Outdoor Security Camera

Alder home security utilizes Kami outdoor security cameras to help secure your home and family. These outdoor cameras include facial recognition and real-time notifications for verified activity, not cars, birds, or the wind blowing. In addition, you can automatically store video footage for seven days with free lifetime cloud service. Alder cameras also include two-way voice communication and enhanced night vision.

Outdoor Security Camera
  • Wide-Angle View - 140-degree field of view for complete property coverage.
  • 1080p Resolution - Provides crystal-clear images for better recognition at further distances.
  • Night Vision - Illuminates crystal-clear images throughout the night as if it was the day.
  • Wireless Flexibility - Installation options abound with this battery-powered wireless Wi-Fi camera.
  • Detection - Smart technology provides AI-based detection, differentiating between animals and people.
  • Two-Way Audio - Converse with guests or shoo away uninvited visitors directly from your outdoor camera.
  • Weatherproof - Ideal for severe weather and temperatures with an IP65 rating.
  • Design - Sleek and stylish for the exterior yet packs a punch with its onboard features.
  • Storage - Access to free YI Cloud service storage for archive footage.

Indoor Security Camera

Alder offers the YI wireless security camera for indoor home security, perfect for DIYers that want a quick and effortless installation. The setup is just as easy as the camera automatically syncs with the phone app. After which, you can begin live streaming on your phone. The Alder security camera provides crystal-clear 1080p video with a 112-degree wide-angle lens for better coverage. It also features baby crying detection, ideal for baby monitoring.

  • Wide-Angle View - 112-degree coverage.
  • 1080p HD Video - Provides sharper images.
  • Night Vision IR - Provides clear night vision video up to at least 9 meters.
  • Motion Detection - Alerts you to movement and stops filming when no movement is detected.
  • 2-Way Audio - Talk to anyone within view of the camera, and they can reply.
  • YI Cloud - Cloud-based storage that saves video footage.
  • Lense Distortion Correction - Modifies the video for sharper smartphone footage.
Indoor Security Camera

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Have your home security up and running in just a few days. And then manage the entire security system from your phone. Each system also includes 24/7 monitoring and support.

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Seconds are critical for fire safety. Alder provides smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on top of a monitoring center with an industry-best 3-second response rate.

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Anyone with serious medical conditions should have a medical alert pendant – they save lives! With the press of a button, emergency responders are on their way.

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Manage your home security system from your phone on the Alder app. The app allows users complete control over their entire system from anywhere, including the ability to arm and disarm the system, stream live video, and more. As a result, the Alder app simplifies home security—no matter where you are.

Alder Mobile App

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Alder's indoor and outdoor security cameras broadcast their feed wirelessly via a home Wi-Fi network. So there is no cable running to a storage compartment or hard drive. In addition, the indoor and outdoor cameras are battery-powered, so there is no electrical cable that needs a power outlet.

The Alder Indoor Camera can sustain temperatures between -10℃ to 51℃. However, the camera needs proper protection for outdoor use because it is not waterproof, so it should not be used in rainy or snowy conditions.

The corner of a room is the best place for Alder cameras. This position gives the camera the best angle. In addition, customers can add more Alder security cameras for better monitoring.

The Alder Indoor Camera does not support 5GHz networks. It only supports 2.4GHz band networks. However, all routers have 2.4GHz availability. But many modern routers are dual-band to provide both a 2.4GHz and 5Ghz band network.

The indoor camera needs a minimum of .5 Mbps of upload speed to connect and stay connected.

No hub is necessary for the Alder outdoor camera; it connects directly to your in-home Wi-Fi.

Yes, each outdoor camera uses four rechargeable 18650 mAH batteries.