Call for DIRECTV Deals: 855-737-0235

Call For DIRECTV Deals: 855-737-0235

Beam all the TV you love with DIRECTV!

Call at 855-737-0235

Contact DIRECTV Customer Service for Every Solution

Connect with the DIRECTV customer support staff to get immediate help for any questions or concerns you may have. DIRECTV Customer Service will readily take care of requests related to multiple aspects of the TV service.


Sales Support

  • DIRECTV bundle availability in your area
  • Order placement for DIRECTV service
  • Order status information
  • Installation appointments
  • DIRECTV package upgrade
  • Add-on subscriptions

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After-Sales Support

  • 24/7 Technical support
  • DIRECTV account & billing
  • Receivers & other Equipment
  • Streaming & Mobile apps
  • Service troubleshooting
  • Transfer of services to a new address

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DIRECTV Customer Service Numbers

DIRECTV Phone Number for Sales Support

Call at 855-737-0235 for any questions you may have regarding the DIRECTV service.

The staff is well-trained in all things DIRECTV. They can take care of a range of requests for new and existing customers.

  • Check availability of DIRECTV bundles at your address
  • Get recommendations on DIRECTV service plans.
  • Place an order for a DIRECTV package subscription
  • Get information on order status and installation appointment
  • Upgrade your DIRECTV package or ask about subscription add-ons

DIRECTV Technical Support Number

Call at 833-359-1476 to access 24/7 tech support for DIRECTV service.

When your DIRECTV service encounters a rare technical problem, technical support is just a call away.

  • DIRECTV tech support staff receives professional training regarding technical matters. And, can help you identify the problem through careful assessment of the situation.
  • If the problem doesn’t resolve on call, the support staff can arrange to send out a technician to figure out the issue and solve it in person.

DIRECTV Phone Number for Account & Billing

Call at 833-359-1476 for any questions or concerns regarding DIRECTV billing or your account. You can call this number every day—8 a.m. to midnight (ET).

  • Speak to clarify any confusion with your DIRECTV billing or the process of bill payment.
  • Talk to DIRECTV about any questions you may have regarding your account status & management.
  • Get assistance with service aspects such as Pay Per View entertainment.

DIRECTV Customer Service Number for Businesses

Call at 888-388-4249 for customer support for your DIRECTV Business account. You can call this number 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. (ET).

  • DIRECTV business support staff helps you find the right package according to your business’ needs and budget.
  • They can address a number of questions and concerns such as automatic billing, BUSINESS℠ Remote App, Pay Per View entertainment, DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program, and more.

How to Report DIRECTV Outage?

DIRECTV guarantees 99% signal reliability.* And, its rather rare for the service to face widespread outage issues. But when that happens, rest assured DIRECTV quickly gets to identifying and resolving the problem. If you think you are facing an outage, you can either check for service outage in the area by using your ZIP code here or contact DIRECTV at 833-359-1476. The staff will inform you if there is indeed an outage. If that is not the case, there may be issues with the DIRECTV system at your residence. For that, the DIRECTV support staff can help you troubleshoot the problem.

*Based on Nationwide Study of representative cities.

weather that causes DIRECTV outage which can be resolved by contacting DIRECTV customer service

Complement DIRECTV with AT&T Internet for a Perfect Combo

Call at 855-737-0235

How Do I Pay My DIRECTV Bill?

DIRECTV works to provide ultimate convenience to subscribers—the reason why you can pay your DIRECTV bill in a number of ways—and also make payment arrangements, if you think you won’t be able to make the payment by your due date. Take a look at the different modes DIRECTV allows you to choose for bill payment―

Pay Online

  • Pay your DIRECTV bill online at
  • You can pay via your checking account, Debit Card or Credit Card (MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, Discover®)

Use Autopay

  • AutoPay is a useful payment method which helps you avoid a late payment fee.
  • Use your checking account or credit card to set up an auto-payment for your DIRECTV bill.
  • The AutoPay option can be set up through the Billing & Payment section of your DIRECTV online account—sign into and get enrolled with a few clicks.

Online Fast Payment

  • If you don’t often pay your bill online, you can still pay your DIRECTV bill via the one-time payment option when the need arises.
  • Just sign into your DIRECTV online account, and in the Billing & Payment section you will find the Amount area to enter how much you would like to pay.

Pay by Phone

  • Call at 833-359-1476 and say “make a payment” when the automated phone system prompts you to do so
  • If you choose to speak to a customer service representative for assistance with regards to bill payment, you may be charged a one-time $5 processing fee.

Pay via SMS Text Message

  • You can text PAY to 21880, or text BAL for your account balance―all you’ll then have to do is confirm your account by replying “1”, after which you can proceed to pay if your payment information is already on your account. If not, you can enter the payment info when prompted.
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

Pay in Person

Pay by UPS Mail

  • If you would rather mail your DIRECTV bill directly, send your payment at this address: P.O. Box 5007, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5007.
  • You can send a check or money order in the pre-addressed envelope included with your monthly billing statement. In case you don’t have one, mail the payment including your 9-digit DIRECTV account number for identification.

Sign Up, Move, or Cancel your DIRECTV Service

Sign Up for DIRECTV Service

  • Want your own in-home cinema? Sign up for DIRECTV service today!
  • Live TV, tens and thousands of on-demand titles, premium network access, 4K HDR programming, on the go live and on demand TV, Genie HD DVR, and much more is on the menu. As a new customer, you maybe eligible for some exciting promo offers.
  • Call at 855-737-0235 to subscribe to DIRECTV packages!

Move Your DIRECTV Service

Call at 855-632-0766 to make your move to a new home a little easier. Moving is hard, but DIRECTV does not let you worry about the transfer of the TV service at least.

  • Schedule your move, and when you have a move-in date call DIRECTV.
  • Ask about internet and phone deals that maybe available at your new address.
  • Leave the dish behind and take TV receivers and remotes to your new home.

Cancel Your DIRECTV Service

  • Need to cancel your DIRECTV service? Whatever your reason may be, the DIRECTV customer service staff is always ready to address issues and ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Contact the support staff at 833-359-1476 if you wish to cancel or temporarily suspend your DIRECTV service.

Online Self-Help Resources from DIRECTV

DIRECTV makes it possible for subscribers to tap into a wealth of resource materials online. Learn how to get the best from your service, and find simple to understand guides in the DIRECTV Support portal online. Explore the library and find out how to:

Call to the DIRECT customer service number and talk to the representative
  • Get DIRECTV channel info, refresh your channels & service, watch live or recorded TV with DIRECTV app.
  • Prepare for installation, connect Genie HD DVR to the internet, or program your Genie remote control.
  • Setup DIRECTV parental controls, watch DIRECTV on your computer, or stream content from your favorite networks.
  • Resolve error codes and messages, troubleshoot the remote control, or reset the DIRECTV receiver.

More Ways to Connect with DIRECTV

Live Chat

  • DIRECTV offers multiple ways to encourage you to reach out if you are facing service related problems, technical or other—and the live chat option is one of these.
  • You can call at one of the numbers listed above—as per the nature of your question or concern. But if you prefer a remote chat, start one and get help.


  • The official DIRECTV Facebook page lets you engage with Customer Care from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. (CST).
  • Engage in an open conversation with others, and stay in the loop of upcoming service features & offers.


  • @DIRECTV—this is where you go to ask questions about service, device or products.
  • On the DIRECTV twitter account, you’ll also find service related updates and useful tips.


DIRECTV YouTube Channel showcases a library of video tutorials to help you with information about products and services you are subscribed to.

  • Need help with installation and setup process?
  • Want DIRECTV to guide you with getting started?
  • Would like to learn about the advanced DIRECTV service features e.g. the program guide?
  • Or is it that you are looking to understand an error code?
  • Learn about all this and more by connecting with DIRECTV on YouTube.

Community Forums

DIRECTV Community forums is a place where discussions range from DIRECTV account management, installation, equipment, features & apps—and more!

  • Browse through recent conversations on the forum. Quick search options to find if an issue similar to yours has already been addressed on the DIRECTV Forum.
  • If you need to ask a question, do so with a title, make it descriptive, and make sure to choose the right category/topic/tags. DIRECTV support staff and your fellow subscribers—who have experienced a similar situation—will answer back.
Function Phone Number
DIRECTV Sales Support 855-737-0235
DIRECTV Tech Support 833-359-1476
DIRECTV Account & Billing Support 833-359-1476
DIRECTV Business Support 888-388-4249
DIRECTV Closed-captioning Support 833-306-2236

Frequently Asked Questions

Call DIRECTV customer service number i.e. 855-737-0235 for complete sales support, package upgrade, subscription to add-ons and more.

You can pay DIRECTV bill by signing into your DIRECTV online account via the web. Pay in person at an authorized payment locations, or send your payment via mail. You can also pay your bill via the automated phone system.

  • Log into your DIRECTV online account via the web
  • Go to Billing & Payments
  • To make a one-time payment in the Amount area, just enter how much you want to pay
  • Choose a payment type―you can pay via Debit or Credit card and also through your checking account
  • Follow the prompts, and complete the process.

Contact DIRECTV at 833-359-1476 if you wish to cancel or temporarily suspend your DIRECTV service.

DIRECTV doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. However, you can cancel your DIRECTV contract within the first 30 days or after the contract is over in order to avoid an Early Termination Fee (ETF).

Check for DIRECTV bundles availability. Call DIRECTV Customer Service at 855-737-0235. Get information about DIRECTV bundle offers available at your address. You can even ask for package recommendations. By asking a few careful questions, DIRECTV representatives will suggest the package most suitable for you.

Call the DIRECTV Customer Service phone number i.e. 855-737-0235 and ask them to upgrade your DIRECTV package as per your requirements.