landline is a telephone service that transmits audio signals from a source to its destination using a cord. These cords are usually made from coax cables or fiber-optic cables to carry signals between two points.

Landlines are available in two different types: corded and cordless. Corded landlines consist of cables that are connected through a wall jack, whereas the handset and the phone base are connected through a cord. On the other hand, cordless landlines are dependent on electricity to establish a telephone connection. Therefore, they are susceptible to outages in case there is no power in your local area.

With time, landline service providers have scaled up their infrastructure by adding new calling features to their plans and packages. From distinctive ring, priority forward, and three-way calling to non-published number, anonymous call rejection, and one reach plus, landline has come a long way to allow better communication for its users.

Top Landline Service Providers in the United States

Landline phone services with a myriad of irresistible features are now available from nearly every major internet service provider in the U.S. This has helped keep the home phone service cost competitive, with most providers offering plans for under $25 a month, along with features such as international calling and voicemail.

Of course, some providers surpass others, thanks to their plans, pricing, features, customer satisfaction, and terms of service. So, let’s take a look at home phone offerings from some of the most reliable names in the industry.




Xtream Powered by Mediacom

$10.00/mo. (when bundled)

·Unlimited voice calls nationwide

·International calling in 87 countries

·WorldTalk plans without paying hefty charges

·Various calling features, including caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding

Xfinity from Comcast


·Unlimited calls nationwide

·Access to Xfinity Connect Portal for managing phone service

·International calling at competitive prices

·Spam call protection and call blocking features

Optimum by Altice

$15.00/mo. (when bundled)

·Unlimited local and long-distance calling

·20+ incredible calling features

·FREE unlimited access to 411

·Access to Optimum online account for managing your home phone service


$19.99/mo. (when bundled)

·Unlimited calling to U.S., Mexico, Canada, and more

·No added tax or fees

·28+ enhanced calling features, including call blocking and voicemail

·Emergency calls to 911 for instant tracing

Cox Communications

$20.00/mo. (without applicable taxes and surcharges.)

·Unlimited local and international calling

· Crystal-clear sound quality

·14+ calling features, such as simultaneous ring and robocall blocking

·Access to Voice Tools for reading voicemail transcripts and managing your voice preferences


$24.99/mo. (when bundled)

·Unlimited calling in the US and to Mexico, Canada & the U.S. Territories with Phone Unlimited North America plan

·Voicemail-to-text feature

·25+ Calling features, including call screening, exclusive call forwarding, and 3-way calling

Landline Service: Why Should I Keep it?

Here are the top 10 reasons to keep your landline phone services in 2022:


The best thing about having a landline connection is that you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for it. It comes at an affordable price, which will most probably fit within your monthly budget. Providers often give you the choice to bundle phone service with internet and/or TV plans, which can be more cost-effective than standalone plans. Plus, it is more economical to share one home phone line than to have multiple cell lines for each family member.

High Quality

Making voice calls via WhatsApp is all fun and games until your Wi-Fi signals drop. This may indicate that your internet connection is not stable enough to support your bandwidth-intensive online activities. Besides, wireless internet networks can be susceptible to interference, which can get in the way while conducting online meetings or conferences over audio calls. In such situations, you don’t need to fret over the quality of your calling session anymore. Just get a traditional landline connection for your home or office network and you are good to go!

Landline services make use of copper wires to establish a telephone connection that is reliable enough to support voice calling without any interruptions. It may include optical fiber lines to transmit signals through your phone line. Generally, an outside plant is located at the telephone company’s head office, containing multiple tiers of cabling to establish a connection between various distribution points. Since a single pair of wires is capable of delivering high-quality signals at longer distances, this makes it a reliable choice for networks in fixed locations, like households and offices.

Excellent Sound Quality

Landlines carry sound signals with little to no interruptions, compared to wireless devices, such as smartphones. This is because smartphones are developed to perform an array of online tasks; hence, sound quality is not the primary focus of smartphone manufacturers. On the other hand, landlines comprise an infrastructure that is solely built to provide a smooth calling experience. Therefore, they are known to deliver superior sound quality for voice calls with minimal risk of interference.


When it comes to reliability, landlines take the lead! While smartphones require electricity to function, landlines can perform just as well even if there is no electricity across the nation. Even if you are having a power outage in the last couple of hours, it will have no impact on your landline service. In case your smartphone is dead, you can still communicate with your loved ones or emergency services whenever you want.

Security System

Apart from medical devices such as heart monitors and hearing aids, phone lines can be used for home security systems. This means that instead of doubting the results generated by your heart monitor, you can count on the devices running on your home security system for accurate results.

Great Emergency Response

Emergencies call for a prompt response. The sooner you respond or receive a response, the better. However, if you are depending on your smartphone during an emergency, then you may fail to achieve your desired response. This is because cellular devices generate signals based on various factors that can be centered on your specific location and may require a longer time to establish a connection, depending on the signal strength in a given area. For this reason, the landline remains a preferred connection type for emergency responses as it can be used to trace information without any delay. Besides, landline phone services are associated with your physical address, which makes it suitable for emergencies. All you need to do is, dial 911 and your location will be automatically given to the concerned authorities. This way, you don’t need to explain your specific address to emergency responders anymore.

More Convenient

With a smartphone on silent or vibration mode, it can be quite challenging to find your phone even inside your home. No matter where you go, there is a chance that you will end up losing your smartphone in another room. At times, it may fail to notify you regarding important phone calls due to sound issues, making it difficult for you to stay connected to the online world. In such situations, cordless landline phones come to the rescue! These devices are connected to the landline, which allows multiple handsets to be connected to the same phone line. This way, you can keep a cordless phone in each room of your house for more convenience and less hassle.

Suitable for All Ages

Landlines were built to connect a wide range of people irrespective of their ages. Whether you have elderly parents or youngsters at home, a landline service can be equally beneficial for people of all ages. Even if your senior family members are non-tech-savvy, this does not stop them from staying connected to their loved ones through a landline. Besides, many handsets are designed to cater to old people by allowing them to page the phone in case they end up losing the device.


Landlines are easy to use. They come with a simple user interface that enables people to make calls without going through multiple security steps beforehand. Just pick up your cordless phone and dial as many calls as you want without any hassle. Similar to a smartphone, landline service allows you to make local as well as long-distance calls, depending on your calling plan.

Alternative to Smartphones

Landlines have provided an efficient way to make unlimited calls without any limitations. They have been used since the old days when people were restricted to their cords for communication. Despite the advancement in technology over the years, landlines continue to work as a simple yet affordable way to keep people connected, irrespective of their distances from one another. Therefore, to this day, landlines work as a great alternative to smartphones. Unlike wireless devices, they are much cheaper to maintain and easier to use, providing a smooth user experience to their users. So, if you are looking for the best ways to make voice calls, then there is no better option than a traditional landline service for your home or office.

All in All

From affordability to convenience, landlines have made it easier for people to stay in touch in any situation. Despite being a less-mobile option, they provide better sound clarity for long-distance and international calls without compromising the quality of your calling experience. Besides, you don’t need to worry about your call dropping while you are having an important discussion over a phone call.

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